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55 The third trumpet relates to the 67 The sixth vial is now accomplishreligious feuds of the east.

ing in Turkey and Christendom. 56 The fourth trumpet describes the 68 The seventh vial is near at hand.

decline and long eclipse of the 69 The mystery of God will be ac

eastern empire after Justinian. complished within a time, or 360 57 The opening of ch. x. relates to years from the time of the refor

the revival of learning and light mation.
from the fall of the eastern em- 70 The seven epistles typically de-
pire to the reformation.

scribe seven successive estates of 58 The re-prophesying, and the re- the spiritual church from the

surrection of the witnesses both first to the second advent.

refer to the reformation. 59 The ascension of the witnesses re- VI.-PARTICULAR TIMES.

lates to the era of missions. 60 The attendant earthquake is the 71 The time, times, and half, and

first shock of the French Revo- 1260 days of Revelation are the lution.

same period. 61 The four first Seals relate to four 72 The 42 months have a date rather

steps of imperial change, and later, like the two dates of the
four states of the visible church; 70 years captivity.
Apostolic, Nicene Orthodox, Su- 73 The 1290 and 1335 days of Dan.
perstitious, and Papal, the last in both commence with the 1260
the climax of corruption.

days of Revelation, or time, 62 The fifth seal relates to the height times, and a half, of both pro

of Papal power before the refor- phecies.
mation, and a time Xpovos inter- 74 The 7 times of the Gentiles begin
venes before the sixth, while from with the subjection of Israel
the time of the oath, ch. x. 7, a under Shalmanezar.
time does not intervene.

75 The three and a half times begin 63 The sixth seal describes the French with Justinian's eternal code, revolution.

A. D. 532–3. 64 The holding of the winds, ch. vii. 76 The 42 months close nearly with

1, is the same with the silence of the 1335 days.
half a season, and answers to the 77 The 42 months begin a. D. 604 or
time since the general peace.

A. D. 607—8, with the reunion of 65 The harvest and vintage are future the ten kingdoms or the public and near at hand.

establishment of idolatry. 66 The vials relate to the French re- 78 The 1335 days end in A. d. 1867—8.




[367] The six days of creation, have, from early ages, been supposed to be typical of the history of the world for 6000 years. The Jews, the Christian Fathers, and later writers might be enumerated at considerable length, who have concurred in this view, and some scriptural evidence bearing this tendency might be adduced. But without dwelling upon this view, or urging its importance, the following table (which was prepared at the author's request by the friend mentioned in the preface) may be very useful in helping the memory to retain dates of great events, from its coming under that simple arrangement of six evenings and six mornings with corresponding remarkable æras in the history of the world. It will tend also to furnish a key to prophecy by connecting the events with the prediction, and a key to history, by shewing the scriptural character of those events.

Most affecting is the fact that nearly six thousand years of God's revealed mercy have passed by, and eighteen centuries of its last and highest form, in the gospel of Christ; and twothirds of mankind, perhaps three-fourths, are still almost strangers to its very sound. Even in those countries where it is outwardly received, that gospel once so mighty, seems as though it had lost its glory and power; and on every side the truth is forgotten that men are prisoners under a sentence of death, and a proclamation of mercy has been brought by God's own eternal Son to a perishing world.

In the midst of this darkness, the light of prophecy cheers our paths, and its chronological statements are especially designed for our meditation and our comfort, and they lead us to the conviction that a far happier state of things is rapidly approaching

The works of creation are doubtless designed, as we see manifested through the scriptures, to be visible and sensible pictures of the deeper and more important works of grace, that by the outward senses we may be led to the full knowledge of spiritual objects. The lights in the firmament were fixed there to be for [368] signs and for seasons, as well as for days and for years. But at present our insight into these things is very feeble, limited, and indistinct, and we may mistake even the appearances of things, and count that which is still darkness to be as the dawn. How different a light will the day of tribulation bring into our fallen world! open and actual judgments inflicted by the immediate hand of God upon his enemies, and his manifested deliverance of his people, and their visible glory will fully shew the real character of all things, and the supreme excellence of righteousness and grace. Of that day it is predicted, Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth

up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. Isa. XXX. 26.

What wisdom, forbearance, loving-kindness, righteousness, and holiness, constantly at work in the last 6000 years, but yet hidden from us, will the day of the revelation of the righteous judgment of God openly display to all intelligent 'beings!

