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did pilgrim ever dream, as his eye perchance | such an education as the parish school could carelessly fell on a simple stone, marked only afford. Half a century since there was a large by the cross, that the veritable Harold, the class of Scottish benefices—their extreme last monarch of the Saxon dynasty, unrecord poverty was first exhibited to the public eye ed, unhonored, slumbered below.

by Sir John Sinclair's statistical account, and remedied so far as could be done by a grant from the exchequer, raising them to one hundred and fifty pounds)—the total value of the emoluments of which fell greatly under one hundred pounds, and often did not exceed

from fifty pounds to sixty pounds a year. Of THE YOUNG WILKIE.

one of the poorest of these Cutts was an exDURING an acquaintance of some duration ample, so that while the Rev. Mr. Wilkie had with the midland parts of Fifeshire, I hap- always maintain in their parishes, and 10

to keep up the rank which Scottish ministers pened occasionally to be thrown in the neighborhood of the birth.place of Sir David Wild attend to those demands from the necessitous kie, and to come in contact with some of the which they, who preach charity to others, friends of his father, and several of the cannot overlook, and at the same time to edu. schoolfellows of the illustrious painter him-cale and bring up a considerable family, his self

. I had also the pleasure of seeing the means were not equal to the wages of an orfirst picture in oil known to have been painted circumstauces the manse of Cutts could not

dinary mechanic of these times. Under these by him, together with several others which be suppose d to exhibit either a princely abundmust have left his hands so early in life, tha: ance of servants, or magnificence of furniture. he himself probably may now be as ignorant The luxury of carpets-less universal then of their existence, as of the time or circum.. ihan now—was accordingly unknown; while stances under which they were painted. Of to the hands of Mrs. Wilkie frequently fell a the numerous particulars and anecdotes which share of those labors which, in belier endowed I heard related in regard to the youthful

establishments, would have been considered painter, and his earlier works, there are one or two, illustrative of the development of his as belonging exclusively to those of the housegenius, the authenticity of which, from the the very excellent family of Leven and Mel

maid or the nursery-maid. The residence of sources whence they were derived, may

be depended on; and which, though strictly exemplary attention to the ordinances and

ville, distinguished for generations for :heir private, in so far as they refer to him person ministers of religion, happens to be at no ally, and have not before appeared in a pub- great distance from Cutts; and one day, when lished form, are not so in any sense tending Lorul and Lady Balgonie were on a visit to to injure or improperly expose individual the manse, Mrs. Wilkie, who had been feelings; and which, from the position which keeping wee Davie," then not two years the subject of them now occupies, as, in a old, having ushered in her noble visitors, had certain style, the most distinguished artist in

to set aside her young charge to look out for Europe, may not be uninteresting to your

amusement for himself during their stay. readers.

It may be premised that the district and Amusement accordingly he found ; propheprofession to which the father of Sir David tic, (has those round him been interpreters Wilkie belonged, has been fruitful beyond

of prophecy,) of his future career. The floor example—where no extreme circumstances

was carpeiless, and Wilkie having obtained could account for the fact-in eminent men, tinued scratching, beneath the table, infinite

a piece of burnt slick frora the fire-place, conall nearly of the same age, in the present day ly to his own delight, apparently, till his and generation. There are just twenty clergymen in the presbytery

of Cupar, and nei- mother was at leisure to attend to him. He ther are the riches of the benetices, nor the the ecstacies of enjoyment, as pointing to his

was now clapping his hands and screaming in means of attaining them, such as to confine their occupancy to the élite of the church; Gonies nose! ma, see 'Gonies nose!" And

performance, he continued to cry—"Ma, yet from manses " within the bounds," at there, to be sure, on the floor, was a very fair nearly the same time, sprang Sir John and Sir George Campbell, Sir David Wilkie, and attempt at a profile of Lord Balgonie, the

conspicuousness of “the fundamental fea. Serjeant Spankie; while Dr. Chalmers, Dr. Fleming, and Dr. Gillespie, now professors racteristic of the family of the Leslies--had

Tures) of whose face-a peculiarity still chaof mineralogy, natural philosophy, and hu. manity, respeciively in the Universities of attracted the attention, and evoked the deliEdinburgh, Aberdeen, and St. Andrew's, have, neative powers of the future Sir David. This, within these twenty years, been clergymen effort in picture making; and certainly, if the

as it may well seem to be, is his first known in this otherwise obscure district of Scot- line could be parodied as applied to the wor. land.

