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Admiralty contracts, 705
Advantages of direct connected direct current
generators by W. N. Stewart, 263
Aeronautics, The electric motor in, 325
Against high-tension currents, 70
Air-core transformers, by F. Bedell, and
A. C. Crehore, 173
Ajax defying the-popular review of elec-
tricity, 640
Alkali salts, Electrolysis of, 282
electrolysis of, Researches on the,
Alternate current conductors in parallel,
Graphical treatment of, by E. C.
Rimington, 422
ar current electrolysis, 608
an current motor, Experiments on
Brown's, by Riccardo Arno, 717
Alternating current drop, 145

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x- current installations, The best
frequency for, 443

xx current waves, The dying out of,
by A. E. Kennelly, 30

xx currents, Electrical distribution
by, 745

xx currents and fuses, 733

xx currents, Electrolysis by, 3, 145

-- currents v. continuous currents

as a source of electrical heat in
chemical industries, 746
an currents, Harmony in, 714
xx currents and hysteresis, by A.
Whitwell, 543
xx currents, Apotentiometer for, 170
Alternator curves, 82
The Kennelly therapeutic, 5
American Electro-therapeutic Association, 34
in Institute of Electrical Engineers,
n Institute of Electrical Engineers,
Review of the progress of the,
by E. J. Houston, 743
Ammeter and voltmeter, Combined, 638
Anarchist outrages, 124
*E., on Chloride of lead battery, 508,

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y) vacant, 552
Arc lamp circuits, Rectifiers and, by Rankin
Kennedy, 30
ny Davenport, 155
17 Ilewis, 752
y? New, 126
Arc lamps, Maximum efficiency of, 42
py Scientific Study of, by Rankin
Kennedy, 5, 362
y? Troublesome, 279
Arc lighting, by E. Tremlett Carter, 297,452
, lights, Small or subdivided, 625
Arcs and Welsbachs, A comparison between,
Are workmen deteriorating 2 708
Arno Riccardo, on Fxperiments on Brown's
alternate current motor, 717
Artillery practice, Electricity and : A new
field for enterprise, 54
Assisted telegraph companies, 66
Association of Municipal Engineers, 701
Astatic station voltmeter, by W. E. Ayrton
and T. Mather, 467
Asynchronous motors, Experiments on, by A.
Banti, 60, 114
Attempts to record periodic change, Some, 635
Aurora Borealis and the telegraph wires, 402
Oscillations of lightning dis-
charges, and of the, 56
Australian electrical news, 223, 339, 439, 488
Automatic regulator for dynamos, 637
Awards, Chicago, 159
Ayrton, W. E., and Mather, T., on An astatic
station voltmeter, 467
Ayrton, W. E., and Mather, T., on A universal
shunt box for galvanometers, 407
, W. E., and Mather, T., on Trans-
parent conducting screens for
electric and other apparatus, 466
,, W. E., and Whitehead, C. S., on The
best resistance for the receiving
instruments on a leaky telegraph
line, 409
Ayrton's law for the resistance of telegraph
instruments, 442

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AINVIII.E, A., on The incandescence
lamp, 536,596, 747
Ball lightning, 491
Balloon equipment, Bruce patent electric
signalling, 509
» Society, 641
Bankruptcy, 121, 313, 429
Banti, A., on Experiments on Brown's asyn-
chronous motors, 60, 114
Barton, E. H., on I'lectrical interference
phenomena somewhat analogous to
Newton's rings, but exhibited by
waves along wires, 517
Bath Town Council and the electric lighting
company, 330, 375
Bathurst, Frederick, on the Antwerp Exhi-
bition, 539
Batteries, Storage, 207
Battersea Vestry and electric motors, 677
y) Polytechnic Institute, 16
Battery, The chloride, 327,429
xx Chloride of lead, by E. Andreoli,
508, 592
yy Fulgur primary, 724
y? resistance test (Sir IIenry Mance's),
in its application to duplex tele-
graphy, 392
2x Thery c-Oblasser secondary, 269
Bedell, C. H., on Calculating magnet coils,
,, F., and Crehore, A. C., on Air-core
transformers, 173
,, Frederick, and Moler, Geo. S., on An
optical phase indicator and syn-
chroniser, 722
Behaviour of gases under the influence of
electrical discharge, 390
Behr's lightning express, 293
Bell, Dr. Louis, on The saving of copper in
the three-wire three-phase system,
Best resistance for the receiving instrument
on a leaky telegraph line, by W. E.
Ayrton and C. S Whitehead, 409
Blackening of incandescent lamps, 27
Blowing hot and cold with the same breath,

Board of Trade regulations on electric traction,
209, 239, 339
Boese accumulators, 549
Boiler firing and management, Indifference
to, 203
,, testing, 639
Bolometer, The, 715
Book announcement, 217
Booth, Wm. H. on The cost of electrical
energy, 547, 630, 691
Boulogne and back in a day, 755
Brighton-Rottingdean electric railway, 120
Bristol electric tramways, 126
,, electrical time check, 214
British Association 1894 meeting, 250, 524,700
, Insulated Wire Company, 734
Brown's alternate current motor, Experi-
ments on, by Riccardo Arno, 717
12 asynchronous motors, Experiments
on, by A. Banti, 60, 114
Bruce patent clectric signalling balloon
equipment, 509
Brush Company, Some recent inventions of
tle, 2.36
B.Sc. in engii.eering, 524
Buda-Pesth General Electricity Joint Stock
Colupally, 350

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