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31, ix

ix, 25

xi, 2

vii, 6


420 years, 70 Sabbaths, 2 3574 Sanctuary cleansed, Neh.
Chron. xxxvi, 21


433 3421 Ezekiel prophes. xxxiii, 21,

Evening and morning, sec.


date, Dan. viii, 14 3446 Evil Merodach, Jan. 561 Close of sacred history Close of 2 Kings and Jer. 3576 Peloponnesian war

431 3448 Neriglissar

3582 Xerxes II. Sogdianus 425 3451 Laborosoarchod

3583 Darius Nothus

424 3452 Belshazzar, Daniel vii 555 3602 Artaxerxes Mnemon 405 3454 Daniel's second vision 553 3603 Athens taken. Lacedemo3469 Babylon taken, Dan. v 538

nian headship

404 Darius the Mede, Dan. V,

Leopard, second head? Da

niel vii, 6 3471 Cyrus the Persian, Dan. x;

Close of seven weeks, Dan.
Ezra i, 1

Second, or Persian Empire, 3636 Leuctra, Theban headship 371
Daniel ii, 32, 39; vii, 5;

Leopard, third head? Daviii, 3, 4

niel vii, 6 Captivity, first close

3648 Ochus 3478 Cambyses, first king, Dan.

3669 Arses-Philip's headship,

338 3485 Smerdis, second king, Da

Leopard, fourth head, Dan. niel xi, 2

522 3486 Darius Hystaspes, third king 521 3671 Darius, -Alex. the Great 336 3489 Haggai and Zechariah 518 First horn of goat, Dan. viii, 3490 Jubilee xix, begins? Septem

5; xi, 3 ber

517 3676 Arbela, fall of Darius 331 3491 Second temple_dedicated

Third, or Grecian Empire,
Ezra vi, 15, Feb. 516

Dan. ii, 32, 39; vii, 6; viii,
Zerubbabel and Josh. Zec.

5—7; xi, 3
iv, 1-9
3684 Philip Aridaeus

323 3497 Athens freed 510 3695 Era of Seleucidæ

312 3499 Consuls at Rome

508 Ptolemy Soter, Seleucus NiSec. Head of 4th Beast, Rev.

cator xi, 15 xvii, 10

3701 Fourfold Division, Dan. viii,

8; xi, 4 MORNING.

3722 Philadelphus, v,


285 3727 Antiochus Soter

280 Light to rule the day; dawn

Kingdoms of Pergamus,
of the gospel, Gen. i, 16;

Pontus, Cappadocia, and
Mal. iv, 2; Luke i, 78; 1

Bythinia; Pyrrhus in Italy;
John ii, 8.

Achaean league; Gauls in

Greece. 3522 Xerxes, fourth king, Dan. 3746

Antiochus Theus, v,

6 261 xi. 2 485 3760 Euergetes, v, 7, 9

247 3527 Thermopylæ and Salamis 480 Bernice and Son slain, v, 6

Athenian empire. Leopard 3761 Seleucus Callinicus, v, 7, 8 246 first head?

First Punic War ends 3542 Artabanus

465 3781 Seleucus Ceraunus, v, 10 226 3543 Artaxerxes Long: Ezra vii, 3784 Antiochus Magnus, v, 10, Neh. i, and June


13, 15
3550 Ezra's commission, Ez. vii 457 3785 Philopator, v, 11

Seventy weeks, first date, 3790 Battle of Raphia, v, 11, 12 217
Daniel ix, 24
3802 Epiphanes, v, 14

205 Evening and morning, first 3805 Battle of Zama, Second Pudate, Daniel viii, 14

nic war ends

202 Fresh date of jubilees?

3809 Battle of Panium, v, 15, 16 198 3563 Nehemiah's commission. ch. 3811 Greece declared free

196 ii,-March

444 Græco-Roman Horn, viii, Sabbath of sec. week, Neh.

9, 10, 25; Rev. xii, 3 viii-x

3815 Antiochus in Greece, v, 18 192 12 324 Empire Christian. Constantino


223 222


BC 3817 Romans in Asia, v, 18 190 3820 Selencus Philopator, v, 19 187 3826 Philometor

181 3832 Antiochus Epiphanes, v, 21 175 3839 Pydna, Fall of Macedon 168

Roman Legation, Livy xlv,

11, 12; Dan. xi, 30.
Fourth, or Roman Empire.

