Stopping A Stalker

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Da Capo Press, 21 бер. 1998 р. - 265 стор.
Captain Robert L. Snow brings to light the drama behind the frightening and growing crime of stalking in America -- and shows us how to use the law to protect ourselves. We witness real-life stalking cases and then are advised as to the best methods of foiling a stalker's agenda. Stalking ranges from the stalking of intimate partners -- more commonly recognized as disgruntled exes -- to stalking strangers. In today's high-tech world, stalkers make use of cellular phones and the Internet. Snow demonstrates that no one is immune to the tactics of stalkers, including the stalking tragedies of Princess Diana, and Hollywood actress Theresa Saldana, as well as other celebrity targets such as Madonna, Jodie Foster, and David Letterman. Captain Snow provides us with crucial information to protect ourselves and our loved ones from all types of stalkers. He outlines much-needed advice on how to prevent stalking before it starts, and step-by-step guidelines on how to deter a stalker. Most important, he advises you on how to get the legal system on your side, to act and bring the stalker to justice.

Snow's message is clear: Stalking is a serious and terrifying crime, but it can be stopped! He provides both an understanding and a proactive response that stalking victims need. Eye-opening yet practical, this volume is an invaluable tool for stopping a stalker before he stops you.

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Stopping a stalker: a cop's guide to making the system work for you

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Indianapolis police captain Snow (Family Abuse, LJ 6/1/97) has written a comprehensive, practical guide to resisting stalking. The book discusses the ten types of stalking, from intimate-partner ... Читати огляд повністю

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