The Mean Density of the Earth: An Essay to which the Adams Prize was Adjudged in 1893 in the University of Cambridge

C. Griffin, Limited, 1894 - 156 .

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21 - Shipbuilders In Scotland. I. A MANUAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS : Comprising the Principles of Statics and Cinematics, and Theory of Structures, Mechanism, and Machines. With Numerous Diagrams Crown 8vo, cloth, 12s. 6d. FIFTEENTH EDITION. II. A MANUAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: Comprising Engineering Surveys, Earthwork, Foundations, Masonry,
18 - Important New Work. 21s. Large 8vo, Handsome Cloth. With Illustrations, Tables, &c. Lubrication & Lubricants: A TREATISE ON THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF LUBRICATION AND ON THE NATURE, PROPERTIES, AND TESTING OF LUBRICANTS. BY LEONARD ARCHBUTT, FIO, FOS, Chemist to the Midland Railway Company, AND R. MOUNTFORD DEELEY, MIME, FGS, Midland Railway Locomotive
19 - FIFTH EDITION. Folio, strongly half-bound, 2i/. TRAVERSE TABLES: Computed to Four Places of Decimals for every Minute of Angle up to 100 of Distance. For the use of Surveyors and Engineers. BY RICHARD LLOYD GURDEN, Authorised Surveyor for the Governments of New South Wales and Victoria. ^* Published with the Concurrence of the Surveyors- General for New South Wales and Victoria,
13 - Handsomt Cloth. Price 301. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON BRIDGE-CONSTRUCTION: Being a Text-Book on the Construction of Bridges in Iron and Steel FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS, DRAUGHTSMEN, AND ENGINEERS. BY T. CLAXTON FIDLER, M. INST. CE, Prof- of Engineering, University College, Dundee GENERAL CONTENTS. PART
71 - GEOLOGY: An Introduction to Geology Out-of-doors. BY GRENVILLE AJ COLE, FGS, MRIA, Professor of Geology in the Royal College of Science for Ireland. -With 12 Full-Page Illustration* from Photographs. Cloth. St. Od. GENERAL CONTENTS.The Materials of the EarthA Mountain Hollow Down the ValleyAlong the ShoreAcross the PlainsDead Volcanoe A Granite HighlandThe Annals of the EarthThe Surrey
34 - BOOK . . . contains a LARGE AMOUNT of information." Nature. No SHIPS' OFFICERS' BOOKCASE will henceforth be complete without CAPTAIN MACKENZIE'S ' PRACTICAL MECHANICS.' Notwithstanding: my many years' experience at sea, it has told me how much more there is to acquire. " (Letter to the Publishers from a Master Mariner). " WELL WORTH the money . . . will be found EXCEEDINGLY
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18 - USEFUL, especially to steam users, artisans and young Engineers." Engineer. BY THE SAME AUTHOR. KITCHEN BOILER EXPLOSIONS: Why they Occur, and How to Prevent their Occurrence. A Practical Handbook based on Actual Experiment. With Diagrams and Coloured Plate. Price 35. NYSTROM'S POCKET-BOOK OF MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING. Revised and Corrected by W. DENNIS
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