Зображення сторінки
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hand, whip a part of it three or four times round the end of the shank of the hook, beginning to whip at B, and leaving a few inches of thread at A B hanging down, with a pair of forceps, or little weight at the end of it. . 2. Hold the burnt end E, fig. 2., of the gut ECF, in contact with the shank of the hook, and wind tightly the portion of thread, C D of fig. 1. first once or twice round the gut close to the end of the shank, fig. 2., and then over the portion of gut C E, the three or four coils B C, already made, and the shank of the hook, C BE, leaving out the piece of thread, A B, still hanging down.

3. Bring two or three stylish whisks from a red hackle into the position shown in fig. 3., and bind them securely there, for the tail, by means of the same end (c, d) of silk as was last used. Bind in, at the same time, the extremity of a piece of fine gold twist (e, f), and also one end of some dubbing of orange and red floss silk mixed. Then spin the floss silk on to the remnant (c, d) of thread, and wind it on the shank, or wind it on the shank without spinning. i 4. Run the remnant (c, d) round the shank, as far as B, and make it fast there with the thread A B; then wind the gold twist (e, f) over the coils made by c, d in the manner shown


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