The Works of Sir William Jones: With the Life of the Author, Том 9

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Сторінка 515 - I see with equal amazement both the pious and their awful retreat. It becomes, indeed, pure spirits to feed on balmy air in a forest blooming with trees of life ; to bathe in rills dyed yellow with the golden dust of the lotus, and to fortify their virtue in the mysterious...
Сторінка 515 - You see a pious Yogi, motionless as a pollard, holding his thick, bushy hair, and fixing his eyes on the solar orb. Mark: his body is half covered with a white ant's edifice made of raised clay; the skin of a snake supplies the place of his sacerdotal thread, and part of it girds his loins; a number of knotty plants encircle and wound his neck ; and surrounding birds' nests almost conceal his shoulders.
Сторінка 38 - I have endeavoured to take the middle way, and make it my first care always to preserve the sentiment ; and my next, to adhere to the words, as far as I was able to express them, in an easy and natural style...
Сторінка 442 - His wrath, my beloved, paffes all bounds. —Who living could now appeafe him by the humbleft proftrations or entreaties? yet at laft he a little relented. Pri. That little is a great deal for him. — But inform me how you foothed him in any degree. Anu. When he pofitively refufed to come back, I threw myfelf at his feet, and thus...
Сторінка 454 - Ingudi ; who has been so often fed by thee with a handful of Syamaka grains, and now will not leave the footsteps of his protectress.
Сторінка 455 - In thy passage over this earth, where the paths are now high, now low, and the true path seldom distinguished, the traces of thy feet must needs be unequal ; but virtue will press thee right onward...
Сторінка 369 - The tragedies, comedies, farces, and musical pieces of the Indian theatre, would fill as many volumes as that of any nation in ancient or modern Europe.
Сторінка 467 - I was not lefs confounded than yourfelf on entering the populous city; but now I look on it, as a man juft bathed in pure water, on a man fmeared with oil and duft, as the pure on the impure, as the waking on the fleeping, as the free man on the captive, as the independent on the flave. Prieft. Thence it is, that men, like you two, are fo elevated above other mortals.
Сторінка 455 - It is a facred rule, holy fage, that a benevolent man fhould accompany a traveller till he meet with abundance of water ; and that rule you have carefully obferved : we are now near the brink of a large pool. Give us, therefore, your commands, and return. Can. Let us...
Сторінка 473 - What followed ? Sac. At that inftant a little fawn, which I had reared as my own child, approached thee ; and thou faidft with benevolence: " Drink thou " firft, gentle fawn." He would not drink from. the hand of a ftranger, but received water eagerly from mine ; when thou faidft, with increafing affection : " Thus every creature loves its " companions ; you are both forefters alike, and

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