Dan. ii, 33, 40; vii, 7; ix,
26; xi, 31. Numb. xxiv,

3845 Antiochus Eupator

162 3817 Demetrius Soter

160 3857 Alexander Bala

150 3861 Demetrius Nicator, Euerg. II.

146 Carthage and Corinth fall.

Dan. xi, 31. 3925 Sulla Dictator

82 Fifth Head? Rev. xvii, 10. 3944 Temple profaned by Pomреу

63 Abomination, Dan. viii, 11. 3963 Cæsar's death

44 Sixth Head, Rev. xvii, 10. 3982 Temple of Janus closed 25 4001 BIRTH OF CHRIST? BC



117 Hadrian
138 Antoninus Pius
161 Marcus Aurelius

Persecutions, Polycarp m. 180 Commodus, Troubles in Empire

Fire cast on earth, Rev. viii, 5;

Gibb. vii.
Preparation, viii, 6; Gibb. viii,

250 Decius, persecution

Persian and Gothic Invasions
First Trumpet. Rev. viii, 7, 250

253 Valerian, persecution

Goths in Asia, Franks, Alemans 303 Diocletian's persecution

Travail of church, Rev. xii, 2.
Ten days' tribulation, Rev. ii,

10; Dan. xi, 33 313 End of Persecutions

Monasticisin, Rev. xii, 6; Gibb.

xxxvii. 305—-323 Paganism overthrown,

Gibb. xiv.
Victory in heaven, Rev. xii, 7–

Living creatures in the seas.

Gen. i, 20. Ez. xlvii, 9

11. Matt. iv, 18; xiii, 47. Kingdom of the Stone, Dan.

ii, 34.

Depression of Visible Church.


27? Baptism of John, Luke iii, 1

Sixty-two weeks close, Dan.


Pentecostal Church, Rev.

xii. 1 41 Call of Gentiles, Dan. xi, 32 53 Council of Jerusalem, Is. ii, 3

St. Paul in Greece, Zech. ix. 13 62 St. Paul at Rome, Dan. xi, 33;

Gen. viii, 27
70 Fall of Jerusalem

First Seal. Rev. vi, 2; Dan. ix,
Literal abomination, Daniel xi,

ple founded, Gibb. xvii, xx. Second Seal. Rev. vi, 3, 4; Gibb.

xviii, Help of the church, Dan. xi, 34

Seventh Head, Rev. xvii, 10 325 Council of Nice 336 Death of Constantine, threefold

division, Goths and Persians

Exile of Athanasius
361 Julian Emperor
364 Valens and Valentinian

Alemans, Burgundians, Scots,

and Persians

Second Trumpet, 365-476 378 Hadrianople, Valens' death,

Gibb. xxvi. 379 Theodosius the Great, Gibb.

xxvii. 381 First Council of Constantinople

Close of First Trumpet 395 Arcadius and Honorius, Gibb.

xxix. Separation of Latin Empire Eagle wings given? Rev. xii,

404 Ravenna seat of Empire, Gibb.

Mountain cast into sea? Rev.

viii, 8
410 Sack of Rome by Alaric, Gibb.

xxxi. Third part, blood, viii, 9 Britain revolts; Goths, Sueves,

31 Triumphs of Gospel, Gibb. xv. Persecutions, Dan. xi, 32, 33;

viii, 12; Rev, xii, 4; Gibb, xvi. 81 Domitian-St. John in Patmos 96 Close of Sacred Canon 98 Trajan-Pliny, Bithynian perse




ans, &c.

Almans, Vandals, Burgundi- 666 Papal authority in Britain

Latin service in the churches 412 Religious war of the East, Gibb. pressed by Vitalian xlvii.

680 Third Council of Constantinople Third Trumpet, Rev. 10 698 Carthage falls 431 Council of Ephesus

710 Saracens in Spain 451 Council of Chalcedon

728 Greg. II, Revolt of Rome, Gibb. 476 Fall of Western Empire, Gibb.

xlix Xxxvi.

