Зображення сторінки

tial folks too whew they would be sent to prison directly.

That is cruel.

Cruel, your Honour-why I tell you you are a nonsuch. I am a good judge. Look ye, sir, I was building up Sir James Ranter's chimneypiece, and a block of marble fell, and lent me such a sliver as broke my arm-there's a scar for you. Well I got two shillings for this stroke from Sir James, and two and twenty damns from the master-bricklayer, who therewithal discharged me for being careless. But when I think of this, sir, my tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth with revenge ; it really makes me dry again. One little drop more, if you please, sir. With pleasure--drink heartily.


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And so, sir, you will act in contradiction to all the world? You will be a friend to the friendless ?

I will.

Then am I a fad scoundril to waste my time here in talking, when I might be better employed, saving your Honour's remarkable presence, and when the sooner the work is done the better.


Saying this, the man rose abruptly, made his bows, and ran off with his nedge of marble blocks as if they were so many feathers.

A mighty action I shall make of it after all, said I; here is a poor fellow who labours in the cause, and wishes to finish the work, though his

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own interest depends on its continu


As I reflected on this matter, I regretted that a long habit of doing nothing, i. e. living like a gentleman, had made it impossible for me to work myself and pay others at the same time.

So then, said I, all the merit I can claim upon this occasion is making a decent use of a large fortune, which came to me by inheritance, without any effort on my part.

From this moment I looked on the multitude of workmen, which were variously employed, as more solid benefactors than myself. Whether I ever had reason to change my opinion will be seen presently. All things in their order.





HERE are singularities in my

character, which, at different times, produced great pleasure and .pain. As I now passed by the files of labourers, each earnest in his occupation, I felt for them a genuine respect that led me incontinently to take off my hat, and even bow to several as I went along. This must have seemed ludicrous enough, for I perceived every man suspending his work and looking at me with astonishment. How sacred are the sillieft customs !

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It was not without some astonishment too, on my part, that I saw Mr. Samuel, the steward, appear before me the next morning with a very

dismal countenance, to tell me of a whisper that was running amongst the workmen not much to my advantage. 'Tis really supposed, sir, said he, that you are a little injured here-pointing to his forehead.

Mad, Samuel !

No, no, sir, not absolutely mad; for, in that case, it would not be proper you should go about; only, as it were, shook or shattered a little at top.

Is it possible, Samuel ?

Most veritable; and they go so far as to tell me you was feen yester


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