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anglers make it thus:—Wing, upright from under covert wing feather of a young grouse. Body, silk, the colour of Russia leather, and ribbed with the finest yellow silk. Two dun fibres for tail.

But after a frosty morning they make it as follows : — Wing, starling onion dyed: body, claret silk, legs dead furniss hackle. Thus made, it is called the "Frost Fly."


This insect lives upon small flies, &c, whose blood it sucks in a manner similar to that of the land spider. It runs upon the water, and darts upon its prey while struggling on the surface, and is amongst the first insects which the Trout finds there. In the hot summer months it is provided with wings. It may be fished with throughout this month, and the next, on all sorts of days, but principally when the Blue Dun is not very abundant upon the water.


Body. Orange floss silk, tied on with black silk thread.

Legs. Are made best of one of the two longest feathers of a peawit's topping. If this cannot be easily procured, a black cock's hackle will answer the purpose and is easier to use. Either of these must be wound all down the body, and the fibres then snipped off, as far up as is shown in the figure. Hook No. 0, or 1.

Remarks. The rib may be formed with black silk, and the hackle fastened under the shoulder. This is an easier way.


This fly is found upon the grass in a very dull, almost torpid, state, until nine or ten o'clock in the morning, whence its name of Drone; but when the sun begins to warm the air, it takes wing; and afterwards, if there be a slight breeze, it will be found upon the water.

There is a great variety of colour in the genus. A bright orange is sometimes seen all over the body, a lemon colour sometimes pervades only the middle part of the body, the knee joints are sometimes tipped with orange, sometimes orange veins appear in the wings; and there is one


No. 7. PEACOCK FLY. (little Chap.)
Order, Coleoptera
Family, Staphylinidce
Genus, Quedius
Species, hamorrhous.

No. 8. MARCH BEOWN. (dun Drake, called in
Wales the Cob Fly.)
Order, Neuroptera
Family, Ephemeridce
Genus, Baetis
Species, longicauda $ (Pseudimago).

No. 9. GREAT RED SPINNER. (light Mackerel.)

Order, Neuroptera
Family, Ephemeridee
Genus, Baetis
Species, longicauda (Imago).

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