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MAY 22 1899

Queen's addebolled Exie hintutions : April

, 1899. Me munita

Junior English.


1. (a) What is the state of political parties at Rome when the play of Julius Coesar opens? What were the historical relations of Brutus personally with regard to Cæsar, and how far are these indicated in the play ?

(6) Explain the meaning of the following extracts with reference to the speaker and the subject, and make special notes on the words italicised :

For he is superstitious grown of late
Quite from the main opinion he held once
Of fantasy, of dreams and ceremonies.

Censure me in your wisdom, and awake your

Senses that you may the better judge. 2. (a) What are the noticeable points in Casca's manner of reporting the occasion when Antony offers the crown to Cæsar?

(6) Compare Casca and Cicero's opinions on the prodigies and portents as expressed in Scene III, Act I.


3. (a) The great error in Rip's composition was an insuperable aversion to all kinds of profitable labor. It could not be from the want of assiduity or perseverenae; for he would sit on a wet rock, with a rod as long and heavy as a Tartar's lance, and fish all day without a murmur, even though he should not be encouraged by a single nibble. He would carry a fowling-piece on his shoulder, for hours together, trudging through woods and

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