Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, Объемы 1-2

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Стр. vii - TRANSACTIONS of the Society instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, with the Premiums offered in the year 1783.
Стр. 268 - It is required, that the matters for which premiums are offered, be delivered in without names, or any intimation to whom they belong ; that each particular thing be marked in what manner each claimant thinks fit...
Стр. 211 - ... reason I cannot comprehend, declared themselves such bitter enemies to my scheme, that they would not spin for me. Such is my fate, that what between party in the metropolis, and indolence in this place, I am not capable of doing my scheme justice.
Стр. 185 - ... being a little over saturated with ashes. Take care to add the solution of ashes to that of vitriol by a little at a time, otherwise the effervescence which ensues will cause them to overflow the vessel : these four pounds of vitriol of copper and ashes will be equal to about the same weight of verdigris, and should be added to the other liquors of the dye at different times, as is usual with verdigris. The black thus dyed will be perfectly innocent to the goods, rather tending to keep them soft...
Стр. 33 - For the best invention of a machine that will spin six threads of wool, flax, hemp or cotton, at one time, and that will require but one person to work and attend it (cheapness and simplicity in the construction will be considered part of its merit); for the best, fifty pounds ; for the second best, twenty-five pounds.
Стр. 210 - Dublin, with great difficulty, a gown wove for myself, and three waistcoats ; but had not the person who employed a weaver for me, particularly wished to oblige me, I could not have got it accomplished...
Стр. 214 - We select from their book the following premium, which has appeared for several successive sessions, and may be esteemed a fair specimen of the whole : — " No. 244. To the person who shall invent and produce to the Society, a machine for raising coals, ore, &c. from mines, superior to any hithero known, or in use, and which shall produce the effect at less expense — the Gold Medal, or Fifty Guineas.
Стр. 34 - ... cotton manufactory near Blackburn, in Lancashire, first made a machine in that county, which spun eleven threads ; and that in the year 1770 he obtained a patent for the invention. The construction of this kind of machine, called a Spinning Jenny , has since been much improved, and is now at so high a degree of perfection, that one woman is thereby enabled with ease to spin a hundred threads of cotton at a time."* James Hargreaves, a weaver of Stand-hill, near Blackburn, was the author of the...
Стр. 250 - Satisfactory certificates, from the governor, or commander in chief, of the place of growth, with an account of the number of trees, their age, nearly the quantity of fruit on each tree, and the manner of culture, to be produced on or before the first Tuesday in December, 1802.
Стр. 252 - Certificates that not less than one ton of the oil has been expressed, and five hundred weight of the cakes obtained, to be produced to the society, with two gallons of the oil, and two dozen of the cakes, together with a full account of the process, on or before the last Tuesday in November, 1785.

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