Locomotive Catechism: A Practical and Complete Work on the Locomotive--treating on the Design, Construction, Repair and Running of All Kinds of Locomotives ... Contains Over 3,000 Examination Questions with Their Answers ...

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Norman W. Henley Publishing Company, 1911 - 817 стор.

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Сторінка 788 - Contains examination questions and answers on the ET equipment. Covering what the ET Brake is. How it should be operated. What to do when defective. Not a question can be asked of the engineman up for promotion, on either the No. 5 or the No. 6 ET equipment, that is not asked and answered in the book. If you want to thoroughly understand the ET equipment get a copy of this book. It covers every detail. Makes Air-Brake troubles and examinations easy. Price $1.50 MACHINE-SHOP PRACTICE American Tool...
Сторінка 786 - Trainman, and all others who have to do with the movements of trains. Contains complete and reliable information of the Standard Code of Train Rules for single track. Shows Signals in Colors, as used on the different roads. Explains fully the practical application of train orders, giving a clear and definite understanding of all orders which may be used. The meaning and necessity for certain rules...
Сторінка 793 - GONDOLA CAR CHART. A chart showing the anatomy of a gondola car, having every part of the car numbered and its proper reference name given in a reference list 20 cents PASSENGER CAR CHART.
Сторінка 794 - A practical handbook of reference containing definitions of about 5,000 distinct words, terms and phrases. The definitions are terse and concise and include every term used in electrical science. Recently issued. An entirely new edition. Should be in the possession of all who desire to keep abreast with the progress of this branch of science.
Сторінка 793 - To be a success a fireman must be "Light on Coal." He must keep his fire in good condition, and prevent As far .'as possible, the smoke nuisance. To do this, he should know how coal burns, how smoke is formed and the proper burning of fuel to obtain the best results. He can learn this, and more too, from Barr's "Combination of Coal.
Сторінка 792 - It commends itself at once to every Engineer and Fireman, and to all who are going in for examination or promotion. In plain language, with full, complete answers, not only all the questions asked by the examining engineer are given, but those which the young and less experienced would ask the veteran, and which old hands ask as "stickers.
Сторінка 790 - Shows all types of boilers used; gives details of construction; practical facts, such as life of riveting, punches and dies; work done per day, allowance for bending and flanging sheets, and other data. Including the recent Locomotive Boiler Inspection Laws and Examination Questions with their answers for Government Inspectors. Contains chapters on Laying Out Work: Flanging and Forging; Punching; Shearing; Plate Planing; General...
Сторінка 166 - ... the water into the boiler. The lifting set of tubes act as a governor to the forcing tubes, delivering the proper amount of water required for the condensation of the steam, thus enabling the injector to work without any adjustment under a great range of steam pressure, handle very hot water and admit of the capacity being regulated for light or heavy service under all conditions.
Сторінка 794 - How to Become a Successful Electrician It is the ambition of thousands of young and old to become electrical engineers. Not everyone is prepared to spend several thousand dollars upon a college course, even if the three or four years requisite are at their disposal. It is possible to become an electrical engineer without this sacrifice, and this work is designed to tell "How to Become a Successful Electrician" without the outlay usually spent in acquiring the profession.
Сторінка 791 - American Machinist. A handy book for the engineer or machinist that clears up the mysteries of valve setting. Shows the different valve gears in use. how they work, and why. Piston and slide valves of different types are illustrated and explained. A book that every railroad man in the motive power department ought to have.

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