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A man who has a suit of clothes is foolish if he tears it needlessly, gets it soiled without cause, and by carelessness wears it out before its time. A farmer who owns a farm is foolish if he exhausts the soil, destroys his woodlot, and lets the farm run down from the lack of skill and foresight in handling it. A State is foolish if it allows its roads to be gullied, its bridges to grow unsafe, and the State property and institutions to deteriorate for the lack of proper maintenance and care. A Nation is foolish which permits the great natural resources, the foundations of prosperity, the raw materials of clothes, food, and shelter to be needlessly wasted and destroyed for the lack of organized intelligent foresight.

Conservation means nothing more than the application of common sense and the long look ahead to the timber, coal, iron, the streams, and the soil, with the idea of protecting them from needless waste and injury, and of getting out of them for the benefit of all the people the best service they are capable of rendering,

Conservation means the use and development of our natural resources first for the benefit of us who are now on the earth, and secondly for the benefit of those who are to come after us.

One of the most important things that can possibly be done for those who come after us is to prevent the creation of giant monopolies which will fatten upon them. Many or most of such monopolies, like the Steel Trust, the Standard Oil Company, and the Copper Trust, are based on the control of natural resources. Among those great trusts which are not yet completely formed, but are rapidly forming, is the Waterpower Trust, the most dangerous of them all, for whoever controls waterpower controls mechanical power, and mechanical power is at the bottom of transportation, manufacture, and all the industries of the Nation. It is good for us and our descendants that our waterpowers should be developed, but it is not good that they should be monopolized.

Here is what Conservation stands for, and what the Conservationists have been fighting for,—the right of all our people now and hereafter to their fair share in the benefits which the natural resources of this rich continent can be made to confer.

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