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and still is, to me, then would I advise thee to lay down this volume, and take up any other that goeth less into the tender parts of the human. character.

Please to intrust me with that same Henry Hewit's letter, fir, (laid Samuel, the steward) and it shall be read to the workmen as your reply for dismissing them and their petition.

Do so, Samuel, I replied, and bring Henry Hewit before me. The steward set off fafter than I ever saw him move before.




life were

evenings any passed more agreeably than that which succeeded the receipt of Henry Hewit's well intended letter. The apothecary staid the whole night, and · enlivened the conversation by such fallies as those who do not well know the immense variety there is in human character, can form no idea. Sir, said he, I will not say you shall make a Shenfionian of me; because, though I do very well to hop over the hills, I am afraid I should make a filly figure with a good house and two hundred a-year ; unless, indeed, you


would give me the business of the Green in the


my profession; in which case, Death should not often show his ugly face, I warrant him ; but, however, as we have half an hour to spare, I will let you a little into the light of my present situation.

This was extremely acceptable to us, and Mr. Elixir began :

I had never a regular education, sir, and my parents went to heaven before I commenced the practice of physic; otherwise, they might, perhaps, have been living upon earth still--but they lost that blessing for want of my not being born sooner.

at first a corn-cutter, and from thence I got the secret for curing swelled ancles. : White-swellings in the knee were the things which

I was


next celebrated me-for

flew the tumours at the touch of my emolient. My next advance was to relieve ladies in certain circumstances, and some of the finest persons in Wales are of my bringing forth. After this, I formed and invented a medicine which removed all pains of the stomach, back, and lcins; which noftrum was, I soon perceived, equally good for foreness in the breast. In the next step, I invented a lenient to take wax and cornels from the neck. Then I sent away coughs. Then I conquered the tooth-ach ; and, lastly, I found out the invaluable art of making the hair grow. Thus, fir, in regular process and progress, I mounted, by the mere force of


application and strong natural abilities, from the heel to the head; and now,


thank God, I am at the head of my profession—for I as often prescribe as make up; not, between ourselves, that I think my genius for physic hath half so good an effect upon my patients as my humour and my good nature; for I am one of those, but I must not tell to the world, you know-I am one of those, who think half the maladies of mankind arise from melancholy, and that nature is, in generous tempers, generally to be laughed out of her megrims. Thus I make it a rule to give innocent things—that is to say, I deal altogether in fimples, and made the patient forget his pain as much as possible. But there is one part

character which has always stood in my wayWhenever I see people in real misery,

I have

of my


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