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feet of the Master.” He said much more; but, though the impression of the whole talk remains with me, the thoughts and words are gone. Sometimes we listen too intently for remembrance. At last we reached the station; in two or three minutes the train glided in; another moment and it had glided away. I heard a few words of farewell, a “good-bye,” a “God bless you ;" I saw a sweet, strange smile which will remain with me for ever; and for me that was the last of Paul Pelican till the trumpet of the angel blows eternity's evangel, when I shall meet Lucy, her mother, and him, once more.

The next morning every newspaper in England contained an account of the most terrible railway accident which had happened in our part of the country for many years; and in a later edition there appeared among the names of the dead the name of him I have known and loved so well. Those who saw the body which had been his habitation said that there was still a half smile upon the parted lips, and it gladdened me to think that the look which I had last seen was the one he carried with him into eternity, the look with which he greeted Lucy in the first moment of their everlasting union. For they met quickly. An hour before the sudden crash which lifted up for him the dark curtain, her spirit had hastened away to greet him with a kiss of welcome ; and while I was fearing, and wondering, and hoping, and doubting, Lucy and Paul were at peace for ever, gazing on each other's face, and then turning to gaze on that

Face in which they saw the Divine substance of a love whose shadow and reflection had transfigured their earthly lives.

After I had heard the tidings I walked home through the fields and the wood, both full of the glory of the spring. It was an hour in which earth seemed most heavenly, and yet heaven seemed most dear. The whole world was flooded with light and colour, and the universal air was vocal with a cry of resurrection. There was a music that was audible even to the dull ear of sense, the flutter of a thousand wings, the harmony of a thousand blended notes; for the time of the singing of birds had come, and the voice of the turtle was heard in the land.

Oh ! the little birds sang east, and the little birds sang west, And I said in underbreath,-'All our life is mixed with death,

And who knoweth which is best?' Oh ! the little birds sang east, and the little birds sang west, And I smiled to think God's greatness flowed around our incompleteness,

Round our restlessness, His rest."



now ready. Gilt cloth and gilt edges, 75. 6d. THE LITTLE WONDER-HORN. By JEAN INGELOW. A

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for Young People. By the Editor of “Men who have Risen.” With

Four Illustrations, by C. DOYLE. Crown 8vo, 35. 6d. THE DESERTED SHIP. A Real Story of the Atlantic. By

CUPPLES HOWE, Master Mariner. Crown Svo. Illustrated. 35. 68. THE TRAVELLING MENAGERIE. BY CHARLES CAMDEN.

Crown 8vo. Illustrated. Price 3s. 6d. GUTTA-PERCHA WILLIE. By GEORGE MACDONALD. With

Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 35. 6d. HOITY TOITY, THE GOOD LITTLE FELLOW. By CHARLES

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THE CORNHILL LIBRARY OF FICTION. It is intended in this Series to produce books of such merit that readers will care to preserve them on their shelves. They are well printed on good paper, handsomely bound, with a Frontispiece, and are sold at the moderate price of

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Gentle Life,” etc. HENNESSY.

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[Shortly. Other Novels in preparation.

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Romance.) Four vols. THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA. By HESBA STRETTON, Author of “ Little Meg," etc., etc.


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“ This undeniably pleasing story."-Pall Mall Gazette.

uap sayings. • • . As pleasant

el." _Pausasen-Examiner.

65, Cornhill, and 12, Paternoster Row, London.

LONDON, December, 1872.




Messrs. HENRY S. KING & Co. have the pleasure to announce that in future the following Periodicals will be published by them.

On the 1st January, 1873, will be published, NUMBER I.



PRICE ONE PENNY A WEEK. In Large Folio Size. Illustrated by the Best Artists. AN INTRODUCTORY CHRISTMAS NUMBER Will be published on the 21st December. Price ONE PENNY.


II. THE CONTEMPORARY REVIEW. Theological, Literary, and Social. Price 25. 6d. Monthly.

[A New Volume began December, 1872.

III. THE SAINT PAUL'S MAGAZINE. Light and Choice. Price is. Monthly.

[A New Volume begins January, 1873.

iv. GOOD THINGS for the Young of all Ages. Edited by

GEORGE MACDONALD, and Illustrated by the best Artists.
Price 6d. Monthly.

(A New Volume began November, 1872.

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