Lugosi: His Life in Films, on Stage, and in the Hearts of Horror Lovers

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He was born Béla Ferenc Dezso Blasko on October 20, 1882, in Hungary. He joined Budapests National Theater in 1913 and later appeared in several Hungarian films under the pseudonym Arisztid Olt. After World War I, he helped the Communist regime nationalize Hungarys film industry, but barely escaped arrest when the government was deposed, fleeing to the United States in 1920. As he became a star in American horror films in the 1930s and 1940s, publicists and fan magazines crafted outlandish stories to create a new history for Lugosi. The cinemas Dracula was transformed into one of Hollywoods most mysterious actors. This exhaustive account of Lugosis work in film, radio, theater, vaudeville and television provides an extensive biographical look at the actor. The enormous merchandising industry built around him is also examined.

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Lugosi: his life in films, on stage, and in the hearts of horror lovers

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Lugosi was an actor whose fame came mostly from his portrayal of Dracula, and little has been written about him--until now, probabaly owing to Martin Landau's recent OscarR-winning portrayal of Lugosi ...

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Gary Don Rhodes, a documentary filmmaker, is a professor at the Queens University, Belfast.