Зображення сторінки

i BRATHWAYT'S Essays upon the Five Senses:

revived by a new Supplement; with a Pithy

one upon Detraction, <Scc. 4to. new in bds. 9s 6d

Private Press of Longman Sf Co. 1815

I BRAYLEY'S Historical and Descrptive Account of the Theatres of Loudon: illustrated tvith coloured views by Havell, 4to. new in bds. 7s Gd . 1826

-> BRETON'S Longing of a Blessed Heart which loathing the World doth Long to be with Christ, Large Paper, royal 4to. half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt,'ids . 1814

3 BRETON'S Small Handful of Fragrant Flowers —and a Floorisb upon Fancie, to which are annexed, the Toys of an Idle Head, 4to. new in bds. os Private Press of Longman §• Co.

7 BREWSTER'S Edinburgh Encyclopaedia,

18 vols. 4to. numerous plates, durably and Jiandsomely hf. bd. russia, raised bands, marb. leaves,^c. 16 guineas . 1830

8 BRISTOL. Notices of Ancient Church Archi

tecture in the 15th Century, particularly in that City, 4to. sewed, 2s

if) BRITISH Gallery of Pictures, being a Collection of Twenty Engravings, selected from the most admired productions of the Old Masters, Atlas folio, India proofs, halfmor. 50a (pub. at £21.)

"0 BRITISH Essayists, with Notes by Chalmers, 38 vols. roy. 18mo. new in calf, £6. 16s Gd

71 BRITISH Critic, Quarterly Theological Review

and Ecclesiastical Record, Nos. 1 to 28 inclusive, Od per No.

72 BRITTON'S Picturesque Antiquities of the

English Cities, 4to. 60 very fine engravings, and 24 wood-cuts, cloth, 36s (pub. at £7. 4s)«


73 BRITTON'S Catalogue Raisonne of the Mar

quis of Stafford's Pictures, royal 8vo. bds. 3s


74 BRITTON'S Cathedral Churches of England,

illustrated with 300 plates, from drawings by Slore, Cattermole, Mackenzie, Sfc. engraved by Le Keux, Large Paper, 6 vols. roy. 4to. proof impressions, hf. cf cloth sides, 20 guineas, (pnb. at £53. in parts)

75 The same Work, demy 4to. 12 gs.

76 BRITTON'S Architectural Antiquities, an ori

ginal copy, 5 vols. 4to. hf. gilt tops, £14.

77 BROCKEDON'S Boad Book, Parts 1 and 2,

containing London to Paris, and Paris to Turin, 10 fine plates by Finden, 4s (pab. at 16s) 78 The same, India Proofs, 5s

79 BROWNE'S (Sir Tho.) Work, including his

Life and Correspondence, edited by Simon
Wilkin, F. L. S. 4 vols. 8vo. new in cloth, 36s


80 BRYANT'S Map of Buckinghamshire, mounted

on canvas, in case for a Library shelf, 10s Gd

81 BRYDGE8' (Sir Egerton) Restituta ; or Titles,

Extracts, and Characters of Old books in English Literature revived, 4 vols. 8vo. bds. uncut,Us . 1814

82 BRYDGES' (Sir Egerton) Select Poems, royal

4to. 15s . 1814

83 BRYDGES'(Sir Egerton) PolyantheaLibrorum

Vetustiorum, Italicoruin, Gallicorum, Hlspanicorum, Anglicanorum, et Latinorum, thick 8vo. bds. uncut, 12s Privately printed, 1822

Only 75 copies printed.

