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The lapse of time, and the changes that insensibly pass over us, are brought to mind by the issue of the last number of a volume of our Magazine. The end of the volume, as well as the end of the year, lead us briefly to review the past, meditate on the present, and resolve for the future.

The pages (we should prefer to say columns) of the present volume contain, besides a number of essays, and selections of various merit and value, the memorials of several who have “served their generation by the will of God," and now “rest from their labours." The death.bed scenes of some of them were peculiarly happy and hopeful, and gave a pleasing testimony to the value of Evangelical Religion. Our recollection of departed worthies, of their faith, zeal, patience, and hope, should stimulate us to " be followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises."

The changes wbich come over our churches, their additions, progress, prosperity and adversity; the alterations made by time, death, and other causes, in our public Institutions ; the trials and experience of our Missionaries in their different scenes and kinds of labour; and the chief events of the passing months, as indicated in the volume now completed, present important material for useful reflection, and while suggesting the fluctuations of all that pertain to this world, call on us to stand firm to the great principles of "the faith once delivered to the saints," to be earnest in our obedience to the precepts of our common Lord, and to labour and strive in hope both of success here and of reward hereafter.

The beginning of this year beheld our country, after humbling Russia, proudly rebuking Persia, and telling China to dishonour our flag at its peril. Its close finds it in the extremity of alarm and danger as to our Indian Empire, engaged in fearful and bloody strife with a perjured and revolted army, and a treacherous people. The sovereignty of a hundred and fifty millions now trembles in the balance! Unprecedented commercial activity marked the early part of the year: the later months are disturbed by a general panic, gigantic failures, and a fearful dimunition of productive

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