The chronological table, before our Lord's coming, is founded on the Hebrew as settled by Usher, while considerable use has been made of that truly valuable work, Clinton's Fasti Hellenici. The author, though he has considered what has

been stated by Mr. Hales and Mr. Cuninghame, sees not adequate evidence to convince his mind that the Hebrew dates are corrupted, and believes that the Jews, to whom the oracles of God were committed, have really been faithful to that important trust. The variations in their present chronology from ours, arise not from differences connected with the sacred text, but from differences of reckoning the periods subsequent to the close of the Historical Books of the Old Testament. The eventful character of the present time as hastening to the close of the sixth Millennium of the world, and the promised sabbatism, (Heb. iv. 9.) on the principles of the Hebrew chronology as here given, will be very obvious.

According to the order of the first chapter of Genesis, the evening comes first, and then the morning: (b.) points out the birth, and (d.) the death of those named; (æt.) the age; (pr.) prophecies; and (jub.) jubilee. References are also occasionally given to that remarkable illustrator of prophecy, the historian Gibbon, who, though he meant not so, has furnished the most striking developement of the book of Revelation.

The years of the world are given down to the Christian era, the years of that era afterward. To reduce the year A.M. to B.C., we must subtract them from 4006. To reduce years A.D. to A.M. we must add 4005. The varieties of chronology, if we adopt Mr. Clinton's number for the interval of the Judges, affect the dates after the dedication, only by a constant addition, which in his chronology is 133 years.

A few eras which are cycles from the creation are noticed; and where doubt was particularly felt, a query is put at the end of the word or sentence. *

* As Mr. Clinton's work is less likely to fall into the hands of common readers, and his extent of research and accuracy of statement are very peculiar, and his dates bring us now (in 1836) to within twenty-six years of the termination of the 6000th year of the world, some of the principal are here subjoined.

B. C.

A. M.





The Deluge
Birth of Abraham
The Call
The Exodus
Death of Moses
First servitude

- Conjecture
Election of Saul-Conjecture
David (40 y. 6 m.)
Solomon (39 y. 6 m.)
Zedekiah's captivity
Ezekiel's vision
First year of Evil Merodach



40 389 y. 1 m.








1652 Lamech d. Darkness, Fall. Gen. i. 2, 5, iii. 1656 Methuselah d. Flood begins. Jer. iv. 23.

Eight saved by water, Gen. vii, 1 Creation and Fall, B C 4006

viii, Abel's death; Cain's exile. 1657 Flood ends B C 2350 131 Seth b.

1659 Arphaxad b. B C 2348 236 Enos b.

1694 Salah b. 326 Cainan b.

1724 Eber b. 396 Mahalaleel b.

1758 Peleg b. (cycle] 461 Jared b. Apostacy. Gen. vi. 1774 Chaldean era, B C 2233

1778 Reu b. MORNING.

1820 Serug b.

1850 Nahor b.
Light, Gen. i. 3, v. 25. Pro- Dispersion, Gen. x, 25, 32
phecy, Jude 14

Seventy families, Gen. x, Deut. 623 Enoch b. [cycle]

xxxiii, 8. 688 Methuselah b. (perfect cycle] 1879 Terah b. 875 Lamech b.

1949 Haran b. Gen. xi, 26 931 Adam d. Gen. ii. 17

1997 Peleg d.—8 Nabor d. BC 2010 988 Enoch translated, Gen. v. 24

Dispersion complete
Seventh from Adam,-prophet,
Jude 14



Land in the midst of the waters,

Gen. i, 9, 10; xii, 1–7; xv, 7 Waters under firmament, Gen. -21; xvii, Exod. vi, 1–8

i. 6, 8, vi. 1–7, 11–13; Psalm 2007 Noah d.

xciii. 4; Isaiah xvii. 12, lvii. 20 2009 Abraham b. 1042 Seth d.

2019 Sarai b. 1057 Noah b.

2027 Reu d. Violence, Gen. vi. 11. Curse, 2050 Serug d. Gen. v. 29

2084 Call of Abraham, xii, 1, B C 1923 1141 Enos d.

Sojourning, 430 years, current, 1236 Cainan d.

(cycle] 1291 Mahalaleel d.