The father of Sir David Wilkie was a cler- shippers of the dumb" sister of poetry," it Ey man in the small and retired rural parish might be said of Wilkie as of Pope, of Cutts, above four miles south west of Cupar, “ He lisped in numbers for the numbers came." the county town of Fife. Here the future painter of the “Chelsea Pensioners' first Geologists would, I suppose, call this “ the saw the light, and received the rudiments of carboniferous era " of Wilkie's existence, in

season. Though no rain fell, nor did there “Sterne is the author! His erratic muse can appear any immediate probability of a show. always entangle and fix the wanderiag ima. er, every thing exposed to the air was beaded gination.” in pendant drops with damp, and, even with In five minutes, or less, the door was hurri. in, the condensed fog ran in rivulets stream. edly opened. ing down the windows, as if the morning was “What ! Lord Mayor's day, and keep already in tears through anticipation of ge- within doors, when so many hundreds have neral disappointment.

travelled hundreds of miles to see the sight! “What can be the reason,” thought I to No, no !-come. The day's as tine as can be myself, " that this day of all days in the expected for the season-on with your boots," year is sure to be wet ? There seems su id lively Ned, ny country.cousin, "and to be a spell about it. Yet, what's that to let us see what's to be seen, as well as others." me ?—I'm comfortable enough by this good “ What's to be seen !" said I, listlessly fire ;” and incontinently I seized the poker, turning over another leaf of Tristram Shan. and went to work, hardly conscious what I dy; " have I not seeu Lord Mayor's days did, till the fender was full of burning cin every year since I came to town? Don't I ders, and my eyes full of ashes. "I'm very know the old Lord Mayor and the new?-snug here,” continued I, poking away at the quiet, plain people enough, when out of their grate with the lidgetty vehemence of a man official feathers—it's only ihe trappings that who wishes to persuade himself he is what make an alderman a donkey: then he brays he knows he is not. “ I shall not stir out till himself into a senator, “oplat Ephippia bos," the hubbub's over. I will write, and employ will he is detected by his bungling in a job, myself profitably till dinner, and then read and the patriot is kicked out of the house the account of ii in all the evening papers, with the contempt of both Whigs and and just as well-why not? They write Tories." their criticisms on new plays and fresh per “ Hang the jobs and the patriots! It's the formers some days or hours before they ever queen-she's the inducement upon this occu. appear. Sad dogs! and yet they dictate sion. Leave off sermonising-I know you're to ihe town! Why shouldn't they if we pay loyal, and must be gratified to witness the them for it ?" With my eyes fixed on the spectacle of the key of the good old city deli. grate, I went on musing till the black flakes, vered into her hands in her progress to visit waving on the bars, and which the supersti- the lord mayor to-day. She wears her crown tious in the norih assure you portend stran. and honors gracefully, I hear, and the little gers’ vists, became of various colors, and at star of Brunswick already augurs a bright length assumed the armorial bearings of the future for merry England.” different corporations of London. The fire “ Bravely prophesied ! my rural coz,” said blazing now brighter, a mass of fairy figures I, “and not to baulk thy enthusiasm, I'll e'en appeared, and a procession in miniature make one with thee, and swell the triumphant made its way through the cinders with all its note of greeting. glittering symbols-knights in steel and bra. Upon such an occasion attention to the toi. zen armor: nor did Iawake from the agreeable letle would be superfluous. I am one of those reverie, till I saw the Lord Mayor of Lilliput who, when they enter upon anything, set out descend from his tiny gingerbread coach, spiritoso, so I pulled an old hat off the rack, and step into Chille's banking-louse at Tem. and investing my outward man in a rough ple bar. This was too gross. "Oh, ho,” pilot coat adapted to rough weather, or rough said I; “ Queen Mab, I see, hath been with usage, took my cousin by the arm, and got

