Зображення сторінки

give them additional force, your petitioners humbly apprehend your Honour is subject to fits that may hurry you into schemes of which you may repent while they are carrying into execution.

Your petitioners pray to know whether this is the case in regard to ShenstoneGreen, because, if it were, they jointly agree to give up their jobb, and compromise for the cost of labour they have been already at.

That, if it is thus, your Honour had better stop in time; for, to confess the truth, we look on your Honour's taking off your bat as much as to say—“ Pretty gentlemen, you are picking my pocket here

Your erecting a town,

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“ finely."


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to make a present of, we humbly conceive to be out of the question ; being an affair that will not hold water. Your rewarding the boy for destroying the hundred of bricks, we imagine was ironically given, and by way of sneer, as much as to say— “ The sooner, my lad, you do my

business, by completing my ruin, 66 the better.” Your getting into nooks and corners, talking to yourself, &c. we apprehend to be on account of your Honour's unwillingness to send us off the premises ; your laughing and crying in the same breath frightens us almost out of our


Honour's pleasing to make one of us drunk, we consider in no other

than that


wished him to send the fledge of marble



after the barrow of bricks.-We, your petitioners, therefore, alarmed by these desperate symptoms, do most humbly beseech, and intreat, that your Honour will explain yourself to us, and tell us what is to be done. Do this, and your petitioners shall for ever pray, &c. &c.

My hand trembled all the time I read this petition, but resolved to treat it as a jeft, at least in the presence of Samuel, I affected to smile, and demanded who might be the

penman of this pleasant thing. Little Phil. Flourish the carver, sir, said Samuel. He is a wit




I, pray

That being the case, Samuel, said

take this half guinea to the wit, and tell him, from me, to put the petition into as handsome a frame as possible, and, do you hear, let the glazier give it the additional decoration of a glass.

Samuel took the paper and the half guinea, and walked off in such a manner as convinced me he was both chagrined and disappointed.




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N about two hours after, an odd

figure of a man, with a rusty wig, and full-trimmed clothes, about three parts worn, and one part torn, came scraping his foot, and bending his body into my apartment, and said he had the honour to be admitted into the best families in Wales.

And will you favour me with your wrist, good fir, said he?

Willingly—said I.

Ti-i-i-hi-we are all in a hurry-hard at work, hard at work,


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