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the August Dun takes its place, in the beginning of the following month.

IMITATION. Body. Mole's fur and pale yellow mohair, nixed and spun on yellow silk.

Tall. Two or three whisks of a dark dun hackle.

WINGS. Dark part of a feather from the starling's wing, stained darker in strong onion dye. LEGS. Dark dun hackle.

Hook No. 2. short.

To make it buzz, a lighter hackle may be wound upon the above body.

The tint of its metamorphosis is the same as that of the Dark Mackerel (No. 31.). It will catch well late in the evening.

REMARKS. At this season several kinds of Dun will be found on the water together; and especially a lighter Blue Dun than No. 2. described above, and a Dark Orange Dun. The angler's own observation, or the experience of others who know the water, will be called into requisition here.

The above “Dark Blue Dun,” or “ July Dun” of Ronalds, is a great favourite on the Dove at Mappleton, where the writer was in

No. 35. a. WREN TAIL. (Frog-HOPPER, PALE

Order, Homoptera
Family, Cercopida
Genus, Cercopis
Species, spumaria.

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No. 37.

Order, Neuroptera
Sub-order, Trichoptera
Family, Leptocerida
Genus, Leptocerus
Species, niger.

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