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Politics and Tools

Able gentlemen who kindly consent to draw salary and acclaim for making laws for us earnestly insist that the most important study for us all is politics because that so intimately concerns our daily life.

It sounds well but it isn't true. The most important study is tools. While the politicians, who will be statesmen after they have died, are devoting some research and more talk to saving the country at a fixed salary, filling pages of newspapers with their important views, a thousand obscure individuals are working on inventions-on tools, that will totally change conditions and make the wisdom of the politicians as useful as last year's birds-nest.

A college professor in Wisconsin invented a milk separator that was the chief factor in bringing about a complete political and industrial revolution in Denmark and upset conditions in all Europe.

If you want to study the emigration problem intelligently, you have to begin with the self-binder. For a thousand years Great Britain has grown powerful upon the conviction that she was an isolated nation. What has the flying-machine done to her whole system of existence?

You can know about these things from ever so many sources—if you have the time and money. Or you can keep abreast of what is going on in the world, learn of the newest tools, the new inventions, the scientific progress and be sure that the whole ground is covered accurately, that the facts are.presented very simply and clearly but with technical authority, by reading the Scientific American.

That is the work it has been doing for sixty-seven years. It is doing it in a bigger, better, broader way each year.

Maybe you would like to read a little booklet Ten
Stories" about the beginnings of some remarkable things.
It has a little humor, a great deal of interest and it is
yours for the asking.

Munn & Co., Incorporated
36 1. Broadway

New York

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The One Necessary USINESS Manual for Investor and

Business Man g A Summary of Commercial and Financial Facts The Business Almanac

For 1912


g This is something entirely new in the field of Almanacs, and until you have the volume in your hand and see the extraordinary amount of ground it covers, you cannot realize the practical help it will give. It is chock full of sane advice on handling your money.

G CONTENTS:- A Financial Calendar. A Glossary of Technical Terms. A Primer for Investors. Types of Investments. The Story of a Bond. Wall Street Records. Crop Records. Bank Records. How Money is Lost by Lying Idle. What Do Your Bonds Yield ? Tables of Income Yields. A Decade's Growth of the United States. Insurance—and How to Get it. Taxation. Personal Experience of Investors. Scientific Management Service Coupons (which will bring you, free, answers from experts on any question). Bound in Cloth. About 150 pages. Nustrated with 24 photographs and charts.

Regular price, $1.00 net. Paper, 50c. net (postage 8c.)



The World's Work The Opera zine The Best Interpreter of the Time You Live In

SPECIAL FEATURES “ The Life of Woodrow Wilson." By William Bayard Hale. A most interesting story of the life of

. Governor Wilson of New Jersey, which discloses the fact that his whole work has been a conscious preparation for public office. “ The South Realizing Itself.By Dr. Edwin Mims, of the Univer

sity of North Carolina. A new and GPRS: THE vital story of the great industrial progress of the South. “The Peace Number.” With an article by President Taft.

WORK The Reader's Service.” This Department will give you real help in

- your difficulties. Write and ask. Over 30,000 inquiries in the last two years.

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An excellent school, giving individual attention to pupils. Under the supervision of Friends. Co-educational. Prepares for College, Technical School, and business. Cottage system. Gymnasium, swimming pool and athletic field. Write for catalog. Arthur H, Tomlinson, Head Master, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.


goth year began Sept. 20. Degrees granted in Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Arts. Also Preparatory Courses of Study. Infantry. Artillery, Cavalry. Our aim-The Development of Character to Secure Greatest Efficiency.

Catalogues of Col. Chas. E. Hyatt, President, Chester, Pa. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL ACADEMY Founded 1787. Enters about 40 boys to colleges each year. Beautiful grounds. Modern, sanitary dormitories. Laboratories, gym. nasium, athletic field. $125,000 in recent improvements. Good health record. Terms moderate. Catalogue. T. G. Helm, A.M.,

and E. M. Hartman, A.M., Principals, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. THE MISSES SHIPLEY'S SCHOOL

Preparatory to Bryn Mawr College. Special educational and social opportunities of situation opposite Bryn Mawr College. College Preparatory and Academic Courses. Specialists in all departments. Resident Athletics Director. For circular address The Secretary, Box J, Bryn Mawr, Pa.


Boarding and Day School for Girls. Mrs. Chapman and Miss Jones, Principals, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

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One of the foremost preparatory schools in America, developing in boys those qualities that make men of character and action. Prepares for all colleges, technical schools and business. Send for catalogue.

William Mann Irvine, LL.D., Pres., Mercersburg, Pa.


