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Сторінка 53 - The laboring classes generally, in the manufacturing districts of this country and especially in the iron and coal districts, are very little aware of the extent to which they are often indebted for their being employed at all to the immense losses which their employers voluntarily incur in bad times, in order to destroy foreign competition, and to gain and keep possession of foreign markets.
Сторінка 19 - But it cannot be expected that individuals should, at their own risk, or rather to their certain loss, introduce a new manufacture, and bear the...
Сторінка 54 - ... the most wealthy capitalists to overwhelm all foreign competition in times of great depression, and thus to clear the way for the whole trade to step in when prices revive, and to carry on a great business before, foreign capital can again accumulate to such an extent as to be able to establish a competition in prices with any chance of success.
Сторінка 21 - barracks " has apartments for 126 families. It was built especially for this use. It stands on a lot 50 by 250 feet, is entered at the sides from alleys eight feet wide, and, by reason of the vicinity of another barrack of equal height, the rooms are so darkened that on a cloudy day it is impossible to read or sew in them without artificial light.
Сторінка 22 - ... air of the house and the courts. The water-closets for the whole vast establishment are a range of stalls without doors, and accessible not only from the building, but even from the street. Comfort is here out of the question ; common decency has been rendered impossible ; and the horrible brutalities of the passenger-ship are day after day repeated, — but on a larger scale. And yet this is a fair specimen. And for such hideous and necessarily demoralizing habitations, — for two rooms, stench,...
Сторінка 19 - The superiority of one country over another in a branch of production often arises only from having begun it sooner. There may be no inherent advantage on one part, or disadvantage on the other, but only a present superiority of acquired skill and experience. A country which has this skill and experience yet to acquire may, in other respects, be better adapted to the production than those which were earlier in the field ; and besides, it is a just remark of Mr.

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