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more especial manner for some very interesting information respecting Wiltshire. He also most cheerfully adds acknowledgements to his friend Mr. Richard Baker of St. Paul's Churchyard, for the use of his interesting collection of Tracts respecting that Cathedral, as well as other publications of rare occurrence.

The Editor's obligations ought to carry him further : but he must here conclude; not omitting, however, the name of Mr. John Bowyer Nichols, whose ready information was at all times most useful in his researches, and whose obliging loan of various valuable works often facilitated the most difficult of his labours.

To these, to his subscribers, and to all his other obliging friends, he now respectfully offers a grateful



Pace 6, line 15, for Folds read Faldo.
Page 6, line 17, for Part V. read Part VI.
Page 38, dele the whole of line 7.
Page 48, line 3, insert “by the late Rev. Joseph Kilner.”
Page 63, liue 15, add “The same plate as in Dugdale's Monasticon."
Page 121, line 15, for Lenercost Priory read Lanercost Priory.
Page 156, line 19, after the date 1587, add“ in Quarto, black leller."
Page 195, at the end of Art, IV. insert With a folded Map of Dorsetshire, pre-

Page 211, line 2, for the read ils, and dele“ of Durham Cathedral."
Page 288, line 12, after Quarto, add (1798).
Page 295, dele line 7, and insert the following Article kindly communicated by

William Simonds Higgs, Esq. of Kensington, F.S.A.

"A Sketch of the History of Holy Ghost Chapel, at Basingstoke, in Hampshire: comprehending an Account of another religious House, founded at tbe same Place by King Henry III.; and some other curious Antiquities: with biographical Notices of some eminent Natives of Basingstoke. To which is added, The Ruins of a Temple, a Puem, (By J. Jefferson, a dissenting Minister at Basingstoke.) The Second EDITION, improved and enlarged. - Basingstoke: Printed and sold by J. Lucas, 1808. Octavo, 36 pages.

With a View of the Chapel drawn by Terrell." Page 328, line 21, for Dr. Cuvey read The Rev. Dr. Cove. Page 334, line 34, dele which he. Page 336, line 4 from bottom, for No. 22 read No. 21. Page 350, line 7 from bottom, after Kent, add " which is not in the Edition of

1576." Page 403, The quotation from Pierce Plowman's Crede should have been thus


Than I munte me forth, the Monstre to knowen,
And awanted a woon, wonderip well pbild,
Witb arches on euerich haif, and bellpche pcoruen
With crocheles on corneres, with knottes of gold.
Dpde wpndowes pwrought, pwrpten ful thikke,

Bhonen with shapen feldes.
Page 577, after the last line, add “There are large Paper Copies of this Pub-

Page 590, line 24, add, by James Brown.
Page 593, line 7, after 1631, add and 1675.
Page 745, at the end of Art. 13, line 6, insert “ There are large Paper Copies,”
Page 976, after line 6, add “ Part 1. 94 pages and Errata. Part II. 24 pages."
Page 980, line 6 from bottom, for Thornhagh read Thornhaugh.
Page 989, line 4 from bottom, after Octavo, add “40 pages including the Title.".
Page 1074, line 26, for Palton read Patrons.
Page 1190, line 7, for Duodecimo read Octavo, 66 pages.
Page 1218, after Plate 2, insert “7', Lambeth Palace, published by J. Edwards,

January 1, 1798. p. 13."
Page 1226, line 21, for Willon read Wellon,



The English TOPOGRAPHER; or, An Historical Account (as far
as can be collected from printed Books and Manuscripts) of all
the Pieces that have been written relating to the Antiquities,
Natural History, or Topographical Description of any Part of
England. Alphabetically digested, and illustrated with the
Draughts of several very curious old Seals, exactly engraven
from their respective Originals. By an impartial Hand. (Dr.
Rawlinson.) Octavo. Lond. 1720.

*** There are Large Paper copies of this volume.
Bibliotheca Topographica Anglicana: A Catalogue of Books on

English Topography, by Jo. WORRALL. Duodecimo. Lond.

British Topography: or an Historical Account of what has been

done for illustrating the Topographical Antiquities of Great Bri-
tain and Ireland. In Two Volumes. By RICHARD GOUGH, Esq.

With Plates. Quarto. Lond. 1780.
Catalogue of the Books relating to British Topography, and Saxon

and Northern Literature, bequeathed to the Bodleian Library in
the Year 1799, by Richakd Gough, Esq. F.S.A. Quarto.

Oxford, 1814.
Catalogue of Books relating to the History and Topography of

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland. By Sir RICHARD Colt
Hoare, Bart. Compiled from his Library at Stourhead, Wilt-
shire. Octavo London : Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. 1815.
*** The impression of this valuable work is restricted to

Lives of Topographers and Antiquaries who have written concern-

ing the Antiquities of England, with (Twenty-six) Portraits of
the Authors, and a complete List of their Works, so far as they
relate to the Topography of this Kingdom ; together with a List
of Portraits, Monuments, Views, and other Prints contained in
each Work; with Remarks that may enable the Collector to
know when the Works are complete. By J. P. MALCOLM, Esq.
F.S.A. Quarto. Lond. 1815.

*.* There are Large Paper copies of this volume.

The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine; presenting an exact


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