2095 Ishmael b. æt. 86 1423 Jared d.

2097 Arphaxad d.

2109 Isaac b. [100] B C 1898 MORNING.

2127 Salah d.

2159 Shem d.
Firmament, Gen. i. 6, ix. 8-17; 2169 Esau and Jacob b. [60]
Ezra i. 22-28

2184 Abraham d. [æt. 175]
Waters above firmament, Gen. 2188 Eber dies
i, 7; ix, 18; xi, 9

Last Patriarch, Gen. x, 21; xiv, 1537 Ark preparing

13 Forbearance, Gen. vi, 3; 1 Peter 2246 Jacob's exile, Gen. xxviii, sæt. iii, 20

77] 1557 Noah's sons b. (cycle), Gen. v, 32 2260 Joseph b. [91] Founders of New World. Gen. 2290 Joseph's rule, Gen. xli, [30]

2299 Descent to Egypt VOL. II.-71

ix, 19



в с 2370 Joseph d. (110) B C 1637

Jericho rebuilt, 1 Kings End of Genesis.

xvi 2430 Aaron b.

Elijah pr. 1 Kgs. xvii 2433 Moses b.

3090 Jehoshaphat 25 years

917 2473 Moses in Midian

3108 Ahaziah 2 years

899 3110 Joram 12 years

897 MORNING. 3114 Jehoram 8 years

893 3120? Elijah rapt? cycle 887? Earth yielding fruit? Lev. xxvi; 3121 Ahaziah 1 year

886 Deut. xi.

3122 Athaliah Jehu 28 years 885 2513 Exodus, b c 1494

3128 Joash 40 years

879 2553 Entrance to land

Zechariah slain, 2 Ch. 2559 First year of tillage, Lev. xix,

xxiv, 20 23. Josh. xiii, xiv, B c 1448 3143

Jonah pr.

864 Division, date of jubilees 3150

Jehoahaz 17 years

857 2593? Othniel d.

3168 Amaziah 29 years

839 2672? Ehud. Second rest ends. Judges

Elisha d.
ili, 30
3182 Jeroboam II, 41 years

825 2712? Barak and Deborah. Third rest, 3197 Uzziah 52 years

810 Judges v, 31 3205 Joel pr.?

802 2751? Gideon. Fourth rest ends, Judg. 3218 Amos pr.?

789 es viii, 28, 32 3231 Era of Olympiads

776 Abimelech rules

3235 Shallum Menahem 772 2754? Abimelech slain. Jub. IV 3246 Pekakiah

762 2777? Tola d.

3248 Pekah

759 2799 Jair d.

3249 Jotham 16 years

758 2806 Jephthah d. Interv. 252 yrs. 3254 Era of Rome

753 Judges xi, 26

Micah pr. 2812 Ibzan d.

3260 Era of Nabonassar

747 2822 Elon d.

3265 Ahaz 16 years

742 2830 Abdon d. Philistines rule

Hosea 9 years

731 2850? Samson d.

3278 Captivity of Israel

729 2889 Eli d. Ark at Kirjath, 1 Sam. 3281 Hezekiah

724 iv, v

3286 Samaria taken 2909 Ark' returns, B C 1098

3294 Sennacherib's invasion 713 Close of period, Acts xiii, 20

Overthrow, Jubilee xv.
Samuel and Saul, xiii, 21

Nahum, Isaiah 2949 David at Hebron, B C 1058 3310 Manasseh

697 2956 David at Jerusalem, B C 1051 3331 Second captivity, Is. vii, 8 676 2989 Solomon r. Bc 1018

3365 Amon r.

642 2992 Temple founded, b c 1015 3367 Josiah

640 3000 Dedication, Jubilee ix, B C 1007

Zephan. and Habakkuk
Height of Jewish state

3379 Jeremiah begins to prophecy 628
3398 Jehoahaz-May BC


Jehoiakim-August B C 3401 Nebuchadnezzar

606 Light to rule the night, Gen. i, 14 First Empire, Dan. ii, 38; -18; 2 Peteri, 19; Daniel xii,

vii, 4 13

Captivity, first date, 2 Kings

xxiv, 2. Isaiah xxiii, 15

Times of the Gentiles begin? 3029 Rehoboam, Jeroboam 978

Luke xxi 3046 Abijah 3 years 961 3404 Daniel's first vision

603 3049 Asa 41 years Jubilee x 958 3409 Jehoiachin 3 months, March 598 3050 Nadab 2 years

957 Zedekiah 11 years, June 3052 Baasha 24 years

955 3418 Siege of Jerusalem, Jan. 589 3074 Elah 2 years

933 3419 Sabbath in siege, Jer. xxxiv 588 3075

Zimri, Omri 12 years 932 3420 Jerusalem taken, June 587 - 79, Samaria built

Temple burnt, 2nd date of 3086 Ahab 22 years



Hosea pr.


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