84 BURKE'S Works, 8 vols. 4to. calf mar. leaves,

afineset, £7.15» . 1792-1827

85 BURKE'S Works, 16 vols. 8vo. calf, £6. 10s


86 BURNS' Works with his Life, by Allan Cun

ningham, 8 vols, foolscap 8vb. plates, new in cloth, 24s . 1835

87 BURNET'S History of his own Time, 2 vols.

folio, calf, good copy, 19s Gd 1724

88 BURTON'S Admirable Curiosities, Rarities,

and Wonders in England, Scotland, and Ireland, sm. 4to. calf, 6s . 1811

89 BURTON'S History of the House of Orange,

sm. 4to. calf, 4s . 1814

90 BURTON'S History of the Kingdom of Ire

land, sm. 4to. calf, Gs . 1811

91 BURTON'S Historical Remarks on the An.

cient and Present State of London and Westminster, sm. 4to. calf, 6» . . 1810

92 BURTON'S Anatomy of Melancholy, 2 vols.

8vo. russia, good copy, 27s 1800

93 BUTTERWORTH'S Concordance to the Scrip

tures: a new edition by Adam Clarke, 8vo. bds. 9s . -. . 1812

94 BYRON'S Works, 17 vols. 12tuo. new in calf,

£4. 14s Gd

95 BYRON'S (Lord) Works, 9 vols. 8vo. cf. mar.

leaves, 50s . 1823

96 BYRON'S (Lord) Sardanapalus—Two Foscari

—and Cain, 8vo. bds. is (pub. at 15s) 1821

97 CALLIMACHI, Hymni, Epigrammata et Frag

menta, Grasvii, Var. 2 vols. 8vo. 12s 6d

Ultrojecti, 1697

98 CAMDEN'S Britannia: or a Chorographical

Description of Great Britain and Ireland, by Gibson, 2 vols, folio, half morocco, 25s


99 CAMPER. Difference des Traits du Visage,

4to. seiced, Is Gd .' 1791

100 CAMPO, dell'Historia di Cremona, 4to. many

portraits, 10s Gd . Milan, 1645

101 CAPPER'S Observations on the Passage to

India, through Egypt, and across the Great Desert.—Curious Account of some Skeletons of Human Bodies discovered in France, 4to. 2S Gd . 1783, &c.

102 CARLISLE'S Topographical Dictionary of

Scotland, and of the Islands of the British
Seas, 2 vols. 4to. bds. uncut, 9s 1813

103 CARMINA Brugesiana—Domestic Poems, by

E. Quillinan, Esq.—Catalogue of Works
printed at the Lee Priory Press, with their
Prices, &c.—fine portrait of Sir Egerton
Brydges, fyc. morocco, 18s

104 CAULFIELD'S Portraits, Memoirs, and Cha

racters of Remarkable Persons, 4 vols. 4to. Large Paper, new, half cloth, 35s 1819

06 CERVANTES. El Ingenioso Hidalgo D. Quijote de la Manclia, 4 vols.—Vida de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, por D. Martin Fernandez de Navarrete, in all 5 vols. cr. 8vo. cay elegant, 35s Madrid, 1819

106 CHALMERS' Poets and Translations, 21 vols.

royal 8vo. neto in calf, a very fine set, 11 guineas

107 CHAMBERLAIN'S History and Survey of

London and Westminster, &c. folio, many plates, calf, good old copy, 8s 6(2

108 CHANDLER'S Travels in Asia Minor, and

Greece; or an Account of a Tour made at the expense of the Society of Dilletauti, 2 vols. 4to. in 1, hf. bd. 10s 6d 1817

109 CHEDWORTH'S (Lord) Notes upon some of

the Obscure passages in Shakespeare, 8vo. newinbds. Is . Land. 1805

Privately printed.

110 CHESTERFIELD'S Letters to his Son, 4 vols.

8vo. calf, 10s 6d . 1774

111 CHRONICLES of London Bridge: by an

Antiquary, very thick cr. 8vo. 56 engravings, new in cloth, 9s <3d . 1827

112 CICOQNARA. Storia della Scultura dal suo

risorgimento in Italia fino al secolo di Canova, 7 vols, in 6, roy. 8vo. calf gilt, and a roy. folio volume of Plates, £5. 15s 6<2

Prato, 1823

113 CLARKE'S Travels In various Countries of

Europe, Asia, and Africa, 11 vols. 8vo. many plates, half calf, £6. 16* 6d 1816-24

114 CLARKE and M'Arthur's Life of Lord Nel

son, 2 vols. imp. 4to. many fine plates, hf. cf. 36* (pub. at 9 guineas) . 1809

115 CLUB Book (The Atlantic), being Sketches

iu Prose and Verse by various Authors, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 6s Qd New York, 1834

116 COCCEI. Lexicon et Commentarius Ser

monis Hebraici et Chaldaici edidit Schulz, 2 vols, calf, good copy, 1 Is 6rf Lipz. 1777

117 COLERIDGE'S Poetical Works, 3vols. 12mo.

calf, marbled leaves, 18s Pickering, 1834

118 COiLINS' Peerage of England ; Genealogi

cal, Biographical, and Historical, by Sir Egerton Brydges, 9 vols, tivo.ealf, £4. 10s


119 COLOMBIA, being a Geographical, Statisti

cal, Agricultural, Commercial, and Political Account of that Country, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. rus. 5s 6rf . 1822

120 COMMON Prayer, folio, very large type,

strongly bound in rough calf, 12s

Oxford, 1809

Adapted for the reading desk of a Church or Chapel.

