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No. 11. SAND FLY. This fly comes from a water larva. It is highly extolled by Mr. Bainbridge, who says, " that it may be reckoned as one of the best flies for affording diversion which can possibly be selected, for it may be used successfully at all hours of the day, from April to the end of September, and is equally alluring to the Trout and Grayling.” (Fly-Fisher's Guide, p. 143.) My own experience leads me to recommend the use of it during April and May, on days when there is no abundance of any particular insect on the water. A fly very like it is used in September and October, called the Cinnamon Fly.

IMITATION. Body. Of the sandy coloured fur from the hare's neck, spun on silk of the same colour.

WINGS. From the landrail's wing made full.

LEGS. From a light ginger feather from the neck of a hen. Hook, No. 2, long.

REMARKS. A good variation of this fly is to use orange silk, and show it most at the tail ; and instead of a light ginger hen's hackle, use one with a dark stripe down the middle. In any case cut off the upper fibres of the hackle, that the wings may lie flat. The above is a good Grayling and Dace fly, in July and August.

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