Little horn risen, Dan. vii, 8 Second trumpet ending

762 Bagdad founded, City of Peace Seventh head falls, Rev. xvii, 774 Lombards overthrown 10; xiii, 3

Third King uprooted, Dan. vii, 8 Odoacer, King of Italy, Dan. vii, Rise of second beast, Rev. xiii, 11 8, 20, 24. First King

786 Harun Al Rashed, 2 Beast rising from the sea, Rev. Saracen Empire at height xiii, 1

Five months end, Rev. ix, 5 493 Ostrogoths in Italy

787 Second Council of Nice Second King. Dan. vii, 8 800 Charlemagne crowned, Gibb.


Seventh Head revives, Rev. xiii, 3

869 Fourth Council of ConstantinoExaltation of visible church

ple, and last Eastern General 533 Justinian's Code; Empire ortho

Council dox, Gibb. xliv.

936 Fall of Caliphate Third Seal. Rev. vi, 5, 6.

End of Locust woe, Rev. ix, 12 Wars of Belisarius, Rev. xii, 16; 988 Conversion of Russia, Gibb.lv Gibb. xli.

Christendom complete, A M, 4994 Time, times and half? Dan vii, Height of visible church

25; Rev. xi, 3; xii, 14 Mystical Abomination, Dan. xi,

SIXTH EVENING. 31; xii, 11 553 Ostrogoths overthrown, Gibb. Living Creatures of the earthxliii.

Christian Polities established Second Council of Constantino- Depression of true Church ple

997 The Turks, Mahmud the GazSecond King uprooted, Dan. nevide first Sultan, A M 5003, vii, 8

Gibb. lvii 565 Death of Justinian

Angel of the East? Rev. ix, 14 Fourth Trumpet, Rev. viii, 12, 1009 Jerusalem raised, Fatimite Ca565-622

liphs 568 Lombards conquer Italy, Gibb. Angel of the South? Rev. ix, 14 xlviii.

1016 Normans in Italy, Gibb. Ivi Third King, Dan. vii, 8

1060 Normans conquer Sicily 602 Phocas, Persian War, Gibb. 1066 Normans conquer England xlvi.

Angel of the North? Darkening of East, Gibb. xlviii. 1063 Alp Arslan crosses Euphrates 608 Pantheon dedicated; Mahomet's Armenia and Georgia lost preaching

Sixth Trumpet, Rev. ix, 13 Fifth Trumpet. Rev. ix, 1, 2; Month and year, or 390 days? Gibb. xxviii.

1073 Hildebrand
Ten Kingdoms; Beast from the Power of second Beast, Rev. xiii,
sea rises, Rev. xiii, 1; xvii, 12

Forty-two months? Rev. xi, 2; Fourth Seal, Rev.6, 7
xiii. 5

1081 Normans invade East 612 Islamism begins, Gibb. 1. 1095 Council of Clermont 622 Hegira, or flight of Mahomet

First Crusade, Franks and Nor637 Jerusalem taken, Rev. ix, 11?

mans against the Saracens and Locust, or Saracen woe, Rev.ix,3

Turks 647 Saracens invade Africa

1098 Jerusalem won from Saracens 660 Paulicians, Gibb. xlix; Rev. viii, Days of Chivalry, Rev. ix, 14, 16 13?

1123 First Lateran Council



1139 Second Lateran Council

1517 REFORMATION, Theses of Luther 1147 Second Crusade

Witnesses revive, Rev. xi, 11 1179 Third Lateran Council

1521 Diet of Worms 1189 Third Crusade. Richard I, Lion- Re-prophesying, Rev. x, 11 hearted

1529 Protestation at Spires, xi, 1? 1198 Innocent III. John in England 1556 Edward VI; Council of Trent; Fourth Crusade. Height of se

Luther dies; Altar measured? cond Beast

Couri cast out? Rev. xi, 1, 2 1203 Latins take Constantinople 1552 Treaty of Passau 1206 Mogul Empire begins

Time of the end? Dan. xii, 4, 9; 1207 Crusades against Albigenses, Rev, x, 8 Rev. xiii, 12?

