The Brighton Road: Speed, Sport, and History on the Classic Highway to the South

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Chapman & Hall, 1906 - 472 стор.

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Сторінка 410 - Namely, that going to church at a country village, not far from Lewes, I saw an ancient lady, and a lady of very good quality, I assure you, drawn to church in her coach with six oxen; nor was it done in frolic or humour, but meer necessity, the way being so stiff and deep, that no horses could go in it.
Сторінка 199 - As Machiavel shows those in purple raiment, Such is the shortest way to general curses. They hate a murderer much less than a claimant On that sweet ore which every body nurses. — Kill a man's family, and he may brook it, But keep your hands out of his breeches' pocket : LXXX So said the Florentine : ye monarchs, hearken To your instructor.
Сторінка 233 - madam I may not call you, mistress I am ashamed to call you, and so I know not what to call you ; but, howsoever, I thank you.
Сторінка 20 - I are returned from our expedition miraculously well, considering all our distresses. If you love good roads, conveniences, good inns, plenty of postilions and horses, be so kind as never to go into Sussex. We thought ourselves in the northest part of England; the whole country has a Saxon air, and the inhabitants are savage, as if King George the Second was the first monarch of the East Angles. Coaches grow there no more than balm and spices; we were forced to drop our post-chaise...
Сторінка 434 - Alas ! swift flew the fatal lead, Which pierced through the young man's head. He instant fell, resigned his breath, And closed his languid eyes in death. All you who do this stone draw near, Oh ! pray let fall the pitying tear. From this sad instance may we all Prepare to meet Jehovah's call.
Сторінка 445 - Arundel with his famous equipage of grey horses, still remembered in Sussex. The Prince of Wales had concocted with his royal brothers a notable scheme for making the old man drunk. Every person at table was enjoined to drink wine with the Duke — a challenge which the old toper did not refuse. He soon began to see that there was a conspiracy against him; he drank glass for glass; he over-, threw many of the brave.
Сторінка 367 - Place, to which this singular piece of timber is attached, is, I may state for the benefit of the curious, the real Rookwood Hall ; for I have not drawn upon imagination, but upon memory in describing the seat and domains of that fated family. The general features of the venerable structure...
Сторінка 405 - Shear close, boys!' to each and every man. And at some places still we have this story all day long, 'Close them, boys, and shear them well!' and this is all their song. And then our noble Captain doth unto our master say, 'Come, let us have one bucket of your good ale, I pray.' He turns unto our Captain and makes him this reply: 'You shall have the best of beer, I promise, presently.
Сторінка 322 - Jove's oak, the warlike ash, vein'd elm, the softer beech, Short hazel, maple plain, light asp, the bending wych, Tough holly, and smooth birch, must altogether burn : What should the builder serve, supplies the forger's turn ; When under public good, base private gain takes hold, And we, poor woful woods, to ruin lastly sold.
Сторінка 321 - Under the axe's stroke, fetched many a grievous groan. When as the anvil's weight, and hammer's dreadful sound, Even rent the hollow woods and shook the queachy ground ; So that the trembling nymphs, oppressed through ghastly fear, Ran madding to the downs, with loose dishevelled hair.

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