so I wheeled round my chair to the under way exactly as the clock struck twelve. breakfast table. A round of loast disappear “The street I live in, debouches, as the ed, an egg followed, and washing all down French cocksparrow used to say in his with a large cup of coffee, I jumped up, con- despatches, into the Strand on the north gratulating myself on my comfortable deter- upon the river on the south. The sound mination to remain at home, walked about of artillery reached our ears from the wa. the room, but could not for the life of me pre- ter-side. vent myself from humming by snatches odd “What's that ?" inquired the young lines of "God save the queen.”

This is the country gent. devil,” said I, and began an air from “ Fra “Oh," said I, determined on a hoax,"it's Diavolo," which, however, soon died away her majesty coming by barge from the into the tiresome old crotchets of the nation. Tower." al anthem. “ This is all very silly," said I to "Bah !" said Ned; "catch her within myself ; " but it's not wonderful either, for the Tower-she knows better. It's a prithere's the Savoyard boy, with an organ, un- son for tip-top radicals and rebels, like Deder the window, and the Darmstadt brass spard, Burdett, and Thistlewood, that are band up the street, all grinding away at the ambitious of being hanged for the benefit same tune.” Took a turn to the window- of society.” the cold fog was slowly yielding to the in. I laughed at this expression of homely fluence of the westerly wind, as I would fain loyalty, affected surprise at his being igimagine—it might be the sun's influence for norant that it was the ancient palace of what I cared—“It would certainly rain, and our monarchs, and asked him whether the spoil all their sport," and then I took Sterne line of Hanover might not descend to redown from the book-case. “Ay,” said 1, side where so many of the warlike races


of the Tudors and Plantagenets, the Hen “You needn't be in such a hurry,” tartrys and Edwards, for ages lived. ly interrupted the petitioner, "to cut and

Certainly,” replied my cousin, sarcas- run like a frightened Frenchman. No. tically, “if so many of them had not rather body's going to ax you for anything ; but awkwardly died there.”

your shipmate looks like a kind-hearted The sound of martial music now reach. gemman as would do a good turn without ed the ear, and he seemed uncertain for a axing." minute, when, braving the terror a coun The fellow was right: my cousin was a tryman always feels at avowing his igno- generous young fellow. He prepared to rance, he accosted the next person, and comply--but I saw that as he fumbled at inquired whence the music came. The his coat skirts, the waterman thought he man was one of that once so favored and was going to the wrong pocket. so flourishing, now falling, and therefore, “There's no compulsion, Ned,” said I, discontented class, whose avocation, like laughing, "only you must.” Othello's, is gone. His huge blue jacket, By this time he had drawn from his pocktarnished gold buttons, large brass badge et all the half-pence it contained, and ofon the right arm, and his spider-propor- fered them to the sculler. I shall not easitioned legs-albeit clad in white to makely forget the civil sneer with which the the most of them-proclaimed him to be a latter indicated that copper was beneath Thames waterman.

his acceptance; whilst he jeeringly said, Why, master,” replied the man, " that's loud enough for any one near us to hear the gaudy beak pulling up the river in his him, “Bless us, no! it would be robbing state barge to ax the big wigs at Vestmin- you! you're sure to want it before the ster to the Queen's dinner. A pretty sight day's over yourself; but suppose not,” it is too, if this here fog would let you continued he pointing to me, if you've see it. It's aʼmost the only thing now any bowels you'll lend it to dummy there." that's nat’ral on the river, or moved by

Ned's Lancashire blood was up in an oars. But," added he, with a face fast instant, and his fist clenched; but I charielongating, "that sight'll soon be seen no tably interposed just in time to prevent a more; for I'm blessed if Mr. Maudslay, breach of the peace: and in withdrawing the steam engineer, has not got half a do- my young Hotspur from the field, was rezen of them cursed kettles now on the compensed byoverhearing the fellow swear stocks a building, to boil the mayor and " He would glory in having both in his boat, corporation up and down the river in a and capsizing us among the fishes, that twinkling, when they goes out a pleasur-warn't half so scaly as the swells." ing. There's no Woolwich, or Putney, or My cousin's a cricket player-his pasRichmond now for poor buffers like me as sion had cooled; and whilst the fellow's has sarved their king and country, and abusive language could yet be heard dybeen knocked about by the Mounseers all ing away in the distance, he could not forthe war. Now look ye here," interrupted bear saying, with a laugh, "Well

