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*9. 1820.--EDMUND BURKE, D.D., DIED, ÆT. 78. .. This amiable, and valuable character, who was a

native of the county of Kildare, in Ireland, went in 1780 to Quebec, where he officiated as a clergyman, and gave lectures on the higher branches of mathematics and philosophy, having been celebrated in the University of Paris for his attainments in those studies. Here he continued, till appointed by Lord Dorchester to conciliate to the British Government the many powerful tribes of Indians about Lake Superior, the back part of the Ohio and Louisiana. During the seven years that he spent among these savages, under the greatest privations, he was indefatigable in converting, instructing, and attaching them. These services procured him a pension; nor was he uprewarded for his advice and counsel during the American war,--for the ministry used their influence with the See of Rome, which appointed him Bishop of Sion, and Vicar Apostolic in Nova Scotia. Dr. Burke enjoyed the friendship of the late Duke of Kent, also of all the naval and military offi, cers in British America. He died at Halifax.

11.-SAINT MARTIN. He was a native of Hungary, and for some time followed the life of a soldier; but afterwards took orders, and was made Bishop of Tours in France, in which see he continued for twenty-six years. Martin died about the year 397, much lamented, and highly esteemed for his virtues.--For some lines on this day, see our last volume, p. 271.

*12. 1820.-WILLIAM HAYLEY DIED, ÆT. 74, Known for more than fifty years as the author of many works both in prose and verse. He will long be remembered as the biographer of Milton, Cowper, and Romney. As a poet his reputation seems latterly to have been on the decline. With the exception of his Triumphs of Temper,'none of his poetical productions were calculated for popularity: yet his . Essays contain some very splendid, energetic, and

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nervous passages, and the notes appended to them are replete with entertainment and literary information. Lord Byron, in his English Bards and Scotch Reviewers,' designates Mr. Hayley as rather an elegant writer of notes and biography,' and recommends him to convert his poetry into prose, which, he says, may be easily done by taking away the final syllable of each couplet. The noble satirist also notices him in the following severe lines: In many marble-covered volumes


HAYLEY in vain attempting something new :
Whether he spin his comedies in rhyme,
Or scrawl, as Wood and BARCLAY walk, 'gainst time,
His style in youth or age is still the same;

For ever feeble and for ever tame. An edition of Mr. Hayley's Poems and Plays, in 6 vol. 8vo, appeared in the year 1784, a judicious selection from which might be acceptable to a numerous class of readers. Among the latest and most successful of Mr. Hayley's works, was the Life of Cowper,' now found in every library ;-to this amiable poet our author was particularly attached, and had the satisfaction of procuring a pension for him.

13.-SAINT BRITIUS. Britius, or Brice, succeeded St. Martin in the bishopric of Tours in the year 399. He died in 444.

. 17.--SAINT HUGH. Our saint was a native of Burgundy, or Gratianopolis, and made Bishop of Lincoln by Henry II. In this see he obtained great fame, not only for his extraordinary austerity of life and excellent economy, but for his rebuilding the cathedral from the foundation. Hugh died on this day, in the year 1200, of an ague. In 1220, he was canonized at Rome, and his remains were taken up October 7, 1282, and deposited in a silver shrine.

*17. 1820. REV. WILLIAM TOOK E DIED, ÆT. 77. • He was minister of the English Church at Cron

stadt, and afterwards chaplain to the Factory at St.

Petersburgh, where he continued for nearly 30 years, highly respected by men of all nations and all religions. His principal publications are, 'a Translation of Zollikoffer's Sermons;' his Life of Catharine II, and View of the Russian Empire,'8vo, 5 vol.; and ' a Translation of Lucian,' with learned notes, in 2 vol. 4to, which he only completed a short time before he died.

20.- EDMUND, KING AND MARTYR. Edmund, King of the East-Angles, having been attacked by the Danes in 870, and unable to resist them, heroically offered to surrender himself a prisoner, provided they would spare his subjects. The Danes, however, having seized him, used their utmost endeavours to induce Edmund to renounce his religion; but, refusing to comply, they first beat him with clubs, then scourged him with whips, and afterwards, binding him to a stake, killed him with their arrows.

