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Have Stationery of Uniform Quality

Year In and Year Out Your products have a standard of quality. So have your raw materials. You buy and sell on specification. On all sides, things are standardized with but one possible exceptionyour business stationery. It is as important to standardize the paper with which you do business, as it is to strike a quality standard for your manufactured goods. Do not allow the quality of your stationery to change every time you change Printers or Lithographers. Standardize it. Specify the paper you want. Use it for all your business forms, year in and year out. This insures stationery of a uniform, unvarying quality. By no other means can you so effectually standardize your stationery as by adopting a Bond Paper COUPON BOND with the “Eagle A” Trade-Mark Water-Mark. (Fac-Similo Wator-Mark)

The De Luxe Business Paper "Eagle A” Bond Papers offer you the widest selection in quality, color and finish. And each is Water-Marked with the “Eagle A" as a guarantee of the utmost paper-value which only the economic manufacturing conditions of TwentyNine Mills makes possible.

Your Printer or Lithographer handles "Eagle A" Bond Papers. Ask him to show you samples. AMERICAN WRITING PAPER COMPANY (29 Mills) 15 Main St., Holyoke, Mass.

To standardize your stationery
to the utmost of efficiency;-
To use a Bond Paper which will
lend dignity and prestige to your
firm and its transactions ;
In short, to have stationery which
is really an asset to your business

The real significance of "Eagle A"
Water-Mark Quality is evidenced
in this paper.
Business men whose pride of
name, and pride in product are
reflected in their stationery have
preferred COUPON BOND for
over fifteen years.
Send for our Portfolio of Specimen
Business Forms-today.

In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE

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In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE

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