1553 Mary, Persecution in England 1209 Interdict on England, xiii, 13 Cry of the Martyrs? Rev. vi, 10 1215 Fourth Lateran Council

1558 Elizabeth; English Establish1243 Close of Albigensian Crusades

ment 1245 Conncil of Lyons

1588 Spanish Armada 1261 Greek Empire restored

1648 Peace of Westphalia 1274 Second Council of Lyons

Charles I, beheaded; Common1299 Othman invades the East

wealth 1311 Council of Vienna

1688 English Revolution 1326 Prusa taken

1789 French Revolution 1353 Ottomans in Europe

Tenth part falls, Rev. xi, 13 1370 Timour reigns

First Vial, Rev. xvi, 2 1378 Great Schism of the West

Sixth Seal, Rev. vi, 12 1396 Last Crusade

1792 Jacobinism throughout Europe 1409 Council of Pisa

Empire Infidel; French Republic 1414 Council of Constance

Era of liberty; Infidel Calendar Jerome and Huss burnt, Rev. Era of missions, xi, 12; xiv, 15? xiii, 15

Close of 1260 days? xi, 3; xii, 14 1431 Council of Basil

1793 French Atheism; Reign of Ter1433 Council of Florence


Re-union of Eastern Church, ix, Second Vial, Rev. xvi, 3

20, 21. Empire Papal 1795 Directory; Conscription Fifth Seal. Rev. vi, 3

Italian Campaigns; French Vic1453 Fall of Eastern Empire, May 29

tories Month and year end? Rev. ix, 15 Third Vial, Rev. xvi. 4 Papal despotism at height, xiii, 1802 Napoleon Supreme; Popery re14–18; ix, 20, 21

stored Witnessess lie slain, Rev. xi, 7, 8 Fourth Vial, Rev. xvi, 8 1492 Discovery of America by Co- 1815 Empire headless; Fall of Napolumbus


Seventh Seal, Rev. viii, 1; vii, 1 MORNING.

Occupation of France 3 years

Fifth Vial, Rev, xvi, 10; Ex.x, 22
Exaltation of true Church, Gen. Congress of Four Powers at Vi.

i, 26; ii, 21-24; Rev. xix, 7–9;
Eph. v

Pause in Heaven, vii, 1; viii, 1
Revival of learning, 1453–1517; 1822 Greek Independence; wasting of
Rev. x, 1?

Turkish empire
1514 Fifth Lateran Council, 9th Ses- Sixth Vial, Rev. xvi, 12

Close of 1290 days; time of end?
Exposure of witnesses, Rev.xi, 9 Dan. xii, 11; xi, 40
Embassies, Indulgences, &c. xi, Preaching of Second Advent,

Rev. xvi, 15. A M 5828




[377] God has given, through the deep and prolonged researches of his servants, much insight in the prophetic writings. The most valuable truth has been attained by increased investigation in the track of the older writers, with the farther light that history has afforded. Even the Jewish Rabbis, as well as the early writers of the Christian church, assisted Mede, the father of modern interpretation. More, Cressener, Sir Isaac Newton, Bishop Newton, Woodhouse, &c. all followed, asking for the old ways, and walking in them. Jer. vi. 16. Some modern works have too much, however, disregarded what previous writers have said, and others have set them wholly aside, as groundless interpretations.

But even by the most defective works, men's minds have been exercised the more to find out the truth, and a hint in a very erroneous general interpretation, has sometimes led to a valuable discovery; so that no candid, diligent student, need be discouraged by failures in times past.

The author has given a much fuller list of writers on prophecy than he intended; but it may have its advantages. Any knowledge of the writings of such varied authors is calculated to lead us to CAUTION AND MODESTY, in the explanation of unfulfilled prophecy. The great lessons taught by so many varied interpretations, have already been noticed. Would there were more of a holy awe on all our minds, of intruding on the glories of him, who takes it as his peculiar character, to declare things to come, (Isaiah xli. 22,) and to shew the things that are coming, and shall come. Isaiah xliv. 7. We cannot and should not go a step farther than the scripture leads us, and in the interpretations of that scripture, it is very needful to keep everything within that scriptural limit which the comparing spiritual things with spiritual marks out.

The different interpretations of the servants of Christ are calculated [378] also to guard against a PRECIPITATE JUDGMENT, and a hasty public expression of such a judgment. The first impression of fresh views are as if a new light had been almost supernaturally given to us; but a little time for waiting may greatly modify these views.

No one can look at the names of these authors in the follow

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