121 COMMON Prayer, with such of the Sunday

Lessons as are taken from the Old Testament, and Notes by Sir John Bayley, royal 8vo. nwr. gilt leaves, lis "1824

122 CONEY'S Engravings of the most Superb

Specimens of the Cathedrals, Hotels de Ville,
Town Halls, and other Public Buildings of
celebrity in France, Holland, Germany, and
Italy, with Descriptions, 32 plates, imp. folio.

123 CONEY'S Beauties of Continental Architecture, in a series of Ancient Cathedrals, and other venerable Public Buildings in France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, royal folio, new in cloth, 24s

124 COOKE'S Topography of England and Wales, 21 vols, plates and maps, 45s

125 COPPER Plate Magazine, 5 vols, in 3, oblong 4to. comprising 250 views in Great Britain and Ireland, finely engraved with descriptions, a genuine original copy, fine impressions, hf. calf, 48s

126 CORNWALL'S (Barry-) Flood of Thessaly and other Poems, 8vo. bds. 3s 6rf 1823

127 COSTELLO'S (Miss) Specimens of the early Poetry of France, from the time of the Troubadours and Trouveres, to the reign of Henri Quatre, illustrated with plates beautifully coloured and illuminated in imitation of the style of the early Missals, 12mo. new in cloth, 15s (pub. at 21s) . 1835

128 COSTUMES of Austria, China, England, Russia, and Turkey, 5 vols.froy. 8vo. coloured plates, morocco, £2. 12s 6rf 1824

129 COWPER'S Works, his Life and Letters, by Wm. Hayley, now first completed by the introduction ofCowper's private correspondence, edited by the Rev. T. S. Grimshawe, 8 vols. 12mo. plates, neto in cloth, t&s 1835

130 COWPER'S Poems, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, calf, 6s Gd . . 1820

131 COXE'S Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpolo Earl of Orford, 3 vols. 4to. hf. bd. uncut, 24s


132 CRABB'S Universal Technological Dictionary or Familiar Explanation of the Terms used in all Arts and Sciences, 2 vols. 4to. 60 plates, calf, 2 guineas . 1823

133 CRABB'S Dictionary of Genercd Knowledge, 12mo. many cuts, cloth, 2s 1830

134 CRANMER'S Defence of the True and Catholic Doctrine of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ, black Ifttrr, rare, 6s (id Lond. 1550

One leaf of the address "To the Reader" is wantiog.

135 CRAWFURD'S General Description of the Shire of Renfrew, and continued by G. Robertson, royal 4to. maps and plates, boards, uncut, 15s . 1818

136 CROKER'S (Crofton) Researches in the South of Ireland, 4to. \6plates, new in cloth, Ssdd . . 1824

137 CRUTTWELL'S Concordance of Parallel?, collected from Bibles, and Commentaries in Hebrew, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish. English, and other Languages, with the Authorities, 4to. neto in calf, 10s 6d 1790

138 CULVERW ELL'S Discourse of the Light of

Nature, with several other Treatiaes, small 4to. 3s . . 1653

139 CURTIS' Botanical Magazine, or Flower Garden Displayed, 50 vols, bound in 29, calf, good copy, 30 guineas

140 CURTIS' Botanical Magazine, or Flowtf1 Garden Displayed, 42 vols, (the first serin^ 141 CURTIS' Flora Londinensis, or Plates and

Descriptions of such Plants as grow wild in the Environs of London, arranged according to the Linnaean System, 2 vols, folio, numerous coloured plates, an original copy, half russia, 6 guineas . 1777

142 CUNNINGHAM'S Gallery of Pictures,by the

first Masters of the English and Foreign Schools, 2 vols, super-royal 8vo. 73 very beautiful plates, elegantly bound, 48s

143 DALE'S History and Antiquities of Harwich

and Dover Court, in the County of Essex, 4to. plates, 7* . • 1732

144 DANIEL'S Views (41) on the Scottish Coast,

folio, beautifully coloured, 15s

145 DANTE. Trasportata in verso Latino Eroico

da Carlo d'Aquino, 3 vols. 8vo. 8s 6d 1728

146 D'ARGENVILLE. La Conchyliologie qui

traite des Coquillages de Mer, de Riviere, et de Terre, augmentee de la Zoomorphose— et l'histoire Naturelle eclaircie dans une de ses parties principales l'Oryctologie qui traite des Terres des Pierres des Metaux et autre Fossiles, 2 vols, large 4to. vellum, a splendid copy, 60s . • 1755-7

