Зображення сторінки

Minimum Wage Commissions, 64;

legislation in United States, 61.
Medical Inspection of School Chil.

dren, 309.
Mondell-Keating Bill (See Susan B.

Anthony Amendment).
Monopoly and Natural Resources,

Mortality, Infant, 267, 272.
Municipal Employment Bureaus

(See Public Employment Offices).
Municipalities, Socialism in Canada,

230; France, 178; Germany, 183;
Ireland, 192; Holland, 194; Nor-
way, 202; Poland, 205; Serbia,

212; Sweden, 217.
Municipal ownership (See Public

Ownership, Public Employment

Municipalities, Socialist officials in

America, 115.
Munitions strikes in 1915, 53.

National Farm Labor Exchange

(See Public Employment Offices).
National Guild League in Great

Britain, 190.
Nationalism in Austria, 162; Fin-

land, 174; France, 179; Hungary,

Naturalization, a guide to applicants

for citizenship, 372.
Natural Resources, Monopoly and,

Nearing, Dr. Scott, Case of, 319.
Nevada, Socialist Legislation in,

New Zealand, Socialist and Labor

Movements in, 245.
Nolan Bill, 371.
Norway, Socialist and Labor Move-

ments in, 201; Young People's
Movement in, 249.

"The People," 90, 151.
Picketing, court decisions on, 68,

Poland, Socialist and Labor Move.

ments in, 204.
Polish Socialist Federation in the

United States, 141.
Political vs. direct action, 121.
Porto Rico, Socialist and Labor

Movements in, 239; enfranchise-

ment of workers, 103.
Portugal, Socialist and Labor Move.

ments in, 205.
Preparedness," attitude A. F. of

L., 22; Socialist Party, 103, 126
(see War, Militarism and Pre-
paredness and Economic Im-

President of the United States,

election of, 356; powers of, 358.
Press, Labor in United States, 16,

27; Socialist, 144.
Professors, discharge of, from_uni.

versities. (See Academic Free-

Prohibition (See Prohibition Move-

ment in the United States).
Prohibition Movement in the United

States, 323; extent of, 323, 324;
by states, 323, 324; National

Amendment regarding, 324.
Property Income in the United

States, 280.
Proportional Representation, 365;

List Systemy, 366; Hare System,

in Commission - operated
cities, 364.
Prostitution, and Low Wages, 282.
“Protocol,” in the Needle Industry,

Public Employment Offices, 368;

in various cities and states, 368;
and U. S. Bureau of Immigra-
tion, 369, 370; and U. S. De-
partment of Labor, 371; American

Association of, 370; legislation
Public Ownership, Facts of, Bank

ing, 343; Canals and Waterways,
347, 349; Fire Departments, 347;
Forests, 349; Land, 343, 347,
349; Libraries, 347; Light and
Power Plants, 347, 349; Police

Roads, 346; Street Car Lines,
347, 348; Water Works, 347,
349; In England, 346; Germany,
346; United States of America,
348; Democratic vs. Bureaucra-
tic, 344; Socialism and, 345;
Trade Unions and, 345. (See
Public Ownership of Public Utili-
ties, Trend toward Public Owner-

on, 61.

Oklahoma, Socialist Legislation in,

Old Age Insurance. (See Social In-


347 ;

347 ;

Payment of Wages, legislation deal-

ing with, 60.
Pan-Americanism, Labor, 239; atti-

tude of A. F. of L., 22.
Peace, Socialist, Resolutions, pre-

sented to President Wilson, 102.
Pennsylvania, Socialist Legislation

in, 112; State Constabulary in,

Pensions and Retirement funds,

legislation on, 60.

Public Ownership of Public Utili-

ties, 342. (See also Facts of
Public Ownership, Trend toward

Public Ownership.)
Public Utilities (See Public Owner-

ship of Public Utilities, Facts of
Public Ownership).

287 ;

Quinlan, Patrick, trial of, 46.



Race Problem, Socialist Party At-

titude on, 124; in South Africa,

Railroads, and the Trade Union,

12; court decisions affecting, 72,

Rand School of Social Science, 151.
Recall, Status of, in the United

States, 367.
Referenda, Socialist Party, 128.
Referendum, Status of, in United

States, 367.
Restriction of Employment, court

decisions on, 77.
Research, Rand School Department

of Labor, 6, 152.
Retail Store Industry (Mass.), Min-

imum Wage Legislation, 63.
Revolution in China, 222; Mexico,

236; Russia, 209.
Roosevelt Strike, 47.
Roumania, Socialist and Labor

Movements in, 206.

