Tom Waits on Tom Waits: Interviews and Encounters

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Paul Maher
Aurum, 1 лист. 2011 р. - 480 стор.

Tom Waits may just be what the Daily Telegraph calls him: ‘the greatest entertainer on Planet Earth.’ He is also a shape-shifter who, over a span of almost four decades, has restlessly transformed his song-writing and persona not to suit the times but his own whims. Along with Bob Dylan, he stands as one of American music’s last great mysteries.

Hundreds of journalists have sought to crack the Waits code, but few have come close to piercing the myths that shroud him. Tom Waits on Tom Waits is a selection of over fifty of his most intriguing interviews, the majority of which have never been collected in book form before. In each Waits shares something truly unique, delivering prose as crafted, poetic, potent and haunting as his best lyrics. Taken together they present a de facto autobiography of a notoriously guarded artist.

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Paul Maher Jr is the author of Jack Kerouac’s American Journey and Kerouac: His Life and Work. He is also co-editor (with Michael K. Dorr) of Miles on Miles.

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