The New Unionism

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B.W. Huebsch, 1917 - 198 стор.
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Сторінка 97 - Between these two classes a struggle must go on until all the toilers come together on the political, as well as on the industrial field, and take and hold that which they produce by their labor through an economic organization of the working class without affiliation with any political party.
Сторінка 98 - These conditions can be changed and the interest of the working class upheld only by an organization formed in such a way that all its members in any one industry, or in all industries if necessary, cease work whenever a strike or lockout is on in any department thereof, thus making an injury to one an injury to all. Instead of the conservative motto, "A fair day's wage for a fair day's work," we must inscribe on our banner the revolutionary watchword, "Abolition of the wage system.
Сторінка 97 - The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of working people and the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life.
Сторінка 104 - As a revolutionary organization the Industrial Workers of the World aims to use any and all tactics that will get the results sought with the least expenditure of time and energy. The tactics used are determined solely by the power of the organization to make good in their use. The question of " right " and " wrong
Сторінка 99 - It is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism. The army of production must be organized, not only for the every-day struggle with capitalists, but also to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown. By organizing industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old.
Сторінка 11 - Thirdly. Trades Unions work well as centres of resistance against the encroachments of capital. They fail partially from an injudicious use of their power. They fail generally from limiting themselves to a guerilla war against the effects of the existing system, instead of simultaneously trying to change it, instead of using their organized forces as a lever for the final emancipation of the working class, that is to say, the 'ultimate abolition of the wages system.
Сторінка 135 - Don't You know that when You are out of the colours, and become a 'Civy' again, that You, like Us, may be on Strike, and You, like Us, be liable to be MURDERED by other soldiers. BOYS, DON'T Do IT! THOU SHALT NOT KILL,' says the Book. DON'T FORGET THAT! It does not say, 'unless you have a uniform on.
Сторінка 97 - The trade unions foster a state of affairs which allows one set of workers to be pitted against another set of workers in the same industry, thereby helping to defeat one another in wage wars. Moreover the trade unions aid the employing class to mislead the workers into the belief that the working class have interests in common with their employers.
Сторінка 104 - Failing to force concessions from the employers by the strike, work is resumed and " sabotage " is used to force the employers to concede the demands of the workers. The great progress made in machine production results in an ever-increasing Hrmy of unemployed.
Сторінка 7 - Q. system went out on strike. Some 2,000 engineers and firemen vacated their posts and went out on one of the most bitterly contested railroad strikes in the history of the country. When they went out, the rest of the employees, especially the conductors, who were organized in craft unions of their own, remained at their posts, and the union conductors piloted the scab engineers over the line.

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