Recruit Or Die: How Any Business Can Beat the Big Guys in the War for Young Talent

Portfolio, 29 . 2008 . - 273 .
A guerrilla guide to getting the best college graduates to work for youwithout spending like Microsoft, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs

Recruit or Die is the first practical guide to the entry-level recruiting gamewhich is very different from other kinds of recruiting and vitally important to every company, large or small.

Traditionally, only large and powerful companies recruit on college campuses, scooping up the best and brightest. But small and young companies can also get top graduateswithout a Wall Street budgetif they learn the secrets of Americas top recruiters. The key is understanding todays college students: They arent just looking for money and perks. More important, they are looking for opportunities to stand out, move around quickly, and rack up cool experiences and achievements. Any employer can compete with the big companies on these intangibles.

The authors share dozens of anecdotes and research on more than one thousand students that show how successful recruiters work their magicand how unsuccessful recruiters blow it. They offer practical strategies and advice in each chapter, along with case studies.

Based on their experience working with hot recruits and the elite companies that pursue them, the authors show how any company can conquer the campus.