The Pathology and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis: And on the Local Medication of Pharyngeal and Laryngeal Diseases Frequently Mistaken For, Or Associated With, Phthisis

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Sutherland and Knox, 1853 - 142 стор.

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Сторінка 64 - When the stomach is irritable, however, the dose to commence with should be a tea or dessertspoonful. 6. The kind of oil is of little importance therapeutically. The pure kinds are most agreeable to the palate ; but the brown coarser kinds have long been used with advantage, and may still be employed with confidence whenever cheapness is an object. 7. I have never observed its employment...
Сторінка 142 - ... 1st, That not unfrequently diseases, entirely seated in the larynx or pharynx, are mistaken for pulmonary tuberculosis. 2d, That even when pulmonary tuberculosis exists, many of the urgent symptoms are not so much owing to disease in the lung as to the pharyngeal and laryngeal complications. 3d, That a local treatment may not only remove or alleviate these complications, but that, in conjunction with general remedies, it tends in a marked manner to induce arrestment of the pulmonary disease.
Сторінка 23 - ... of tubercle is below, that of cancer is above, this standard. Of the three kinds of exudation, tubercle is the lowest, and cancer the highest, in the scale.
Сторінка 140 - the action of the nitrate of silver solution is not that of a stimulant, but rather that of a calmative or sedative. It acts chemically on the mucus, pus, or other albuminous fluids it comes in contact with, throws down a copious white precipitate, in the form of a molecular membrane, which defends, for a time, the tender mucous surface, or irritable ulcer, and leaves the passage free for acts of respiration.
Сторінка 84 - ... and cod-liver oil in addition. I have seen many persons taking all these medicines and several others at one time, with a mass of bottles and boxes at the bedside sufficient to furnish an apothecary's shop, without its ever suggesting itself apparently to the practitioner, that the stomach, drenched with so many nauseating things, is thereby prevented from performing its healthy functions. In many cases there can be little doubt that this treatment of symptoms with a view to their palliation,...
Сторінка 140 - ... to cure, and why it is that strong solutions of the salt are much more efficacious than weak ones. It may be easily conceived that such good effects must be more or less advantageous in almost all the diseases that affect parts so sensitive, from whatever cause they may arise ; and that this treatment is not...
Сторінка 38 - At the age of two-and-twenty, or three-and-twcnty, he laboured under all the symptoms of a deep decline, and his life was despaired of. About this time, however, he was lost sight of by his friends ; Fig. 403. but it was afterwards ascertained that he had become a parish schoolmaster in the west of Scotland, and that his health had been re-established.
Сторінка 37 - February 8, 1844, in a state of coma, and died an hour afterwards. On examination, the membranes of the brain, at the base, were unusually congested, and covered with a considerable exudation of recently coagulated lymph, here and there mingled with bloody extravasation. The apex of the right lung...
Сторінка 58 - ... the impoverished nutrition resulting from impure air, and an improper quantity, quality, or assimilation of food ; and so long as misery and poverty exist on the one hand, or dissipation and enervating luxuries on the other, so long will the causes be in operation which induce this terrible disease
Сторінка 77 - Much has been written on climate, but the one which appears to me best, is that which will enable the phthisical patient to pass a few hours every day in the open air, without exposure to cold or the vicissitudes of temperature on the one hand, or excessive heat on the other...

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