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To Mr. Jobnson, the bookseller. Feb. 11, 1790. Cowper

acknowledges his obligations to Mr. Fuseli, for bis

remarks on his translation of Homer


To the same. Sept.7, 1790. On the same subject ib,

Indignant remonstrance of Cowper's, addressed to John.

son on the alteration of a line in one of his poems 26

To Thomas Park, Esq. April 27, 1792. Remarks on

some Poems of Mr. P.'s, and on his own literary en.


Marriage of Mr. Courtenay to Miss Stapleton


To Lady Hesketh. May 20, 1792. On the marriage of

Mr. Courtenay; Dr. Madan's promotion to a

Bishopric; complimentary Sonnet produced by

Cowper, addressed to Mr. Wilberforce; Lines to

Warren Hastings, Esq.

. ib.

To John Jobnson, Esq. May 20, 1792. On the post-

ponement of bis Ordination, &c.


Hayley's visit to Cowper, and his account of it


Sonnet addressed by Cowper to Mrs. Unwin


Mrs. Unwin's paralytic attack


Kind attentions of Hayley


To Lady Hesketh. May 24, 1792. Seizure and state of



To the same. May 26, 1792. State of Mrs. Unwin 39

Lines addressed to Dr. Austen


To Mrs. Bodham. June 4, 1792. On the postponement

of Mr. Johnson's Ordination


To William Hayley, Esq. June 4, 1792. State of Mrs.



To the same. June 5, 1792. On the same subject 43

To the same. June 7, 1792. On the same subject 44

To the same. June 10, 1792. On the same subject;

Lines addressed to Dr. Darwin


Origin of Darwin's Poem of the “ Botanic Garden" 48

To Lady Hesketh. June 11, 1792. On his growing

correspondence; improvement in Mrs. Unwin's

health; events of the past two months; arrival of

Mr. Johnson


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To William Hayley, Esq. June 19, 1792. State of Mrs.

Unwin; Ice-islands and cold summers; proposed

visit to Hayley at Eartham

Remarks on a supposed change in the climate, with pas-

sages from Cowper's translation of a Poem of Milton's

on that subject

To William Hayley, Esq. June 27, 1792. Intended

journey to Eartham; Catharina, on her marriage to

George Courtenay, Esq.

To the same. July 4, 1792. Suspension of his literary

labours ;

his solicitude for Mrs. Unwin; his visit to

Weston Hall

To the same. July 15, 1792. On the proposed journey

to Eartham; translations from Milton; portrait of

Cowper by Abbot

To Thomas Park, Esq. July 20, 1792. On the obstacles

to his literary engagements; reference to Cowper's

drawings, and to the Olney Hymns

To William Hayley, Esq. July 22, 1792. Preparations

for the journey to Eartham

To the Rev. William Bull. July 25, 1792. On his sit-

ting to Abbot for bis portrait; his intended journey

to Eartham

To William Hayley, Esq. July 29, 1792. His terror

at the proposed journey ; resemblance of Abbot's


To the Rev. John Newton. July 30, 1792. State of

Mrs. Unwir. ; intended journey to Eartham ; recol-

lections awakened by Mr. N.'s visit to Weston

To the Rev. Mr. Greatheed. Aug. 6, 1792. Account

of his journey to Eartham, and situation there

To Mrs. Courtenay. Aug. 12, 1792. Particulars of the

journey to Eartham, and description of the place

To Samuel Rose, Esq. Aug. 14, 1792. Invitation to


To the same. Aug. 18, 1792. Cowper wishes him to

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join the party at Eartham
To Mrs. Courtenay. Aug. 25, 1792. Epitaph on Fop;


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arrangements for the return to Weston; state of him.

self and Mrs. Unwin

To the Rev. Mr. Hurdis. Aug. 26, 1792. On the death

of his sister; invitation to Eartham

To Lady Hesketh. Aug. 26, 1792. Company at Ear-

tham ; his own state and Mrs. Unwin's ; portrait of

Cowper by Romney

To Mrs. Charlotte Smith. Sept. 1792. Sympathy of

himself and Hayley in her misfortunes : remark on an

expression in her letter ; state of Mrs. Unwin

To Lady Hesketh. Sept. 9, 1792.

Reasons for pre-

ferring Weston to Eartham ; state of Mrs. Unwin;

arrangements for their return; character of Mr.


Cowper's occupations at Eartham

Account of Andreini's Adamo, which suggested to

Milton the design of his Paradise Lost

To Mrs. Courtenay. Sept. 10, 1792. Reference to the

French Revolution ; state of Mrs. Unwin; remem-

brances to friends at Weston

Departure from Eartham

To William Hayley, Esq. Sept. 18, 1792. Cowper's

feelings on his departure

To the same. Sept. 21, 1792. Particulars of his journey

and arrival at Weston

To the same.

Oct. 2, 1792. Unsuccessful attempt at


To the same. Oct. 13, 1792. Cowper's impatience for

the arrival of Hayley's portrait; his intention of pay-

ing a poetical tribute to Romney

To Mrs. King. Oct. 14, 1792. Reference to the visit to


To the Rev. John Newton, Oct. 18, 1792. His em-

ployments at Eartham; and indisposition at Weston,

urged as an excuse for not writing ; reference to his

visit to Hayley

To John Johnson, Esq. Oct, 19, 1792. On bis expected

visit; Cowper's unfitness for writing.


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To John Johnson, Esq. Oct. 22, 1792. Reflections on
Ji's sitting for his picture


To William Hayley, Esq. Oct. 28, 1792. Cowper com-

plains of his unfitness for literary labour, and the

grievance that Milton is to him ; sonnet addressed to



To John Johnson, Esq. Nov.5, 1792. Cowper's opinion,

of his Homer

To Samuel Rose, Esq. Nov. 9, 1792. Hindrances to his

literary labours ; Mrs. Unwin's situation and his own

depression of spirits; he consents to the prefixing

his portrait to a new edition of bis poems


To the Rev. John Newton. Nov. 11, 1792. Apology

for not writing to him; his gloomy state of mind 103

To John Johnson, Esq. Nov. 20, 1792. Thanks him

for his verses ; his engagement to supply the new

clerk of Northampton with an annual copy of verses ;

reference to his indisposition


To William Hayley, Esq. Nov. 25, 1792. Acknowledg-

ment of his friendship; his acceptance of the office

of Dirge-writer to the new clerk of Northampton 106

To the Rev. John Newton. Dec. 9, 1792. Reasons for

not being in haste with Milton; injurious effect of

the season on his spirits


To Joseph Hill, Esq. Dec. 16, 1792. Political reflec-

tions with reference to the quesiton of Parliamentary

Reform, reformation of the Church, and the rights of

Catholics and Dissenters


First agitation of the question of Parliamentary Reform , 110

To Thomas Park, Esq. Dec. 17, 1792. Obstacles to his

writing while at Mr. Hayley's, and since his return

home; on Johnson's intention of prefixing his portrait


Anecdote of Mrs. Boscawen


To William Hayley, Esq. Dec. 26, 1792. The year '92
a most melancholy one to him

To Thomas Park, Esq. Jan. 3, 1793. Introduction of

Mr. Rose to bim ; Cowper refers to a remedy recom-


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