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Monseignor Mai is proceeding with his “ Collectio Vaticana Scriptorum veterum," and bas almost finished the printing of the Greek text of the Old and New Testament after the celebrated Vatican munuscript.

Father Ungarelli, an eminent oriental scholar, has collected considerable materials for a publication, explaining, after Champollion's method, the inscriptions engraved on the obelisks at Rome. He is also editing Rosellini's Coptic Grammar, and just brought out the first volume of his Literary History of the Congregation of the Barnabites, in which he furnishes interesting particulars of the writers who have shed lustre on that celebrated fraternity:

M. Sarti, professor of the Greek language, has had the perseverance to read, copy, and translate, all the inscriptions, Christian and profane, in Greek and Latin, which cover the walls of the galleries of the Vatican.

The Abbé Lancy, professor of Arabic, who acquired a brilliant reputation by his works on the monuments of Egypt and Phænicia, as well as by his interpretations of various passages of Scripture, is proceeding with his great work of commentaries on the Bible.

A work on the plan of the German Conversations-Lexicon has been commenced at Venice, by the title of “Enciclopedia moderna e Dizionario Italiano della Conversazione." Courtin's “ Encyclopedie" has been taken for the foundation of this work; but the best English, French, and German, publications of that class are likewise consulted. The names of the contributors are in high repute: it may be sufficient to mention A. Balbi, Bizio, Brera, Calatto, the two Falconetti, Galuppi, Marchesi, G, D. and L. Nardo, del Negro, Ponzoni, Vacani, Viviani, two Zandomeneghi, and Zambiani. The work will be completed in eight volumes 4to., each containing about 1000 pages, and be published in parts of eight sheets, with plates and tables, every three weeks.

A new edition of the “ Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca," with corrections and additions by Abbate Paolo Zanotti, is publishing in parts at Verona. The editor, whose philological and classical studies have peculiarly qualified him for the task, purposes to enrich this work with all the additions and improvements made in the different Italian dictionaries that have appeared since the publication of the fourth edition of the Accademici. The work will extend to six 4to, voluines, each consisting of seven parts.

RUSSIA. The Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg adjudged on the 14th of May the prizes founded by Prince Dernidoff. Admiral Krusenstern and Professor Angerlander of Bonn obtained the great prizes of 2500 rubles each, the foriner for his Atlas of the South Sea, and the latter for his work on the fixed stars. Madeinoiselle Darzoff obtained a prize of 2500 rubles for a work entitled “ Useful Reading for Children.”

By a recent imperial ukase all the Hebrew printing-offices in Russia have been suppressed, and in future there are to be only two offices where works in that language may be printed, one at Kiew, the other at Wilna, for which particular censors are appointed. At the same time the Jews have been ordered to deliver up to the local authorities, within a twelvemontb, all books circulating among them, among which are many that are probibited, to be examined by trusty rabbis, and to be marked as permitted, or sent to the ministry of the interior for its disposal. After the expiration of the year, all prohibited Hebrew books are to be confiscated, and their owners severely punished.

TURKEY. A society has just been formed at Constantinople, with the title of “Society of Useful Knowledge.” It intends to publish a monthly journal, called “The Journal of Useful Knowledge." The editor, who accompanied the youths sent to Paris to receive a French education, intends to found this publication on the same plan as the French work with the like title.

The Sultan has also sent for a French scholar to direct a class for teaching the French language at Constantinople, at the expense of the government.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The number of new works which appeared in the United States in 1834 and 1835 amounted to 1013, forming 1300 volumes, and the cost of which may be estimated at 1,220,000 dollars. In 1836 the number was considerably increased, and the cost of the books published in that year cannot be computed at less than 1,500,000 dollars. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Hartford, furnished nineteen-twentieths of the total amount.

In most cases the editions of one and the same work are larger and more frequent in the United States than in any other country. Many re-printed English works have there passed through three or four editions, while the publishers of the original have but one. In one instance the sale of a book in America amounted to 100,000 copies, whereas in England only four editions of 1000 copies each were disposed of.

The amount of literary productions in America has more than doubled during the last ten years. The sale of five bookselling establishments amounted in 1836 to 1,350,000 dollars. A single publisher paid in the five years preceding 1834, 135,000 dollars for copyrights, out of which 30,000 dollars were for two works only; Carey, Lea, and Blanchard, paid last year 30,000 dollars to American writers, and Harper and Brothers have paid about the same sum for several years past.

The following statement will show the relative proportion of native and imported literary productions in 1834:

Original American works.

Re-prints of foreign works.
Education . . . . . . 73 . . . . . . . . 9
Divinity . . . . . . . 37 . . . . . . . . 18
Novels and tales . . . 19 · · · · · · 95
History and biography ..
Jurisprudence . . . . . 20 . . . . . . . . 3
Poetry . . . . . . . 8 . · · · · · · · 3
Travels . . . . . 8 . . . . . . . . 10
Fine arts . . . .

Miscellaneous works . . . 59. . . . . . . . 43 Thus it appears that in American literature the scientific and practically useful predominate, and that works of imagination are chiefly derived from foreign sources. The school-books are almost all written or compiled in the United States, and some idea of the extensive business done in them may be formed from the circumstance, that of some of the most popular compilations in geography from 100,000 to 300,000 copies have been sold in ten years; so that in many instances works of this kind produce a permanent income as well to the author as to the publisher. During the last five years the number of American original works in proportion to re-prints has nearly doubled.

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