*21. 1820.--EARL OF MALMSBURY DIED. His Lordship was the son of the celebrated author of Hermes, and the Three Treatises. He had been ambassador at several foreign courts; was created Baron Malmsbury in 1788, and raised to an Earldom in 1800. His literary works are, an Introduction to the History of the Dutch Republic for the last ten Years, 8vo, 1788; the Works of James Harris, Esq. with an Account of his Life and Character, by his Son, 2 vol. 4to, 1801. .

22.-SAINT CECILIA. Cecilia was a Roman lady, who, refusing to renounce her religion, was thrown into a furnace of boiling water, and scalded to death. Others say that she was stifled in a bath, a punishment frequently inflicted, at that time, on female criminals of rank. She suffered martyrdom about the year 225. Cecilia is regarded as the patroness of music, and is represented by Raffaelle with a regal in her hand. For some beautiful lines on Music, by W. Strode, see our last volume, p. 273. .

23.-SAINT CLEMENT. " - Clément I was born at Rome, and was one of the first bishops of that place: this see he held about sixteen years; from the year 64 or 65 to 81. He was remarkable for having written two Epistles, so excellent, and so highly esteemed, by the primitive Christians, that the first was for some time considered canonical., Clement was sentenced to work in the quarries, and afterwards, having an anchor fastened about his neck, was drowned in the sea.

23.-0. MART. Old Martinmas-Day, an antient quarter-day.

25.-SAINT CATHERINE. Our saint was born at Alexandria, and received a liberal education. About the year 305, she was converted to Christianity, which she afterwards professed with the utmost intrepidity, openly reproving the pagans for offering sacrifices to their idols, and upbraiding the Emperor Maxentius, to his face, with the most flagrant acts of tyranny and oppression.

30.-SAINT ANDREW. Andrew was the son of James, a fisherman at Bethsaida, and younger brother of Peter. He was condemned to be crucified on a cross of the form of an X; and, that his death might be more lingering, he was fastened with cords. The Order of the Thistle is described in T. T. for 1818, p. 283.- See also T.T. for 1820, p. 280, for some poetry on the subject. .

**-1820.-J. L. TALLIEN DIED, • Of revolutionary notoriety, in a state of comparative penury. The arrest and destruction of Robespierre were owing to M. Tallien. He rushed to the tribune, expatiated on the crimes of the revolu, tionary government, drew forth a dagger, and, turning towards the bust of Brutus, swore. that he would plunge it in the heart of the tyrant, if his colleagues refused to break the chains of their enslaved country.

Robespierre desired to reply, but in vain. They would not hear him, but passed on to the decree which sentenced him to the scaffold. During the massacres of the revolution, Tallien hazarded his own life to save that of the celebrated MADAME DE STAEL. Astronomical Occurrences


SOLAR PHENOMENA. The Sun enters Sagittarius at 49 m. after 7 in the evening of this month; and he rises and sets during the same period as in the following

TABLE , Of the Sun's Rising and Setting for every fifth Day. November 1st, Sun rises 12 m. after 7. Sets 48 m. past 4

6th, - - - 20 · - 7 - - 40 - 4

11th, • • 29 - - 7 - - 31 - - 4
į 16th, - - - 37 - - 7 - - 23 • • 4

21st, '. - - 44 - • 7 - - 16 -. - 4
26th, · · · 51

7 - 9 -'. 4 11. Equation of Time. ... . When it is required to find mean from apparent time, the following quantities must be subtracted from the hour as given by a good sun-dial : yiz.


m, S. Friday, November 1st, from the tiine by the dial subtract 16 14 Wednesday . 6th, - -

.:... 15 48

- - - - . 16 12 Monday - - 11th, - - - - - - - - • • • 15 48 Saturday . . 16th, - ... - - - . . . . . 15 3 Thursday - - 2 ist, - -

- . . 13 58 Tuesday - 26th, - - - - - - - - - - - 12 32


Phases of the Moon.
Last Quarter 5th, at 36 m. after midnight
New Moon 13th - 36, -- 6 evening
First Quarter 21st 24 •.- 11 night
Full Moon - 28th - 42 - - 7 evening

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