147 DAVISON'S Poetical Rhapsody, with a Pre

face by Sir Egerton Brydges, the 3d volume containing the Poems of Francis Davison, and Walter Davison, Brethren, royal 8vo. half morocco, 6s Lee Priory Press, 1817

148 DAVY'S Architectural Antiquities of Suf

folk, illustrated in a series of 60 highly finished etchings, representing the most celebrated remains of Antiquity in the County, with descriptive Index, 10 parts, royal folio, £2. 15s (pub. at £8.) . 1820

149 DAVEY's Etchings, illustrative of Beccles

Church and other Suffolk Antiquities, with a
Descriptive Index, royal folio, seiced, 8s 6rf


150 DECESSART. Description des Travaux

Hydrauliques. Deux volumes in-4°. avec soixante-sept planches, 30s Paris, 1806-8

151 DEFOE'S (Daniel) Works, 2 vols. 8vo. calf,

scarce, 6s Gd

152 DELANEY'S Life and Reign of David, King

of Israel, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, is 1745

153 DELOLME on the Constitution, 8vo. calf,

good copy, 4s . 1790

154 DENNIS' Views in Savoy, Switzerland, and

on the Rhine, from Drawings made on the spot, folio, half russia, £1. 1 Is 6d

155 DESCRIPTION de la Grotte de Versailles,

royal folio, 18 plates, very finely engraved, 7s ed . 1676

It seems ihere are two plates wanting.

156 DESTRUCTION of Troy, in three Books, 4to.

3s6d . 1676

157 DICTIONNA1RE Raisonne Universeld'His

toire Vaturelle, par Nahnart-Bomare, 15 vols, calf, 45s . 1791

158 DICTIONNAIRE de l'Academie Franchise,

•i vols. 4to. half calf, 9s

159 DILLWYN'S Descriptive Catalogue of i

Shells, English and Foreign, arranged according to the Linncen System, 2 vols. 8vo.

160 DISCORSI di Vincenzo Borghini con le An

notazioni di Domenico Maria Manni, 4 vols. 8vo. half calf, 18s M Milano, 1808

161 DODWELL'S Classical and Topographical

Tour through Greece, 2 vols. 4to. many plates, neto in boards, 26s . 1819

162 DONNE'S (Dr.) Letters to several Persons of

Honour, small 4to. 3s Land. 1651

163 DONOVAN'S Naturalist's Repository, or Mis

cellany of Exotic Natural History, exhibiting rare and beautiful specimens of Foreign Birds, Insects, Shells, Quadrupeds, Fishes, and Marine Productions; more especially such new subjects as have not hitherto been figured, 180 plates, beautifully coloured, 5 vols, royal 8vo. new in cloth, £3. 10s (pub. at 10 guineas) . . 1834

164 D'OYLY and Mant's Family Bible, 3 vols. 4to.

Large Paper, fine impressions, russia, marb. leaves, scarce, 5 guineas

165 DUGDALE'S Short View of the late Troubles

in England, folio, illustrated with about 50 plates, calf, good copy, 25s 1681

166 DUHAMEL. Traite des Arbres et Arbustes,

4 vols. fol. containing 260 plates by Redoutt, most beautifully coloured, hf. cf and 1 Liv. 16 plates, coloured, 9 guineas 1800-9

167 DU HALDE'S Description of the Empire of

China and Chinese-Tartary, together with the Kingdoms of Korea and Tibet, &c. 2 vols, folio, maps and plates, russia, a good copy, 36s . . 1738

168 DUNCOMBE'S Horace, with Notes Historical

and Critical, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, 5s 1757

169 DUNLOP'S History of Fiction, 3 vols, crown

8vo. last edition, neto in calf, 36s (pub. at 50s) . • 1816

170 EDGEWORTH'S Works, 18 vols. 12mo. neio

in calf, £5. 5s

170* Another copy, new half morocco,

marbled leaves, £4.14s Gd

171 EDINBURGH Geographical and Historical

Atlas, royal folio, 69 coloured maps, tables of the mountain chains, and 288 pages of letter press, half russia, ^£3. 15s

172 EDINBURGH Review from its commence

ment to 1819, 32 vols, neatly half bound russia, £4. . 1802-19

About the price of the binding.

