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substitution of a thin black silk body. These black flies resemble many small beetles, and may be ranked among "general flies." In fine low water, after Midsummer, they are most useful, in the rapid parts of streams.

No. 21. THE OAK FLY.

This fly may be found upon the trunks of any kind of tree or post near the water side. As soon as it alights, it turns its head downward. It is in season throughout May and June, and may be used with most success on windy days. It kills well in the natural state, by dibbing with it in the still deeps of trout rivers.


Body. Orange floss silk tied with ash-coloured silk thread, which may be shown at the tail and shoulders.

Wings. From a scapular feather of the woodcock.

Legs. A furnace hackle (i. e. a red cock's hackle, with a black list up the middle, and tinged with black also at the extremities of the

No. 22. TURKEY BROWN. (little Brown Don.)

Order, Neuroptera
Family, Ephemeridce
Genus, Potamanthus
Species, roseus (Pseudimago).

Order, Neuroptera
Family, Ephemeridc e
Genus, Potamanthus
Species, roseus {Imago).

No. 24. YELLOW SALLY. (flat Yellow.)

Order, Neuroptera .
Family, Perlidce
Genus, Tenthredo
Species, viridis.

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