The Mystic Flowery Land: A Personal Narrative

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This is a personal narrative of a visit to China. It contains many color illustrations.

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Сторінка 186 - Give a dog a bad name and it will stick to him, above all places it will stick fastest in Shanghai. Consequently the unfortunate ex-reporter was unable to obtain any further employment. He had not sufficient money to leave the Settlement — and he was too proud to beg or even to write home. I myself used to frequently see him of a morning going from one hong to another along the Bund — on the alert for any vacancy which might (but never would) occur for him. After a time I quite lost sight of...
Сторінка 106 - I love thee, Twilight ! as thy shadows roll, The calm of evening steals upon my soul. Sublimely tender, solemnly serene, Still as the hour, enchanting as the scene. I love thee, Twilight ! for thy gleams impart Their dear, their dying influence to my heart, When o'er the harp of thought thy passing wind Awakens all the music of the mind, And Joy and Sorrow, as the spirit burns, And Hope and Memory sweep the chords by turns, While Contemplation, on seraphic wings, Mounts with the flame of sacrifice,...

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