173 EDWARDS' Natural History of Uncommon

Birds, and of some other Rare and Undescribed Animals, with the Gleanings, 7 vols. 4to. with the French and English Text, 362 coloured plates,russia, a fine copy, 10 guineas


174 EDWARDS' Treatise concerning Religious

Affections, 8vo. calf, 2s Gd 1772

175 ELEMENTARY Illustrations of the Celestial

Mechanics of La Place, 8vo. new in boards, 3s . • 1822

176 ELLIOTS (Capt.) Views in the East, com

prising India, Canton, and the Shores of the Red Sea, 2 vols. 4to. Large Paper, India Proofs, 50s (pub. at 10 guineas) 1833.^ 177 ELTHAM. Plans, Elevations, Sections, De

tails and Views of the Great "Hall of thd Royal Palace there,, by Dunnage and Laver, 4to. 8s M

178 ENGLAND'S Parnassus or the Choysest

Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their Poetical Comparisons, &c. 4to. 3 parts, bds. 8s 6d . . 1814

170 ESPER (E. J. C.) Die Schinetterlingen in Abbildungcn, &c.—The Lepidopterous Insects of Europe figured and described from Nature, 5 vols. 4to. bound in 8, and between 400 and 500 beautifully coloured plates, in 8 cases, to correspond with the Text, in all 16 vols, a very fine copy, 12 gs. Brlang, 1777-94

180 EURIPIDIS curaPorsoni, 8vo. neat, hf. cf.

6s 1824

181 EUROPEAN Sceneries, viz. Italy, by Miss

Batty—Switzerland by Major Cockbnrn— France and Germany by Captain Batty, and and Sicily by Major Light, 5 vols. imp. 8vo. containing 314 engravings, cloth, bds. £4. (pub. at about .£25.)

Eitber of the above 18s.

182 The same, half bound, Turkey morocco, £4. 15s

183 EXCURSIONS through Suffolk, Essex, Nor

folk, and Ireland, 8 vols, fine impressions, calf, £2.

184 EXCURSIONS in the County of Essex, 2 vols.

royal 8vo. Large Paper, 100 plates, India Proofs, 12s (pub. at 6 guineas)

185 FALCONER'S Shipwreck, crown 8vo. Illus

trations by Fittler, morocco, gilt leaves, Is 6s


186 FARMER'S Dissertation on Miracles, 8vo.

boards, uncut, scarce, 3s (id 1771

187 FAULKNER'S Historical and Topographical

Account of Fulham and Hammersmith, royal 8vo. plates, calf extra, 6s 6d 1813

188 FAWCETTS Sermons at the Old Jewry,

8vo. calf, is 6d . 1795

189 FELDBORG'S Denmark Delineated, with

Engravings from Designs of eminent Danish
Artists, royal 8vo. 22 plates, cloth, 6s 1821

190 Another copy, half bound, Turkey

morocco, marbled leaves, 9s

191 FIDDES' Life of Cardinal Wolsey, folio

plates, calf, 6s . 1724

192 FIELDING'S Dramatic Works, 3 vols. 8v0.

calf, good copy, 6s . 1755

193 FINDEN'S Landscape Illustrations of the

Waverley Novels, 2 vols, royal 8vo. 80 very fine plates, new in cloth, 28s (pub. at £1. 1834

194 FINDEN'S Landscape and Portrait Illustra

tions to the Life and Works of Lord Byron, with Original and Selected information on the Subjects of the Engravings, by Brockedon, 3 vols, royal 8vo. 126 very beautiful plates, morocco, gilt leaves, £3. 15s 1833

195 The same vols. 1 and 2, contains 84

plates, cloth, boards, 30s

196 The same vol. 1 contains 42 plates,

m^ morocco, gilt leaves, 10s 6d \

197 FLAVEL'S Husbandry Spiritualized, or the

Heavenly Use of Earthly Things, sm. 4to. 2*

Land. 1769

198 FLORA DANICA. Sbu Icones Plaxta


n\m ET Norvegl« IN Ducatibus Sl.ES


Oldenburgi Et Delmenbobstlb, edit. Oeder, Miiller, Vahl, Hornemann, &c. 12 vols. fol. containing upwards of 2000 plates, beautifully coloured, calf, 40 guineas

Hafnue, 1761-1833

A most splendid work,.and of this copy it need only be said that it was presented from the King of Denmark to the late Professor Sprengel.