For Girls. An excellent school for girls, offering either
academic or college preparatory courses. Healthful loca-
tion. Gymnasium. Physical training. Main Line P. R. R.
For catalogue address

A. R. Grier, Pres., Box H, Birmingham, Pa. OGONTZ SCHOOL

For Young Ladies. Twenty minutes from Philadelphia. The late Mr. Jay Cooke's fine property. Park of 65 acres. The social and family life is a distinguishing feature. Catalogue and views on request. Miss Sylvia J. Eastman, Miss A. A. Sutherland.

Principals, Ogontz School P. O., Box H, Pa. WALNUT LANE SCHOOL

For Young Ladies. Prepares for Wellesley, Vassar, Smith, Holyoke and Bryn Mawr. Modern language and special courses. Music, domestic science, Tennis, basket ball, horseback riding. Miss S. Edna Johnston, A.B., Principal. Miss Edith Holmes Gregory, A.B., Registrar, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.


A Cultural and Practical School We seek to discover the natural aptitudes of our students and have the departments to develop

them. Our aim is a woman of culture who For

can successfully do the practical.
College Preparatory, College Departments, Con-
servatory of Music, Art, Arts and Crafts, Oratory,
Courses in Domestic Arts and Sciences, Secretary-

ship, Normal Gymnastics, Normal Kindergarten, Women as electives. Free, healthful country life near

Philadelphia. Unusual buildings. Rooms with private bath. Moderate terms.

Apply for catalogue to M. H. REASER, Ph.D., President

Jenkintown, Penna. Mrs. THEODORA B. RICHARDS, Associate


Organized 1746, aims to develop home loving and home making young women,

Rev. Chas. D. Kreider, Principal,

Lititz, Lancaster Co., Pa.

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Study at Home Graduate correspondence students most successfulat barexamination. Write today for proof and our free 112-page catalog. We make your home a university. Leading home-study law course in America Our own modern text-prepared by deans and professors from the big law collegesHarvard, Chicago, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Stanford and others. Very

low cost and easy terms. Also business law. We guarantee to coach free a graduate failing to pass any bar exam. LA SALLE EXTENSION UNIVERSITY, BOX 1270, CHICAGO, ILL

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Traveling Salesmen

and Saleswomen Wanted

Earn Whllo You Learn. We now have on Ale letters from thousands of Wholesale and Manufacturing firms who are anxious to employ Salesmen and Saleswomen capable of earning from si.000.00 to $10,000.00 a year and expenses. No former experience needed to get one of these good positions. We will teach you to be a high grade Salesman or Saleswoman in eight weeks by mail and our Fro. Employment Bureau will assist you to secure a position where you can earn good wages while you are learning Practical Salesmanship. Write today for full particulars, list of good openings and testimonials from over a thousand persons wo bave recently placed in good positions.

Address, Nearest Office, Dept. 127 National Salesmen's Training Association Chicago New York Kansas City New Orleans Seattle U.S. A.

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Doubt never raised a man's salary, confidence makes many fortunes. The purpose of the International Correspondence Schools is to give a man confidence in himself by training him in the line of work he prefers.

I. C. S. Training is today one of the
greatest recommendations that a
young man can have. EMPLOYERS

VALUE IT BECAUSE IT IS REAL. This is a fact proved by hundreds of I. C. S. students holding important positions. Over 400 I. C. S. students voluntarily report each month an increase in salary as a direct result of I. C. S. training.

With this truth before you, is it not worth your while to inquire just how the I. C. S. can help YOU?

To do this it is only necessary to mark and mail the coupon. In return the I. C. S. will show you

how to accomplish what you desire. INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS

Box 922, SCRANTON, PA. Explain, without further obligation on my part, how 'I can qualify for the position before which I mark X. Automobile Running

Civil Service Spanish Mine Superintendent

Architect Freneh Mine Foreman


German Plumbing, Steam Fitting Languages (Italian Conerete Construction

Commercial English Civil Engineer

Bullding Contractor Textile Manufacturing

Industrial Designing
Stationary Engineer Commercial Illustrating
Telephone Expert Window Trimming
Mechan. Engineer Show Card Writing
Mochanical Draftsman

Advertising Man
Architectural Draftsman Stenographer
Electrical Engineer Bookkeeper
Elec. Lighting Supt. Poultry Farming

is the one which builds up an institution by supplying it with students who will be a credit to it-the one which has weight and influence in the homes where the advantages of the Private School are recognized, appreciated, and acted upon. Not always the homes of the rich, but always the homes of innate refinement. For 24 years SCRIBNERS has been welcomed in such homes. As such homes have become more numerous the circulation of SCRIBNERS has increased. To-day its value as a medium for advertising the best schools is unequalled uneqalled in the extent of its circulation to homes that count.

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