Water Softening and Treatment: Condensing Plant, Feed Pumps and Heaters for Steam Users and Manufacturers ...

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Сторінка 347 - Plain Practical Directions for Drawing, Sizing and Cutting Bevel-gears, showing how the Teeth may be cut in a Plain Milling Machine or Gear Cutter so as to give them a correct shape from end to end; and showing how to get out all particulars for the Workshop without making any Drawings. Including a Full Set of Tables of Reference. "Folding plates. 8vo, cloth $1 . 50 NEWLANDS, J. The Carpenters
Сторінка 357 - ROEBLING (JA) Long and Short Span Railway Bridges. Illustrated with large copperplate engravings of plans and views. Imperial folio, cloth 25 oo ROGERS (Prof. HD) The Geology of Pennsylvania.
Сторінка 346 - Sections, and Elevations of Railways and Machinery ; an Introduction to Isometrical Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows. Illustrated with over 200 diagrams engraved on steel. Ninth thousand. With an appendix on the Theory and Application of Colors. 8vo, cloth. .$4.00 Geometrical Drawing. Abridged from the Octavo edition, for the use of schools.
Сторінка 318 - New Method of Correcting Lunar Distances, and Improved Method of Finding the Error and Rate of a Chronometer, by Equal Altitudes.
Сторінка 350 - Engineering Chemistry. A Practical Treatise for the use of Analytical Chemists, Engineers, Iron Masters, Iron Founders, students and others. Comprising methods of Analysis and Valuation of the principal materials used in Engineering works, with numerous Analyses, Examples, and Suggestions.
Сторінка 348 - THE COLLIERY MANAGER'S HANDBOOK. A Comprehensive Treatise on the Laying-out and Working of Collieries, Designed as a Book of Reference for Colliery Managers, and for the Use of Coal-Mining Students preparing for First-class Certificates. By CALEB PAMELY, Mining Engineer and Surveyor ; Member of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers ; and Member of the South Wales Institute of Mining Engineers. With 700 Plans, Diagrams, and other Illustrations.

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