An Historical Account of the Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries from the Time of Columbus to the Present Period, Том 6

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Сторінка 108 - Wales, from lat. 10 deg. 37 min. south, to 43 deg. 39 min. along the coast, and of all the interior country as far as 135 degrees of east longitude from Greenwich, including the adjacent islands in the Pacific, within the above latitudes. The act of parliament establishing the courts of judicature...
Сторінка 223 - My first determination was to seek a supply of breadfruit and water at Tofoa, and afterwards to sail for Tongataboo, and there risk a solicitation to Poulaho, the king, to equip our boat, and grant us a supply of water and provisions, so as to enable us to reach the East Indies.
Сторінка 88 - Coorooraa, who departed this life on the 27th of December 1784, aged 20 years: this stone is inscribed by the Honourable United East India Company as a testimony of esteem for the humane and kind treatment afforded by his father to the crew of their ship, the Antelope, Captain Wilson, which was wrecked off that island in the night of the gth of August 1783. Stop, reader, stop ! let nature claim a tear — A prince of mine, Lee Boo, lies buried here.
Сторінка 142 - And piers and quays their massy structures blend ; While with each breeze approaching vessels glide, And northern treasures dance on every tide ! " Then ceas'd the nymph — tumultuous echoes roar, And Joy's loud voice was heard from shore to shore — Her graceful steps descending press'd the plain, And Peace, and Art, and Labour, join'd her train.
Сторінка 230 - I adopted one* as the proportion of weight that each person should receive of bread at the times I served it. I also amused all hands with describing the situation of New Guinea and New Holland, and gave them every information in my power, that, in case any accident happened to me, those who survived might have some idea of what they were about, and be able to find their way to Timor, which at present they knew nothing of more than the name, and some not even that.
Сторінка 184 - In company with this gentleman the loss of the Grosvenor East Indiaman was mentioned: on this subject colonel Gordon expressed great concern that from anything he had said hopes were still entertained to flatter the affectionate wishes of the surviving friends of those unfortunate people. He said that in his travels into the Caffre country he had met with a native who described to him that there was a white woman among his countrymen who had a child, and that she frequently embraced the child and...
Сторінка 246 - ... to meet with the most friendly and best of people to relieve our distresses — I say, when I reflect on all these wonderful escapes, the remembrance of such great mercies enables me to bear with resignation and cheerfulness the failure of an expedition, the success of which I had so much at heart, and which was frustrated at a time when I was congratulating myself on the fairest prospect of being able to complete it in a manner that would fully have answered the intention of his Majesty, and...
Сторінка 125 - ascertain very fully what was the object intended. Fish were *' often represented, and in one place the form of a large lizard was " sketched out with tolerable accuracy. On top of one of the hills " the figure of a man, in the attitude usually assumed by them " when they begin to dance, was executed in a still superior style.
Сторінка 242 - I attributed to be a strong tide setting to windward, and shoal water, we discovered a spacious bay or sound, with a fair entrance about two or three miles wide. I now conceived hopes that our voyage was nearly at an end, as no place could appear more eligible for shipping, or more likely to be chosen for a European settlement: I therefore came to a grapnel near the east side of the entrance, in a small sandy bay, where we saw a hut, a dog, and some cattle; and I immediately sent the boatswain and...
Сторінка 142 - Farms wave with gold and orchards blush between — There shall tall spires and dome-capt towers ascend, And piers and quays their massy structures blend ; While with each breeze approaching vessels glide, And Northern treasures dance on every tide...

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