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A Polish work of considerable importance is in the course of publication at St. Petersburg. It is a narrative of travels performed a few years since at the expense of the Russian government, by Joseph Kowalewski, to Mongolia and China. The work will consist of six parts; the first, second, and third, treat of the Buraits and Mongolia; the fourth and fifth of China; and the sixth contains the history of the Catholic missions to China, with more particular reference to the proceedings of the Jesuits. In a supplement the author will give a variety of legends, popular songs, and historical documents, that have never yet appeared in print.

The Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg is publishing in the Mongol language an heroic legend, which is in great favour among the Mongols. This is a History of the heroic Achievements and Adventures of Gesser Khan, full of Mongal romance, which is expected to excite much interest even in Europe.

Abu Fosla's "Travels in Arabia," are also printing in the same city, under the superintendence and with a Russian translation by Professor Heitling.

Russia possesses two works on the plan of the Penny Magazines, both published in Moscow. The first of these was commenced about the middle of 1835, with the title of " Picturesque Survey of all remarkable Objects in the Sciences, Arts, Manufactures, and Social Life," and contains nothing but translations from the English, German, and French Penny Magazines. The second, begun with the year 1836, is entitled " Panorama of the World," and promises to pay particular attention to native sources of information also.


Towards the end of last year a new monthly work on the fine arts was announced at Rome, with the title of " Iconngrafia e Scenografia delle belle Arti."

A series of outlines after the smaller basso-relievos of the celebrated Thorwaldsen, thirty-one in number, with poetical illustrations by Angelo Maria Ricci, has just appeared at Rome, with the title of "Anacreonte nuovissimo del Commendatore Alberto Thorwaldsen."

The congregation of the Index at Rome has lately, by a decree, which received the confirmation of the Pope, prohibited twelve works. No one would be surprised to find among these Heine's publications, "Instructions secretes de la Compagnie de Jesus," and some other French works of the kind very little known out of France; but it certainly does excite some astonishment to see the " Souvenirs en Orient" and the " Jocelyn" of the orthodox Lamartine included in the list.

The central commission appointed by the Neapolitan government to compile a Statistical Survey of Sicily, commenced with the year 1836 the publication of a Statistical Journal (" Giornale di Statistica,") which appear in quarterly numbers. The first number, which has been forwarded to us, contains not only papers relative to the statistics of Italy and Sicily, but also information relative to the population, commerce, &c. of Great Britain, France, and other countries.


The number of political journals is increasing in Greece. The itnvp (Saviour), lately proscribed, has for some time again appeared, as the sentence of the Tribunal of First Instance was annulled by the Court of Cassation. To this have been added a new opposition paper in the German and Greek language, entitled "h 'exvis," (Hope), and another neutral paper, "The Iris," which is in Greek only, and contains miscellaneous and literary articles. A fourth, "i ©i«Tn;," (The Spectator), is announced as speedily to appear, and a fifth is talked of.

By the title of "'AvofA.nfimifj.ara mU/xiKa" was lately published at Athens, the first volume of a new and interesting work by Christophoros Perrhabos, colonel in the army of Greece, who was already favourably known by his History of Suli and the Suliotes, and who was perhaps rather too flatteringly called by Niebuhr a second Thucydides. In these memoirs the author does not pretend to give a complete history of the Greek insurrection, but only the actions, enterprizes, and events in which he was either himself engaged, or an eyewitness of. This first volume comes down only to the year 1822.


From January To March, 1837, Incmtsive.


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