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“I challenge the production from among the writers on political economy of a more learned, philosophical, and convincing speculator on that theme, than my distinguished fellow-citizen, Henry C. Carey. The works he has published in support of the protective policy, are remarkable for profound research, extensive range of inquiry, rare Jogical acumen, and a consummate knowledge of history.”—Speech of Hon. Edward Joy Morris, in the House of Representatives of the United States, February 2, 1859.

“Henry C. Carey, the best known and ablest economist of North America. * * * * * In Europe he is principally known by his striking and original attacks, based upon the peculiar advantages of American experience, on some of the principal doctrines, especially NIalthus’ ‘Theory of Population’ and Ricardo's teachings. His views have been largely adopted and thoroughly discussed in Europe.”— “The German Political Lea icon,” Edited by Bluntschli and Brater. Leipsic,


“We believe that your labors mark an era in the science of political economy. To your researches and lucid arguments are we indebted for the explosion of the absurdities of Malthus, Say, and Ricardo, in regard to the inability of the earth to meet the demands of a growing population. American industry owes you a debt which cannot be repaid, and which it will ever be proud to acknowledge.—From a Letter of Hon. George W. Scranton, M. C., Hon. William Jessup, and over sixty influential citizens of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, to Henry C. Carey, April 3, 1859.

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Agricultural, Manufacturing and Commercial. 8vo., paper......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ............ ...... 75 Cloth • . . . . . . . . o e o g o g g to o e o g g g o os e o 9 & g g g G & © to e g o o 3 e g to e o o q & 9 & G & © ......... $1.25

“We can safely recommend this remarkable work to all who wish to investigate the causes of the progress or decline of industrial communities.”—Blackwood's Magazine.

Letters to the President of the United States,

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Comprising “Harmony of Interests,” “Money,” “Letters to the President,” “French and American Tariffs,” and “Financial Crises.” One volume, 8vo., half bound.


Money; A Lecture

Before the New York Geographical and Statistical Society. Svo., paper......... ....................................... 15

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