Slovak Socialist Federation in the

United States, 142.
Social Democracy of America, 90.
Social Democratic Party of Amer-

ica, 90.
Social Insurance against accidents,

286; invalidity, 286; sickness,
286; old age, 286; unemployment,

and Socialist Movement,
Socialist Labor Party, 89, 90, 92,

93, 96, 97, 121-3, 127, 159.
Socialist Movement International,

in the United States, The,
Socialist Party Officials, 105.
Socialist Party and Socialist Labor

Party, differences between, 92;
attitude Mexican situation,

Socialist Press, 144.
South Africa, Socialist and Labor

Movements in, 240.
South Slavic Socialist Activities in

the United States, 143.
Spain, Socialist and Labor Move-

ments in, 213.
Standard of Living, The, 278.
State Constabulary, 368; in Penn-

sylvania, New Jersey, New

York, 368.
State Legislatures, Socialist Mem-

bers of, 104.
Stockyard District of Chicago, con-

ditions in, 279.
Strikebreakers, 15, 47, 50.
Strike Funds, Socialist Party Con-

tributions to, 122.
Strikes, early, 12; Roosevelt, 47;

Bayonne, 48; Arizona, 50; Chi
cago, 51; Youngstown, 51; in
U. S. in 1915, 53; Cloakmakers',

55, 57.
Suffrage, Woman (See Woman Suf-

Sunday Labor, court decisions on,

Sunday Schools, Socialist, 153.
Surplus Wealth and Imperialism,

325, 327.
Susan B. Anthony Amendment, 354.
Syndicalism in France, 180; Italy,

Sweden, Socialist and Labor Move-

ments in, 215; Young People's

Movement, 249.
Switzerland, Socialist and Labor

Movements in, 219.


Sabotage and Violence, attitude of

Socialist Party toward, 92, 121.
Scandinavian Socialist Federation

in the United States, 141.
Schenectady, N. Y., Socialist Ad-

ministration of, 120.
Schmidt and Caplan, trial of, 45.
Schools (See articles Public


Scientific Management and Labor,

Seamen's Bill (La Follette), 59,

“Second Papers," method of ob

taining for citizenship, 373.
Sembat, Marcel, 178, 179.
Serbia, Socialist and Labor Move-

ments in, 211.
Sherman Anti-Trust Law, 334.
Shiplacoff, A. I., work of, in New

York State Assembly, 109.
Sick and Death Benefit Fund of the

U. S. A., 41.
Sickness Insurance (See Social In-


Tariff, Socialist attitude regard-

ing, 124.
Taxes (See Graduated Income and

Inheritance Taxation).

Teachers' Unions, 28.
Temperance (See Prohibition Move-

ment in the United States).
Trade and Economic Imperialism

(See Economic Imperialism).
Transvaal, Labor Movement in,

Trade Unions, Beginning of, 12;

not affiliated with A. F. of L.,
26; and Public Ownership, 345
(See Woman's Trade Union
League, Labor Movement in the

United States).
Trade Union Journals, 27.
Translator-secretaries of Foreign

Language Federations Socialist

Party in the United States, 129.
Trials, Labor, Quinlan, 46;' Gar-

ment Workers, 44; Lawson, 45;
Caplan and Schmidt, 45.


Union Labels and Cards, Legisla-

tion on, 60.
Union Label Department of A. F.

of L., 19.
Unions, Labor, in Various Coun-

tries. (See International Social-

ist and Labor Movements.)
Union, possible, between S. P. and

S. L. P., 92.
United Hebrew Trades, 30.
United States Commission on In-

dustrial Relations. (See Com-

mission on Industrial Relations.)
United States, Economic Imperial-

ism in, 325; illiteracy in (See
illiteracy), form of government,

Universities of America, Socialism

in, 156. (See also Academic

Uruguay, Socialist and Labor Move-

ments in, 240.
Utilities, Public. (See Public Own-

ership of Public Utilities.)


Wages in the United States, 275 ;

of Women, 282; court decisions

affecting, 71.
Walsh, Frank P., On Causes of

Industrial Unrest, 273.
War, Attitude of Socialists to, in

Australia, 244; Austria, 163; Bel-
gium, 167; Bulgaria, 169; Canada,
230; China, 223; Finland, 174;
France, 179; Germany, 184; Great
Britain, 187, 190; Greece, 193;
Holland, 195; Hungary, 197;
Italy, 199; Japan, 227; Norway,
202; Roumania, 207; Russia, 210;
Serbia, 212; South Africa, 241;
Spain, 214; Sweden, 216; Switzer-
land, 220; U. S., 125.

Cost of, 329; and Public
Ownership, 344. (See Economic
White Slavery. (See Low Wages

and Prostitution.)
Workers International Industrial

Union (W. I. T. U.), 37.
Woman and


Labor, 254;
laws governing hours of, 259.
Woman Movement in China, 222;

Mexico, 238; U. S. (See Woman

Woman Suffrage in various coun-

tries, 350; in various states of
the United States, 351; progress

during 1915-16, 352.

Suffrage, Socialist Atti-
tude on, 125; Federal Amendment
on, 125.

(See Susan B. Anthony
Women's Trade Union League, 34.
Women, court decisions regarding

hours of work, 71.
Women in gainful occupations, 256,

262; wages of, 257, 259, 264, 265.
Workmen's Circle, 39.
Workmen's Compensation,

court decisions on, 78.
Workmen's Sick and Death Benefit

Fund of the U. S. A., 41.


Young People's Socialist League in

the United States, 154.
Young People's Socialist Movement

in various countries, 247.
Youngstown Strike, 51.

Vaillant, Edouard, in Memoriam,

Vice Committee Report. (See Illi-

nois Senate Vice Committee Re-

Vocational Education, 315; legisla.

tion on, 61. (See Democratizing
the Schools.)

Zimmerwald (International) Con-

ference, 161, 169, 172, 179, 187,
193, 195, 199, 202, 206, 208, 211,

213, 217, 220.
? 4 1017


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Lives; Colleague Crampton; Michael Kramer.
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