Railway and Locomotive Engineering: A Practical Journal of Motive Power, Rolling Stock and Appliances, Том 16

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Angus Sinclair Company, 1903

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Сторінка 60 - Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay: Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade; A breath can make them, as a breath has made: But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied.
Сторінка 242 - It contains 2,000 questions with their answers, which will enable any railroad man to pass any examination on the subject of Air Brakes. Endorsed and used by air-brake instructors and examiners on nearly every railroad in the United States.
Сторінка 412 - By reason of the negligence of any person in the service of the employer who has the charge or control of any signal, points, locomotive engine, or train upon a railway...
Сторінка 195 - And further, by these, my son, be admonished : of making many books there is no end ; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.
Сторінка 392 - O purblind race of miserable men, How many among us at this very hour Do forge a life-long trouble for ourselves, By taking true for false, or false for true ; Here, thro...
Сторінка 332 - Take down your map, sir, and you will find that the Territory of Kansas, more than any other region, occupies the middle spot of North America, equally distant from the Atlantic on the east; and the Pacific on the west ; from the frozen waters of Hudson's Bay on the north, and the tepid Gulf Stream on the south, constituting the precise territorial...
Сторінка 332 - Stream on the south, constituting the precise territorial centre of the whole vast continent. To such advantages of situation, on the very highway between two oceans, are added a soil of unsurpassed richness, and a fascinating, undulating beauty of surface, with a healthgiving climate, calculated to nurture a powerful and generous people, worthy to be a central...
Сторінка 332 - But we never knows wot's hidden in each other's hearts ; and if we had glass winders there, we'd need to keep the shutters up, some on us, I do assure you!
Сторінка 219 - Company, by virtue of its ownership of a large majority of the stock of both companies; second, it destroyed every motive for competition between two roads engaged in interstate traffic, which were natural competitors for business, by pooling the earnings of the two roads for the common benefit of the stockholders of both companies.
Сторінка 154 - America's Greatest Railroad" Operating more than 12,000 miles of Railway east of Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati COMPRISING THE New York Central & Hudson River Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Big Four Route Michigan Central Boston & Albany Pittsburg & Lake Erie Lake Erie & Western Chicago, Indiana & Southern Lake Erie, Alliance & Wheeling New York & Ottawa and Rutland Railroads For a copy of "America's Winter Resorts," send a two-cent stamp to George H.

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