, Tom, he, raising his hat, and pointing to an ugly you must allow, however fond you are of gash over his right temple, on which the a hoax, that we have had the worst of this hair had long ceased to grow; "I got that innings.” from the thieving pirates, with Admiral We now got into the Strand. Great Pellew, off Algiers-the same shell that was the note of preparation amongst the stove in my figure-head, sent every other shopkeepers in anticipation of a golden man at that gun into another world in a harvest. Many, it would seem, had reap; twinkling. I say, sir, poor buffers like me ed as yet disappointment; for amidst all never gets a job now, often for a week or the bustle and hammering we were satwo together:- I used to be fat and hearty luted with frequent invitations to ascend. before these steamers comed into fashion; The lower class of shops were very genebut now neither I nor the old woman can rally placarded, and the barkers outside afford ourselves wittals; and I falls away in assured the passers by, in the most dulcet flesh so fast,thatthe young picked-up-along. tones, that they could be accommodated shore wagabonds snigger, and swear I'm with most excellent seats to view the pronot a waterman, but a lighterman. There cession, on the most moderate terms." was a time, master-but sorrow and star “What do you call moderate ?" said a vings knocked all the fight out o'me.” fat master builder, as I guessed, from a

I knew by experience the insolent sel- folding three-footer that treacherously fishness of these fellows, and suspecting protruded from the rule side pocket of his how all this would end, gradually increas- best buckskins, all unknown to his rib; ed my distance.

who, sporting her best attire on this hap"It's a tarnation raw morning. May- py occasion, well sustained, by her ponhap, sir,, continued the sculler, "you'a derous cubic dimensions, the title of his stand a drop of summat short to keep the better half. fog outof a poor devil's stomach, that ha'n't “Please, sir, to step in with your good lady. tasted a bit o'wittals to-day.

Make way for this gentleman and lady there, 'Come," said I," there's no use in delay. we sha'n't quarrel, I'm certain.” ing here; the fog will let you see nothing on " I'm not so sure of that," replied Mr. Phil. the river. Come.”

Rubbish, pulling up another inch of shirt. 51



collar. “I don't like to buy a pig in a poke. der the abusive fire of poor Mr. Bobbin, for What, I say, is the damage? Let me know having caused his benches to be deserted, a -at a word.”

raking shot from a carpenter took them a. " Well then, sir, at a word,” said Mr. Bob. stern, who vociferated after them, as loud as bin, eyeing their portly persons, as a land a boatswain, “Mayhap you thought I didn't surveyor does an estate from an elevation, know the cut of your jib, old chap. Trundle “ ten 'shillings a-piece-that, I am sure, is your mop and yourself on to Savoy Steps, moderate. Step this way, sir, there's an ex- you're sure to be accommodated" there; cellent situation,” pointing to a green-baize you'll see a board painted with • RUBBISH MAS covered seat, “the only one unoccupied in BE SHOT HERE. the shop front."

There was a great stir and bustle amongst Cautiously and less sanguinely than place the crowd on the flagged ways, the instantahunters in general, proceeded our ponderous neous effect of a cry raised that the procesfriend. He was, as well as most in society, sion was coming. It turned out to be the impressed with his own weight; and as deep- troops lining the streets. This encouraged ly as any ancient philosopher, engaged in the ihieves to commence operations, and the meditating upon "the fitness of things.” staves of the police were soon flourished on Hence he was induced to raise slowly the all sides to the no small dismay of her Ma. green covering, and whilst observing the jesty's lieges. frail scaffolding, exclaimed, “ Bless my soul ! "'I knew how it would be," said a Kentish come down, good people ! you will all have market-gardener, “whenever the blue bottles your necks broke. Why, it's all made of began to buz they'd spoil all." half inch deals. Y qu will be all through the * What can you expect from the savages ?" shop frame into the street in a minute." grumbled an athletic butcher, who had been