199 FONTAINES de Paris, Anciennes et Nott

velles; soixante Planches por Moisy, Descriptions par Duval, folio, bds. uncut, 6s 6d

200 FONTENELLE'S Plurality of Worlds, 8vo.

plates, calf, 2s 6d . 1760

201 FORBY'S Vocabulary of East Anglia; an

attempt to record the vulgar tongue of the Twin Sister Counties, Norfolk and Suffolk, 2 vols, crown 8vo. neto, in cdtf, 12s 1830

202 FOSBROKE'S Encyclopedia of Antiquities,

with the Foreign Topography, numerous plates, 3 vols. 4to calf, elegant, £4. 10»


203 FRANKLIN'S Narrative of a Second Expedi

tion to the Shores of the Polar Sea, 37 plates and maps, 4to. bds. uncut, 18s (pub. at 4 guineas) . . 1882

204 FUGGER Family, 110 very fine Portraits of

this Family, with the Genealogy, &cr4to. 24j

205 FULLER'S History of the Worthies of Eng

land, with Notes by Nichols, 2 vols, royal 4to. new, in bds. uncut, 36s 1811

206 GALERIE Mythologique recueil de Monu

ments, pour servir a l'etude de la Mythologie, de 1'Histoire de l'Art, de l'Antiquite Hguree et du Langage Allegorique des Ancien?, avec 190 Planches contenant pres de 800 monuments antiques, &c. par A. L. Millin,

2 vols. 8vo. bds. 28s (pub. at £3. 13s 6rf)

Paris, 1811

207 GALLERY of the Society of Painters in

Water Colours, folio, 18 very fine engravings from Prout, Mobson, Cattermole, Stephaneff, frc. fee. cloth bds. 18s (pub. at

3 guineas) . 1833

208 GALT'S Stories of the Study, 3 vols. 12mo.

bds. Ss . J833

209 GARHOW'S History and Antiquities of Croy

don, 8vo. with plates, bds. 3s 18M

210 GELL'S Pompeii.—The Topography, Edifices,

and Ornaments of Pompeii, the result of Excavations siuce 1819, 117 plates andri)nettes, 2 vols. imp. 8vo. splendidly bound in morocco, gilt leaves, £3. 10s

211 GIBBON'S History of the Decline and Fatf

of the Roman Empire, 6 vols. 4to. ealf, 2- 18< • Lond. Wit

212 GIFFORD'S History of the War, from tl*

year 1792 to 1816, 2 vols. 4to. many plain, calf, nond rrmii. 1A* lfiiT 3 GORTON'S General Biographical Dictionary,

a new edition, continued to the year 1833, 3 thick vols. 8vo. new, in cloth, 36a 1835

4 GOUFFIER (Comte de Choiseul) Voyage

Pittoresque de la Grece, 3 vols, folio, numerous very fine engravings, hf. bd. in 2 vols. £8. 18s Od . 1782-1822

5 GRADUS ad Cantabrigiam, or Guide to the

Customs and Colloquial or Cant Terms peculiar to the University of Cambridge, 8vo. coloured plates, 3s (pub. at 8«) Land. 1824

3 GRAFTON'S Chronicle, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd.

uncut, 21 s . 180,1

7 GREENWOOD'S Map of Middlesex, mounted

on canvas, in a case, for a Library shelf, 15*

3 GREGOIRE de la Domesticite chez les Peuples Anciens et Modernes, 8vo. calf, \s 6d


) GREGORY'S Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, 2 vols. 4to. numerous plates, calf, marbled leaves, 18s 6d . 1813

) GREVILLE'S Scottish Cryptogamic Flora, or Coloured Figures and Descriptions of Cryptogamic Plants, belonging chiefly to the Order Fungi; and 38 intended to serve as a continuation of English Botany, 6 vols, royal 8vo. cloth bds. uncut, £11. 1823-8

I GRIFFITH'S New Historical Description of Cheltenham, 4to. with nearly 100 highly finished engravings, bds. 15s 1826

! GROTIUS. Le Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix, par Barbeyrac, 2 vols. 4to. calf, 10s 6d

