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“Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and

walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.”—JER. vi. 16.

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Stereotyped by SLOTE & MOONEY, Philadelphia.

W. S. MARTIEX, Printer.


The PRESBYTERIAN Magazine completes its second year. Gratitude is due to God for the measure of success which has attended it in its annual career. The number of subscribers is within a few of four thousand; interesting testimonies have been offered of the general acceptability and usefulness of the work; and encouragements to perseverance of various kinds have arisen in a kind Providence.

The Editor thanks subscribers for the favour they have been pleased to bestow upon the work. Its success depends upon their patronage, and he is earnest in his endeavours to merit it. The great aim of the Magazine is to be useful in the households where it enters. It has endeavoured to present sober and truthful views of current events and questions; to discuss topics of permanent religious interest; to unfold the duties of social life; to enforce the general obligations of Christianity; to preserve biographical and historical records of value ; to give criticisms on the literature of the day; and to gather such monthly intelligence of the religious world as properly belongs to a work of its prescribed plan.

Contributors and writers are entitled to the Editor's thanks for their co-operation. Obligations of this kind are deeply felt and cordially acknowledged.

The Editor hopes that at least a fair equivalent has been returned from the pages of the Magazine into the intellectual and moral treasury of households. The idea that a Monthly Religious Magazine was needed in our Church originated, in the leadings of Providence, the present undertaking; and still urges it forward.

A hope is entertained that a new interest will be imparted to the third volume, in the discussion of some subjects more particularly connected with the doctrines and worship of the Presbyterian Church.

The Editor renews his regret that his numerous official engagements prevent his more entire devotion to the important work of conducting this Periodical. Some, at least, of its imperfections may be reasonably excused in view of the fact, that the editorial labours are incidental ones, amidst the daily toils of other more pressing avocations

Thankful for the past; soliciting such indulgence as is properly due to human infirmities; asking co-operation from ministers, elders, church-members, and friends, in increasing the usefulness of the work; and looking to God for life, strength, and every blessing, the subscriber buckles on the armour to begin

another year.


December, 1852.


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