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of, 84

9. Useful as warning, 3. Duty of coming only prove its unscriptu-
preaching on it, ib. Due attention to rality, 73
it, 332. Comfort arising from fulfilled Spirits departed, our ignorance about
prophecy, 2. Line between fulfilled them, 71
and unfulfilled prophecy, 19. Partial Study of Prophecy, 1, &c. Practical
prophecies, 140. Prophetical num- benefit of, 45
bers, 23. A prophetical knowledge Submission, 231
not necessary to salvation, 28. It Suspending the judgment, 35
may puff up, 29. Commentators Sybill quoted, 171
on, 381 (See also Antichrist; Books; Symbol distinct from figure, 92; sym-
Christ; Christian; Chronological: bol, expressions, 15
Commentators; General Observa- Systems (human) to be avoided, 34;
tions; Interpretation: Jews: King- always connected with error
dom; Millennium; Nations; Period; Swartz, 149

Prophetical; Second Coming; Time.) TERTULLIAN, 160
Prophetical application of Promises Testament (Old), Commentators on,

to the Christian Church, ch. iv. p. 398. Christians partake of its pro-

mises, 50. (New) Light from it. Its
Providential coming, 60

application of Old Testament pro-
Psalms and Parables prophetic, 20. phecies, 51. As to the future state
Commentators on, 399. Evidence of the Jews, 126

Testimony of infidels and historians,
REFORMERS (Testimony of), 171

Religious Societies, 147, 151

Time, the scriptural meaning of, ch.
Restoration of the Jews, 121, 424 xii. p. 182
Resurrection, first, 273

Times (See Distinction.)
Revelation (Symbolical), 100. Not Trades Unions, 248

addressed to the Jews, 103. Unful. Trial as well as Victory, 276
filled, 104. A practical book, 334. Tribes (the Ten and the Two) Jo-
Commentators on, 403. Differences sephus, 122

Tribulation, the great, 248
Reverence, 231

Truths, generation, 33
Roman Catholic Relief Bill, 172 Turkish Empire, decay of, 66
Roos (quoted) 5

UNBELIEF, danger of, 228, 251
Saadias Gaon, on Daniel xii. 277 Urwick's Second Advent, 68
Saints, Premillennial, 279

Van Mildert, 27, 30, 275
Salvation not dependent on prophetical Venema, 22
knowledge, 28

Vint, 274
Scott, 119, 132, 243. Quoted

Vitringa, 12, 16, 22, 35, 115
Second Coming of Christ, ch. v. p. 59. Waiting, duty of, 223
Writers on, 387

Waldenses, 235
Judgments connected with the Second Wardlaw, 63

Coming, chap. xv. p. 232. Extracts Wars preceding the Jewish restora-
from 'Paroles d'un Croyant,' 233. tion, 121
Drying up of the Euphrates, Conolly. Watchfulness, 334

1. Judgments on the Church, 234 Watson's Apology, 25

2. Judgments on the World, 240 West India, 150
Sherlock, Bishop, 7

Whitby, 288. Originator of Anti-
Sierra Leone, 149

millenarian views, ib.
Smith, Dr. J., 114

Wickedness abounding at the coming
Simpson's Key, 15

of the Lord, 81
Sobriety, 349

Wintle, 206
Souls of others, seeking to save, 348 Wisdom (Heavenly), 335
South India, 149

Witnesses (the two), 72, 234. Cuning-
South Sea Isles, 150

hame, &c. (See Judgments and
Speculations to be avoided, 336 Second Coming.)
Spiritual presence to be distinguished Woodhouse (quoted), 24, 132, 140
from visible coming, 61. Varied Woodward, Rev. H. 302
ways of making out a spiritual Word, (See Bible.)

as to, 220

World, opinion of, as to Second Zechariah, evidence of, 89
Advent, 64

Zephaniah, evidence of, 88.
Years, or periods of, 193, 197. Com-

mencement of the 1260 years, 205


Page 146, line 17 from the top, after 'years,' insert,-

The various reading of es tnv npsgav, given by valuable manuscripts, used
in the text of Arethas, and adopted by Matthæus, gives the article both with
the hour and the day. We are thus referred to the former mention of that hour
and that day, Rev. iii. 10, vi. 17, vii. 1. The dates of the Revelation, when
not immediately before mentioned, are given without the article.

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