Зображення сторінки

are a very honest fellow-give me your handlet us walk and speak softly : there is a worthy female in your wife's fituation, now in that hedge.

Is there, sir?-answered the gardener in a whisper, and collecting into his face all the lines of caution-hush


He beckoned me exactly as he would have done had I rashly opened the door of his wife's chamber. The fensation was brought home.

There is no call for sheers at present, fir, said he, and the less we walk that way the better-hush,hush hush.

He now repeated his signal to keep silence, and went off on tip-toe till he gained the greensward.


Thus was my humour still more fweetened; I was so happy that I looked up to the sun, which shone on me, with emulation; with rivalry.

A little rhapsody escaped me—and, were it possible, my beam should be like thine. There is not a single object which some ray or other of my benevolence should not animate.

Taking my eyes from the heavens, and casting them to earth, I saw a cluster of Pinks drooping for want of a support. Warmed as I then was, 'tis inconceivable with how much pleasure I placed them about a stick and tied them gently round it. As they stood erect in their new attitude there came from them an odour that seemed to thank me. It may be the


fragrance of gratitude ! Imagination chose to think it such. What amiable deception !

But I had just turned from the flowers when an insect which settled upon my left cheek ftung me so fensibly that I raised up my arm, and spread my hand to Aap it into annihilation. Bodily pain is a trying point. I took out a pocket-glass (which I happened to have about me) and viewed my enemy.'; The motion had alarmed him, and his tongue was taken out of my cheek. There are strange traits in my character. I represented him as having just risen from banquetting to his heart's content. The orifice he had made was not bigger than a small pin's head. The appearance was at worst that of a pimple—the pain was gone. It is but the harvest bump of an happy insect, said I.-It was too fine a day methought . to banish any thing animate from the light, and I was in too good a temper to be vindictive.


Get thee gone, fool, said I-shakeing my head. Much good may it do thee. It buzzed thanks, and few away.

At this crisis my daughter came running to tell me her Canary had recovered, and she had just saved her brood of Chicks from the Kite.

Better and better still, Matilda, said 1, let us go into the house. The heart was stirred.




O exercise the foul in benevolent

trifles is a good way to prepare it for matters of more consequence. After these transactions, I and my daughter Matilda were fitting at the door of an airy hall that commanded one of the finest lawns in my garden. What an evening! said Matilda ; is there any thing in nature, papa, so fine as a setting fun! Yes, said I in an extacy, starting at the same time from my seat, a rising one. Matilda agreed to the remark, but seemed surprised at the emotion: She did not know there was more

meant than met the ear,” While ideas were ope


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