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In Works of labour, or of skill,

I would be busy too;
For Satan finds some mischief still

For idle hands to do.

In books, or work, or healthful play,

Let my first years be past ;
That I may give for every day

Some good account at last.

Industry will ever bring its own reward. The boy who goes to school and studiously learn his lessons, is a far happier boy than he who is lazy, and will not learn without being made.

“For Satan finds some mischief still,

For idle hands to do."


Who fed me from her gentle breast,
And hush'd me in her arms to rest,
And on my cheeks sweet kisses press'd ?


When sleep forsook my open eye,
Who was it sung sweet lullaby ;
And sooth'd me that I should not cry?


Who taught my infant heart to pray,
And love God's holy book and day,
And taught me wisdom's pleasant way?


And can I ever cease to be
Affectionate and kind to thee,
Who wast so very kind to me,


Ah, no! the thought I cannot bear,
And if God please my life to spare,
I hope I shall reward thy care,



God might have made the earth bring forth

Enough for great and small,
The oak-tree and the cedar (1) tree,

Without a flower at all.

We might have had enough, enough,

For every want of ours,
For luxury, medicine, and toil,

And yet have had no flowers.

The ore (2) within the mountain mine,

Requireth none to grow,
Nor doth it need the lotus flower,

To make the river flow.

The clouds might give abundant rain,

The nightly dews might fall,
And the herb that keepeth life in man,

Might yet have drunk them all. (1) Cedar-An evergreen tree. | (2) Oro-Metal in the mineral state.


Then wherefore, wherefore were they made,

All dy'd with rainbow light,
All fashioned with supremest grace,

Upspringing day and night.

Springing in valleys green and low,

And on the mountains high,
And in the silent wilderness,

Where no man passes by ?

Our outward life requires them not

Then wherefore had they birth ?
To minister delight to man,

To beautify the earth

To comfort man-to whisper hope,

When e’er his faith is dim,
For who so careth for the flowers,
Will much more care for him.


The lovely flowers of the Earth not only serve us in various useful ways, but are intended besides to awaken in us ideas of beauty, taste and grace, and to lead our thoughts to him who said “Consider the lilies of the field they toil not, neither do they spin, yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."


Let dogs delight to bark and bite,

For God hath made them so ;
Let bears and lions growl and fight,

For 'tis their nature too.

But, children, you should never let

Such angry passions rise ;
Your little hands were never made

To tear each other's eyes.

Let love through all your actions run,

And all your words be mild;
Live like the blessed virgin's Son,

That sweet and lovely Child.

His soul was gentle as a Lamb;

And as his stature grew,
He grew in favour both with man

And God, his Father, too.

Now, Lord of all, he reigns above,

And from his heavenly throne
He sees what children dwell in love,

And marks them for his own.


This is a piece which should be applied to every little boy and girl,-in order that they may learn how wicked it is to quarrel and fight.

Those whom we quarrelled with yesterday may to-morrow, or next day be taken from us altogether, and how fearful then would be the recollection that that brother or sister is dead, whom the last time we saw on earth, we quarrelled with. Let it not be so with you.


Whene'er I take my walks abroad,

How many poor I see!
What shall I render to my God

For all his gifts to me ?

Not more than others I deserve,

Yet God hath given me more:
For I have food while others starve,

Or beg from door to door.

How many children in the street

Half naked I behold!
While I am cloth'd from head to feet,

And cover'd from the cold.

While some poor wretches scarce can tell

Where they may lay their head;
I have a home wherein to dwell,

And rest upon my bed.

While others early learn to swear,

And curse, and lie, and steal ;
Lord, I am taught thy name to fear,

And do thy holy will.

Are these thy favours, day by day,

To me above the rest ?
Then let me love thee more than they,

And try to serve thee best.

How thankful should those be who have food to eat, and comfortable clothing, and a pleasant home, and kind parents. Not only should they be grateful to God for his goodness to them, but they should seek at all times to do his will, ---by serving him faithfully, and keeping his commandments. They should endeavour to assist those who are poorer than themselves, and should prefer giving a penny to a poor hungry child, than spending it upon sweetmeats or toys.

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