Old Ballads: Historical and Narrative, with Some of Modern Date, Том 2

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Сторінка 231 - I've a bag for meal, and a bag for malt, And a bag for barley and corn; A bag for bread, and a bag for beef, And a bag for my little small horn." "I have a horn in my pocket, I got it from Robin Hood, And still when I set it to my mouth, For thee it blows little good.
Сторінка 124 - O welcome," the bishop he said, " That music best pleaseth me ; " "You shall have no music," quoth Robin Hood, " Till the bride and the bridegroom I see." With that came in a wealthy knight, Which was both grave and old, And after him a finikin lass, Did shine like the glistering gold.
Сторінка 256 - Lay me a green sod under my head, And another at my feet, And lay my bent bow by my side, Which was my music sweet, And make my grave of gravel and green, Which is most right and meet.
Сторінка 121 - COME listen to me, you gallants so free, All you that love mirth for to hear, And I will tell you of a bold outlaw, That lived in Nottinghamshire. As Robin Hood in the forest stood, All under the green-wood tree...
Сторінка 227 - Now Robin Hood is to Nottingham gone, With a link a down and a down, And there he met with the proud Sheriff, Was walking along the town.
Сторінка 222 - Thou shalt be an archer as well as the best, And range in the green-wood with us ; Where we'll not want gold nor silver, behold, While bishops have ought in their purse.
Сторінка 255 - Will you please to sit down, cousin Robin,' she said, ' And drink some beer with me ? 'No, I will neither eat nor drink Till I am blooded by thee.
Сторінка 229 - Then he put on the old man's hat, It stood full high on the crown: 'The first bold bargain that I come at, It shall make thee come down.
Сторінка 123 - What wilt thou give me," said Robin Hood, " In ready gold or fee, To help thee to thy true love again, And deliver her unto thee ?" " I have no money," then quoth the young man, " No ready gold nor fee, But I will swear upon a book Thy true servant for to be." " How many miles is it to thy true love ? Come tell me without guile." " By the faith of my body," then said the young man, "It is but five little mile.
Сторінка 218 - The stranger gave Robin a crack on the crown, Which caused the blood to appear; Then Robin enrag'd, more fiercely engag'd, And follow'd his blows more severe.

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