Зображення сторінки


A. and G. A. SPottiswoode New-street-Square.

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Correspondent or Honorary Member of the Imperial, Royal, and National, Academies of Sciences
of Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Göttingen, Haarlem, Massachussets (U.S.), Modena,
Naples, Paris, Petersburg, Stockholm, Turin, Vienna, and Washington (U.S.);
the Italian and Helvetic Societies;
the Academies, Institutes, &c., of Albany (U.S.), Bologna, Catania, Dijon, Lausanne,
Nantes, Padua, Palermo, Rome, Venice, Utrecht, and Wilma;
the Philomathic Society of Paris; Asiatic Society of Bengal; South African Lit. and Phil. Society;
Literary and Historical Society of Quebec; Historical Society of New York;
Royal Medico-Chirurgical Soc., and Inst. of Civil Engineers, London;
Geographical Soc. of Berlin; Astronomical and
Meteorological Soc. of British Guiana;
8.c. &c. &c.

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