Sewers and Drains for Populous Districts: With Rules and Formulae for Determination of Their Dimensions Under All Circumstances

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D. Van Nostrand, 1880 - 228 стор.

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Сторінка 171 - London; the substitution of a constant, instead of an intermittent flow in the sewers ; the abolition of stagnant and tide-locked sewers, with their consequent accumulations of deposit ; and the provision of deep and improved outfalls for the extension of...
Сторінка 207 - ... all loss or damage arising out of the nature of the work aforesaid, or from the action of the elements, or from any unforeseen obstructions or difficulties which may be encountered...
Сторінка 175 - A velocity of 6 inches will lift fine sand, 8 inches will lift sand as coarse as linseed, 12 inches will sweep along fine gravel, 24 inches will roll along rounded pebbles an inch diameter, and it requires 3 feet per second at the bottom to sweep along shivery angular stones of the size of an egg.
Сторінка 219 - Any unfaithful or imperfect work that may be discovered before the final acceptance of the work shall be corrected immediately on the requirement of the Engineer, notwithstanding that it may have been overlooked by the proper Inspector and estimated.
Сторінка 171 - According to the system which it was sought to improve, the London Main Sewers fell into the valley of the Thames, and most of them, passing under the low grounds on the margin of the river before they reached it, discharged their contents into that river at or about the level, and at the time of low water only. As the tide rose it closed the outlets, and ponded back the sewage flowing from the high grounds ; this accumulated in the low-lying portions of the sewers, where it remained stagnant in...
Сторінка 216 - If any person employed by the contractor on the work shall appear to the Engineer to be incompetent, or to act in a disorderly or improper manner, he shall be discharged immediately on the requisition of the Engineer, and such person shall not again be employed on the work.

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