Amst. 1724

! GROTIUS on the Truth of the Christian Religion, by Dr. Clarke, 8vo. 3s Gd 1793

t GROVE'S History of the Life and Times of Cardinal Wolsey, plates, 4 vols. 8vo. 18s 6d


i GULLIVER'S Travels, 2 vols. 8vo. good type, calf, 3s . 1727

i GUTHRIE'S Orations of Cicero, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 4s M . 1778

I GWILLIM'S Display of Heraldrie, fol. 5s 6d

Lond. 1611

1 HAKEWILL and Turner's Picturesque Tour of Italy, 4to. 63 very fine plates, original impressions, bds. uncut, 36s (pub. at £7. 10s)


) HAMILTON'S (Sir Wm.) Collection of Etruscan, Greek, and Roman Antiquities, with Descriptions in English and French, 2 vols. folio, 260 plates, many beautifully coloured, £i. it Naples, 1756-7

) HARRISON'S British and §acred Classics: viz. Rambler, Persian Letters, Spectator, Adventurer, Guardian, Tatler, Connoisseur, Citizen of the World, Babbler, Dialogues of the Dead, Idler, Fitzosborne's Letters, Essays on Men and Manners, Lover, Death of Abel, Hervey's Meditations, Centaur, Rowe's Letters, Pilgrim's Progress, Nelson's Festivals, Economy of Human Life, 10 vols. 8vo. plates by Sipthard, Heath, &c. calf, il Ak. 1785

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231 HASSEL'S Beauties of Antiquity, or Remnants of Feudal Splendour and Monastic Times, 8vo. many plates, 2 vols, in 1, neat, 6s

1806 HAVELL'S Picturesque Views on the River Thames, coloured in imitation of the original drawings, large folio, half morocco, 45s 1818

233 HAZLITT'S Table Talk, or Original Essays

on Men and Manners, 2 vols. 8vo. half morocco, \2s6d '. 1824

234 HAZLITT'S Life of Napoleon Buonaparte,

8vo. vols. 1 and 2, new, in cloth, 3s 6cJ 1828

235 HAZLITT'S Select Poets of Great Britain,

royal 8vo. calf, 6s Gd 1825

236 HEATH'S Picturesque Annual for 1832, 3, 4,

and 5, very beautiful engravings, morocco, gilt leaves, 3 guineas (pub. at 10 guineas)

237 HENTZY.—Vues des Alpes et des Glaciers de

la Suisse, Gravees en couleur avec leur Description, 40 nwst beautifully finished Views, in a portfolio, £4.

238 HEWLETT'S Commentaries and Annotations

on the Holy Scriptures, 5 vols. 8vo. new, in bds. 13s • 1816

239 HILL'S Sketches in Flanders and Holland,

royal 4to. 36 plates, those of the costumes coloured, 27s (pub. at 5 guineas) 1816

240 HINTON'S History and Topography of the

United States of America, 3 vols. 4to. of which one is entirely of plates, (proofs on India Paper) and coloured maps, 100 in number, half calf, £3. 8s

HISTOIRE Genealogique de la Royal Maison de Savoye justifiee par Titres, Fondations de Monasteres, Manuscripts, Anciens Monuments, Histoires, &e. enriche de Plusieurs Portraits, Seanx, Monnoyes, Sepultres, &c. Armoiries par Guichenon, 3 vols, folio, calf, fine copy, 2 guineas . 1660

HISTORIC Gallery of Portraits and Paintings, 8vo. vols. 1, 2, and 3, numerous outline plates, 12s

243 HISTORY of Titus Livius, with the entire

Supplement of John Freinsheim, and Notes, 3 vols, royal 8vo. half calf, 18s 1814

244 HISTORICAL Description of the Kingdom

of Macassar, 12mo. 2s . 1701

245 HOARE'S (Sir R. Colt.) 48 Views in Wales,

with Descriptions, oblong 4to. cloth, Is 6d

246 HOGARTH'S Original and Genuine Works,

from the original Plates engraved by Hogarth, atlas folio, good impressions, half russia, £8. These impressions were taken before the plates were retouched.

247 HOGARTH, Anecdotes of, written by him

self, with a Catalogue of his Prints, Account of their Variations, and Principal Copies; Lists of Paintings, Drawings, &c. 48 plates, calf elegant, gilt leaves, 15s 1833

248 HOLBEIN'S JPortraits of Illustrious Persons

of the Court of Henry the Eighth, in the Collection of His Majesty, with Biographical Tracts by Chamberlain, engraved by Bartolozzi, and coloured in imitation of the Oriaimal Draioinas. atlas folio, 82 portraits,

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