The sitters already had sprung on their carrying for some hours five hundred weight legs, and were scrambling to the door. of human flesh on his back and shoulders

" I'm sure it's strong enough-my carpenter without a murmor, but who was now compel. built it.”

led, sorely against his will, to quit his hard“ Then,” interrupted Mr. Philip," he must earned vantage ground. be an undertaker, and has speculated on a A furious rush now ensued, and loitering job here in his other line."

longer here was out of the question ; and we The scamperers were aghast. The lady therefore determined, like friend Penn, in the testified her approbation of her husband's hap- evil days of the Stuarts, to flee from opprespy hit by a (horse it could not be) mare's sion, and place ourselves under the civil aulaugh, and the people began to ask for their thority on the other side of Temple Bar. The money back. The builder, seeing he had a Strand presented almost throughout its mile willing auditory, commenced expounding. length of window an uninterrupted display " These cross-pieces and uprights ought to of welldressed persons, mostly females ; have been of good scantling to bear such a some of the most lovely and delicate of whom weight; and I wouldn't trust my seat on any seemed to court the approaches of grim thing less than a plank of stout, sound two. Death, by the most ruthless exposure of the inch stuff."

head and neck to the damp cold wind ; to “For heaven's sake!" said his wife, al which doubtless may be attributed the late inmost swooning through fear of detection increase of business among the doctors. There her peacock garb, “ for heaven's sake, Phil., was an affectation of aristocratical superiori. sink the shop.”

ty displayed by the proprietors of some of “ You're quite right; scantling, and two- the houses, who piqued themselves on exclud. inch it oughi to be," said the man from next ing all visitors, and appeared “ alone in their door ; " but just step this way; you and the glory," amongst whom a certain blacking lady shall have a seat as will last till the re- manufacturer made himself conspicuous at surrection gun fires.”

the window admiring his polished ebony phiz "You've been to sea for a spell,” said I reflected on the well-blackened boot, whilst " that's clear!"

in the act of shaving, with grimalkin at his “Why, yes; for about five years,” replied elbow, as represented in the portrait so inhe; but I'm a carpenter by trade : now I've dustriously circulated amongst his customers. steadied my helm, and got a family.”. Then As the procession now trod close upon our pointing to a carpenter's bench, which form heels, and the cry was still "She comes,” we ed the first line of seats, observed, “There made for some friendly haven in the city. sir !-there ma'am !—Its rough, to be sure, But alack! how true the proverb often is, but if you want strength you'll be at home " the more haste the less speed !" Every to a T."

attempt to move through the now thick arHis lady love thought differently—the of- ray was resented as an assault, and a battle fer of the bench, which would have put a was often the result. Repelled, instead of king's counsel into ecstasies appeared to her propelled, in our course, we were carried, a pointed insult. She tugged her husband's like Captain Ross, out of Repulse Bay by a arm, and whispered something about their partial current into Endeavor Straits, and by being purposely affronted—she knew it by an accurate acquaintance with the Shy-geothe fellow's impudent manner. Nor was she graphy of the northern district of the Strand, far out in the conjecture : women are always continued to work a traverse, as the Ars nauquick in these things—for as the couple slow. tica hath it, still ahead fof the procession, ly worked their way through the crowd, un.' through all the filthy by-lanes and alleys,

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running sometimes parallel and oftener in a over the wide waste of many long years. At zig-zag direction with that great leading ar- any rate, I console myself with thinking that tery of Westminster. Whenever any of un article for a magazine is not expected to. these crossed a street or passage into the di- be like one of those classically devised and rect line of the procession the attempt was eleganıly painted bon mots of literature that vainly made too progress (Yankeycè,) by the are intended for the sugar-plums of the shorter course.

