Зображення сторінки
[blocks in formation]


BODY. Any yellowish buff fur ribbed with yellow or apple-green silk.

WINGS. From a wing feather of a white hen, or fieldfare, stained pale yellow.

LEGS. From an extremely pale ginger hackle, or a white feather dyed of a yellowish tint.

Hook No. 2. short.

No. 25. SKY BLUE. This fly comes from a water nympha, maintains its present state of existence two or three days, and then changes to a much lighter fly or spinner, which lives three or four days.


Body. Pale ginger mohair mixed with light blue fur.

Tail. A whisk or two of the hackle used for the legs.

WINGS. From a feather of the sea swallow, or of a very light blue dun hen. LEGS. Hackle stained a pale yellow.

Hook No. 0. short.


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