children of posterily; but like the flower For entrance at a thousand doors they koock'd, which some idler gathers, as he saunters Not one of all the thousand but was lock'd. through a garden. He holds it awhile be. Making at last a desperate effort to get out tween his fingers, smells to it, praises its fra. through Chancery (always a ruinous expe- grance, and drops it; and totally forgetting, dient) Lane, to witness the ceremonial of the amongst fresh flowers, that he had it at all, surrender of the sovereignty of the city, by never once dreams of returning back to look giving up its keys, we were, with about a for it. And thus I predict, that when once thousand of her Majesty's lieges, gallantly my story is told, no one will write Resurgam charged by her life-guards, and forced to re- at the end of it. treat, with loss and disgrace, towards Guild

Captain Chamier's “ Continuation of Mr. hall, through the intricate purlieus inhabited James's Naval History” is a valuable addi. by the offal of the law, and threadable only tion to those glorious records that embalm by the bloodhound indagacity of a Jew the name of a British sailor, for the admirabailiff

, terminating most appropriately in an tion of the latest posterity. It is, however, opening on the opposite side of Farringdon to be regretted that Mr. James had not the Street to the FELON'S HOME-Newgate.

same advantages and facilities as Captain There was still no chance of getting into Chamier, for a work of this important de. the line of the procession, either by the Old scription; and he has consequently failed to Bailey or Ave Maria Lane. All was choked convey (as I have been informed by several up by a dense and disappointed crowd ; and competent judges) a just impression, in vacarried along by the stream of people up rious facts of his history, as to many disputed Newgate street, we reached the broad area circumstances and contending claims. Such of Cheapside, where, at the accession of is at least undoubtedly the fact with regard Crook-backed Richard, stood Paul's Cross to the engagement between the Boston and This space was now divided by a strong l'Embuscade, in which Captain George Courboom, inside of which a body of huge mount- tenay, of the former, lost his valuable life ; ed life-guards intercepted the view, and out- as nothing can be more remote from the side were ranged six or eight tier of coal. truth than Mr. James's account respecting whippers, city porters, draymen, and the the first lieutenant, Edwards, whose conduct tallest fellows the metropolis could produce. has been severely censured by the most able Down came the procession-down came the judges. I well remember having frequently rain. Five hundred trebles of the London heard the circumstances attending my gal. Boys' School, perched in their pea-green

lant and lamented uncle's death narrated by eyrie, screamed their delight. The waving various members of my family, and they of handkerchiefs-acclamations like claps of made a deep impression on my mind. thunder—a wild cheerful hurrah! burrah! member the agony of grief with which his -prayers and blessings-announced the near surviving relatives always alluded to royal presence—but not even the root of the the untimely fate of one of the best, and state-carriage could we see.

bravest, and most engaging of human beings; " What the deuce,” said I,“ brought me to and I remember having heard, at that early this unlucky spot ?"

period, the various evidences as to the trea. " Or what should have brought me here at cheroux, or-to say the least of it—the impro. a railroad gallop, like a simpleton,” said my per and unprofessional conduct of Lieutenant cousin, “from the very bottom of Lanca. Edwards on the occasion of my uncle's shire ?"

death. “ Can't you tell, coz ?- why the queen, to

The circumstances were briefly these. In be sure !"

the summer of 1773, Captain Courtenay, of the “ Boston” frigate, then cruising off New York, sent a challenge to the Captain of l’Em. buscade, Bombart, to meet him at sca. The challenge was accepted, and a severe engage.

ment ensued. My uncle had been cheering AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES.* on his men, and was singing the concluding

line of “Rule Britannia,” when he was struck by a spent ball, and fell stunned, according to

the opinion of the whole ship's crew, officers Conscious of my own deficiencies, I am included, excepting only the first lieutenant, often tempted to deprecate the frowns of that Edwards, who, the moment that his captain skilful anatomist of fancitul brains and scrib- fell, ordered the body to be thrown over. bling fingers-the critic; and coax the old board, without any surgical or other exami. gen:Ieman with spectacles on nose,” to take nation. This was accordingly done, to the a nap, while my memory takes a hasty flight) utter dismay of the gallant band, that had

but a moment before fought like lions unContinned from p. 247.

der their chivalrous commander, who was

I re


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